On Time Travel

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Almost every game you play you move "forward" in time.
On a more serious note: Chronotron http://www.kongregate.com/games/Scarybug/chronotron

Misery loves company so we all get to read a letter from Chris E? Thanks? Ha.

Are we to imply from the last bit that mentioning Majora's Mask is Chris E level of poor? I'd disagree with that assessment, personally. I really enjoyed it as a "twisted tales" sort of take on Zelda games with all the good game play and level design that comes with it being a product of the actual Zelda game people.

As for games that I doubt anyone will defend, the original "Journeyman Project" was one of those "like Myst BUT" games that had time travel and original Myst style game play and none of the "good" like you want.

Clive Barker's Undying had a feature where you could watch ghosts endlessly replay the past through your "ghost vision" spell. It was frequently very useful for finding goodies and sometimes for advancing the plot but wasn't strictly time travel I suppose.

How about Braid? Pretty tight little game all around I'd say.

Starcraft 2 previews seem to invoke time travel to bring us back to the one bit of plot anyone actually gave a damn about; ie Kerrigan getting /gkicked.

Anyway, now that I think of it most all the games I've played recently involve vicarious revivification of the past via audio logs and whatnot, if not time travel itself. Even WoW has several segments with ghosts and such to show/involve players in what happened in the past.

Hmm, well, Chrono Trigger is an obvious choice if I am mentioning good games which make use of time travel

also, Star Ocean was pretty good

and I had a blast playing Ape Escape on the Playstation when I was a kid.

lol, startropics II is on that list
I don't know whether that game was good or bad because I could never get out of the snowy mountains in the start without dying, but I can tell you that the story for that series is RE-TAR-DED.

i think the only games i own that use time travel are dark cloud 1 and 2

Neverwinter nights time travel sandbox was a good one:not only are you stopping some anchiant evil from coming back, you find out you are the cause of a rebellion that defeated it in the first place, small but elegant sort of like the acrobat-miget of vidiogame time-travel

Time Commando ... added it to the Wiki too. From what I remember, the graphics were great (at the time) but the control was iffy because of the angles. I enjoyed the variety in the weapons too. I don't remember too many games where the main weapons are sticks and stones in one level and laser pistols in another.

Since he mentioned it, Majora's Mask rocks. Ocarina of Time had some realism issues (such as the windmill man knowing the song that you haven't gone back to use to dry up the windmill yet), but I guess MM probably would have had some of those if we'd got to see the effects of the timetravel in the distant future.

OoA was horrible in terms of logic.

Almost every game you play you move "forward" in time.
On a more serious note: Chronotron http://www.kongregate.com/games/Scarybug/chronotron

In the Zelda franchise it is different. Majora's Mask and oracles of Ages are games where you go back in time. OoT too, I guess - since the first time we skip seven years ahead in time is not real timetravel, Link is just asleep.

Well he did start Dear Yahtzee so that gives him 1 point for tact.
However he didn't spell 100 out so he loses a point for poor letter grammer.

Wow, that's just freaky, because as i read this i am currently halfway through replaying Majora's Mask and it has to be my favorite game of the decade, and no even if ocarina of time was made in 2000 and Majora's Mask later, i would still say Majora's Mask. I have no idea why but i love the game and feel like in comparison ocarina of time had something missing. Oh yeah that's right, outside the royal family's of legend of Zelda (Goron, Zora, human and farmers) people actually have a story to go with them and for every mask you have a different ability, including having the ocarina. I don't know why people bitch its' short, it's like portal, it doesn't overstay it's welcome. holy crap i really got off topic. Oh well

Well he did start Dear Yahtzee so that gives him 1 point for tact.
However he didn't spell 100 out so he loses a point for poor letter grammer.

-.- rely. The rule is if it's under 100 you spell it out, and i even think spelling ninety-nine is pushing it a little.

