LoadingReadyRun: Bad News

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I swear this video was just to get people stuck on TV Tropes, wasn't it? I mean, what have we seen in this video?

And for those returning to this post after clicking all the links, and realising 2 hours have passed, you're welcome.

More like four. You JerkAss.

This is probably the best LoadingReadyRun I've ever seen. Kudos, guys.


I've never seen the "Kathleen" level is a game, usually i'd be carrying the mirror for the past 10 years and finally have a use for it.

You probably have, or a variation of it.

For example, of my head I would say the fight with GLADOS at the end of Portal.

Damn, I feel like I'm being spoiled by the LRR crew at the moment. I should get you guys something in return.

How do you feel about chocolate-marbled cheesecake?

Great stuff this week guys! Really liked the costumes and the colours in this video, keep it up!

quality work as always

Costumes, sets, script, acting, delivery, special effects. This video has it all!


This is by far the best shooting, set, and costuming I can remember seeing from you guys. Epic, amazingly-quality video, and completely top-notch from start to finish.

haha genius

Best sketch in a while. Good job guys.

I wonder if those bad guys have a pet bull? You know, that animal that charges towards you, but if you get out of the way, it'll smash into a wall, leaving itself wide open for an ass-beating?

But...but...our carefully constructed cliches, our archaic archetypes, our synonymous soliloquys and maniacal monologues! You'd take away the heart and the soul of villainy! What have you done? What have you done? What? Just a minute I'm not done here. You fools! Now, now we will have villain "schools." You will unleash standardized tests upon the villain community! Even that is too much of an evil to release upon the world. Shh. Can't you see I'm monologuing here? There would be no more angst-filled supergeniuses with father figure issues. No more clandestine councils. And tell me...Hey! Just a minute!...what would Darth Bane say? You'd break the Rule of Two! Are you even listening to me? Oh...I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were dead. Hm a divine arrow, haven't seen one of them in a while. Alright, what were you gonna tell me Simms-Oh. Oh, that explains a lot. Wait...wait..before you kill me...uh...I'm your father? *twang*

Superb LRR :)

Always put your faith in a man in a bowtie. Good job Graham, knowing when to bail. Man knows his stuff. Oh, and nice touch with the head as a hat.

EDIT: damn, that was close. Almost got caught in a TvTropes loop. Shit, that's worse than the Nachos/Salsa loop. Took all my willpower to click that "x" and close it out.

Fun video. I like how it subtly calls-back to Poker Before Dusk, playing Viking Secret Wildcard Poker.
Pity Someone didn't counter the Flip with a Gargle.

Oh you guys!

I have a girl crush on Kathleen now without a doubt, she just gets better and better.
I drew her as a chibi with her cats, told her... and now I'm too embarrassed to show her lol. I fail.

This is one of you best produced sketches you guys have done. Also I'd love that cougar to hunt me ^_^.

Awesome! The best LRR yet.

Hilarious! But why won't the genius evil mastermind (I realise it's kind of redundant) Paul just decide "well we will attack him all together since we are kind of a team... right?"

Even though that would screw up most games (if not all of them) at least the bad guys would get to have the ultimate victory that one time!

That us unless Jason Pullara (LordKat) was the guy with a spiky hair. Than you would just be screwed anyway.

Oh man, that was amazing you guys.
I loved Jer's role in this, especially. The completely earnest and happy way he delivered his lines was just hilarious with that character.

Great video, LRR.

I'd have to say that is your most professional looking video to date. Good job.

Evil Kathleen is the best Kathleen.

Blue hair was awesome. And the line "I'm only 320" was pretty sweet too.

Awesome episode guys!

Good idea about having it around the point of view of the final boses and how they never realize that they're going to die. Also, really good use of lighting in the scene.

Was that some Viking Wildcard Poker I saw right there? Played with some ShadowMaster or Black Ghost? I think I may have just came a little purely from that. Also the characterization was fantastic, and you're really getting some use out of the tattoo sleeves. Fantastic video guys!

Haha, that was pretty interesting. I have to say that was a really cool looking castle thing. I actually want to play that game now, lol. Really liked the special effects!

Damn, Kathleen! I know good is cute and evil is sexy, but damn!

Paul did great in this episode... everyone did really well but Paul with the hair and facial expressions just made me almost die laughing... maybe i was over reacting but ...mreh...

and since everyone is too afraid to say it... i will... Kathleen made a hot supervillain -_- ...

Haha, wonderfully hilarious as always. I had quite a laugh. I'm glad I stopped and watched this for a change.

I'm not worried, I've got Mewtwo up my sleeve. Let's see Ash top that...

James, bring me Mewtwo... What, it's gone?

You are incompetent. Butch, Cassidy. Retrieve it for me.

For playing with a deck of Shadow Masters, you guys became even more awesome. Chuck Norris, watch out.

It's episodes like these that make me love you guys.

The ending was a bit flat, (Not bad mind you) but I liked the "after the credits" bit more.

I would let Kathleen seduce the pants off me any day...

That was so true.

Speaking as a short film maker myself, this video is fantastic. Well written, expertly shot, and really subtle post-touch ups. The whole atmosphere is really fantastic. I would hope to be able to make videos of this caliber in the future. I am really hoping to see you guys at PAX Prime!

That was awesomely hilarious

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