Stolen Pixels #216: Pull It Down!

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The power levels of Jedi were all over the place depending on the medium and when it was released.

If you want to talk really stupid Jedi/Sith tricks several friends of mine once worked out that the more powerful TOTJ-era characters could reflect a Death Star-style superlaser blast with a lightsaber.

The Dark Empire Novels had Luke crushing an AT-AT with just TK in one of the opening scenes.

The early EU-Novels went out of their way to neuter Skywalker's ability with the force through some contrived plot device. The best was probably the Yilsaminairi (sp?) from the Thrawn novels. This was largely thrown out by the time of the Jedi Academy Triology. However, the Yuuzang Vong were basically setup as "Anti-Jedi" (No presence in the force, lightsaber resistant weapons and armor)

The Jedi Knight games made force powers a little more saner for a normal people to process. They had extended jumps, they could TK powerups to them, the mind trick was basically stealth, etc. At the same time this also made Force Powers much more casual.

Here's my take on the force in the Prequel and "Post-Prequel" (as in everything that came after the Prequels in "our" universe) they're taking the approcach that the force is something that should be able to be converted into a game (video, RPG, minis), with all of the really "uber-Force" stuff being either cutscenes or one-time QTEs.

I seriously doubt we'll get to DBZ levels of stupidity now that Lucas is much more active in pushing Star Wars they it was in the Post-Jedi/Pre-Special Editions-era.

I'm fairly certain that in the EU (Yuuzhan Vong war?) Luke DID move a planet.

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