Almost every game you play you move "forward" in time.
On a more serious note: Chronotron http://www.kongregate.com/games/Scarybug/chronotron

TimeShift i played for the first three chapters and i know it went back in time.
Ocarina of Time went back in time before you could even get past one of the bosses and at the end to make way for him being a kid in, well this.
Majora's Mask went back in time neatly every dungeon and even if you could fit them all in one day, yes i mean you Adrian, you still have to do it to not be a Deku shrub the entire game unless you use cheats.
needless to say, Prince of Persia has you time travel back so you don't have to go to the last check point if you fuck up.
And i don't know shit's worth of that many games, but if any have it that you stop the entire game from happening somehow, that's traveling back in time, technically.

As I step blindingly from my cave of solitude I will now jump on the band wagon to give my two sense on my favorite time implemented game (All three of them). As I'm sure the text is getting very heavy, yes Crono Trigger did it best, Deus Ex was fun but ugly, and the Zelda games will rape this concept forever. (As if any of this needed to be said, I'm sure I've unknowingly plagiarized at least two posts on this forum).

Lvl 64 Klutz:
I want to know whatever happened to that RTS that was supposed to use time travel as a gameplay element?

I think I saw that on the wikipedia link that was in the article, it said Q1 2011.

Edit: this game http://achrongame.com/

Hm... I don't think I've ever played any sort of game with time travel implemented to it. Or, well, maybe that one tiny bit in Half Life 2 after Judith betrays you, but that's not really time travel as far as I can tell. More like being in an outer-dimesional static state for a period of time.

The only way time travel could be a well-implemented aspect of gameplay as far as I understand would be in a sandbox game where nothing is tied to any specific plot, enabling you to just play around and see how everything changes as you go back or forth.

And would the results be that violent should you touch anything in frozen time? How does that work? Would love to see an informative page about that.

Not such if anyone else has mentioned this, but what about Timesplitters Future Perfect, which was basicly about a guy time travelling?

Dunno about you guys, but I couldn't stop laughing at Chris E.
TimeSplitters 1, 2 and 3, anyone?

Edit: I should read the thread before posting.

Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time.
Bugs Bunny and Taz: Time Busters.
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped.

"which was thoroughly infused with his characteristic sense of ***humor***."

Tut tut, Yahtzee. You're British. Stick to British spelling!

Am I the only one who played shadow of memories, I'd just like some confirmation that it is a real game and not something I invented on a bad acid trip or too much Stilton before bed time. At one point in the game someone is hiding behind a tree and shoots you and you have to go back in time and make sure it doesn't happen, now you might think simple, go back to earlier that day and drop a large heavy object on the guy or maybe break into his house and take his gun but no, what you have to do is go back a few hundred years and stop the tree being planted. The gunman now doesn't have a tree to hide behind and so gives up. The missing tree has no effect on anything else. This is standard logic for this game.

i haven't read this whole thread so i dunno if someones already said this.

but my favorite game with time shifting in it was Time splitters 3.
just because it's fun.
for those who haven't played it; you play a guy like the guy from Ghost in the Shell (the one with the metal eyes and the bloodhound) and your near the end of time, as a big alien race are devouring everyone or something... anyway, these aliens feed off cracks in the universe or something (or possibly that they came out through the cracks in the fabric of the unoiverse or something... i can't remember). anyway you go back in time to stop a dude in the 1900's who found some crystals or something... then you chase him through time until he turns into a necromorph from Dead space and it's very fun.
the plot is very linear and you end up in some pretty odd places. (one minuet you'll be fighting robots in the future and helping your future self kill a load of dudes... the next you'll be in a haunted manor fighting zombies with a slut. theres tonnes of paradoxes and the plot doesn't make much sence. but it's very fun and i recommend it to anyone who hasn't played it, if they like time game things...

Well, one of my favorite games that used time travel had to be Zelda: A Link To The Past. But, the only thing that bothers me is that i can't figure out if it really went back in time or was just transporting to another dimension. Meh. But, anyway. I'm pretty it's to the past. i always loved playing in the past (or dark world). It's a lot more fun killing monsters then those cheap guards with Invincible shields.

All the games were mentioned before, but a few games I liked using time-travel in any way:

Lost Vikings - A fun puzzle/platformer with 3 characters you had to constantly switch through (made easier with a 6-button Genesis controller). One that can jump and bash walls down, one that has a bow and a nigh-useless sword, and one that has a shield that acts as a parachute as well. The sequel replaced the sword with a robot arm that can be used to swing across chasms. It is also a Blizzard (Formerly Snowblind, who also did Rock n' Roll Racing) game, and they are even in Uldaman.

Turtles in Time - Even though I preferred the 3rd game for the NES, it was still fun.

Space Quest IV - You travel between Space Quest games, not time-lines. Though that one part in Space Quest I is pretty hard because you need to be perfect in your timing.

Chrono Trigger - You could manipulate different things, and get different endings based on when you killed the final boss.

Final Fantasy VIII - Yes, I did like it. And it makes such a nice time loop at the end, plus I love "Eyes On Me". Not to mention living through (Spoiler)Squall's father, Laguna's life.(/Spoiler)

World of Warcraft - Anything involving the bronze dragonflight. Also the final scene of the Death Knight starting area.

I choose Okami. It's temporal mechanics are only used in a story-telling/cinematic sense, but when I played it through my first time, it surprised me fully, and I was awed. (As a side-note, I claim that game to be made of pure gold)

Final Fantasy Legend III for the Gameboy has monsters that exist on a cloud island set outside of time flood the planet. The last survivors send four kids (your group) back in time to prevent it. After assembling your own time machine you can travel between the mostly dry "Past" which is a few years before you were beamed in, the slightly flooded "Present" that you grew up in and the covered-with-water-but-for-islands "Future" where you meet four-year-old versions of yourselves before times became *really* desperate. It has the "plant a seed to solve a puzzle" mechanic and I think it also has the "see a chest, open it in the future then open it in the present to get extra loot" one. However, you could not do any time-travelling in the final section of the game, once you left 'Earth', which was a let down.

I agree with previous reviewers. Journeyman Project 3 rocks.

TimeQuest by Legend is awesome, especially that thing you need to do in most eras to complete a stable time loop. Setting up prophecies and fulfilling them was also incredible. Managing your turns with a (fairly ample) per-era-countdown was interesting and sometimes frustrating. In one era you had (I estimate) 150 turns to solve the main puzzle. I once spent 137 of those exploring and collecting things that I needed in other eras before hopping out. I had completed another third of the game before I came back to realize that I didn't have enough time left on the clock to finish the place and so I'd basically rendered the game unwinnable. The sense of humor was also great, at one point you have to trade a vial of immensely powerful aphrodesiac (that turns you into a yeti if you eat it alone) for something that sets off a chain of items that you eventually trade for a quest-relevant bevy of harem girls (that will exhaust you to death if you try to sleep with them unaided). I once spent an hour trying to manage the time travel system so I could have both at the same time, but it seems to be impossible.

I was less impressed by Enchanter.

Chris E, your poor little s***-stain on the world.

My favorite time travel game happened to be timesplitters future perfect with all its paradoxs included.

Chris E. is a mind full of beauty. His letter was not only eloquent, but I even sensed a subtle tone of mockery, which only continued to prove his argument. This is why here I decided to show everyone who might read this, a draft for an open letter to Mr. Barrack Obama:

" Dear Barrack Obama,
It is with most humbleness that I, just a member of the usual feist, decided I should state that your a fag who likes to kiss other men because their black like you and you can't take charge of the country for shit your wife is ugly she's like a thiner version of Opra and your gay.

Awaiting your reply,
An anonymous."

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, is it not? :D

No mention of Legacy of Kain?? It doesnt have time travel as a gameplay mechanic but it does have a good plot around it. The timeline is strong as fate itself but has been manipulated so many times in favor of the villains that the heroes need to find a way fight against it.

Who are the villans and the heroes?? well....that will take some time.

I would have to say Onimusha 3: Demon siege and the Serious Sam franchise!

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