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This episode brought to you by TV Tropes.

Also, everyone but Graham forgot to read their Evil Overlord List.

Are "Twist" and "Flip" references to an earlier video about poker? I think entitled "Poker after dusk"?

One of your best ones yet, loved it! And were they playing no limit viking secret wild card poker at the start there?

Nice costumes and sets, Team LRR. Not that your usual stuff is tacky or anything, but this all looked much more high-class.

an aggressive sales person!

nice one guys

A Pious Cultist:
Nice production quality this episode, I approve.

Now... is this a jab at video games or animé? Both? :/

JRPGs and Anime go hand in hand just like manga and Anime. It is the same genres, only in different media.


My absolute favourite! I hope we see more of these guys someday.

You always need a Butler. They have their own power of being scarily efficient.

It's sad to see that in this video Paul was neither dead nor a hobo. He is a good evil person, but why not an evil hobo?

Im happy that Graham ran off I mean what happens when the hero load another save?

Really well put together and acted. Ah villain tropes.

Butlers, you've got to be careful.



I've never seen the "Kathleen" level is a game, usually i'd be carrying the mirror for the past 10 years and finally have a use for it.

You probably have, or a variation of it.

For example, of my head I would say the fight with GLaDOS at the end of Portal.

Ah! Okay, I can see it now.

Don't forget an Afro. Yeah, if a young man rocks up to the villain's hideout sporting one of those, you are in real trouble.

Wow Kathleen is just... DAMN. Sorry but um yeah awesome show and awesome butler.

The guys (I include Kathleen in that) did look fantastically evil.


Awesome video, the best LRR video yet, intelligent and witty. Loved the previous one as well.

Hilarious guys!

Villians. So predictable, it's hilarious!

Awesome video guys. Delivery was well paced and funny as always. Way to go!

Awesome video. Brilliant writing.

Hey! I've been there. I recognize that castle. Its Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria.

Oh and great episode

Awesome as always!

trust Milo:
why can't they fix the iPhone so it plays flash videos, it make me angry

Cause Apple don't want Flash on the iPhones for some stupid reason, makes me angry to.

Because Flash Video Encoding is at a direct head against their H.264 Codec and they want people to use their codec. There are more complicated reasons as to why this is, but that is pretty much the sum of it.

fucking loved it.

Ah breaking the forth wall of bad guys every where

Great idea on this one guys


Instant classic. Reminds me of the list with '100-things-not-to-do-as-a-Dark-Lord'.

Lol, nice!!

trust Milo:
why can't they fix the iPhone so it plays flash videos, it make me angry

because apple hates everyone who isn't them. Therfore they don't support adobe.

trust Milo:
why can't they fix the iPhone so it plays flash videos, it make me angry

It's not broken, Apple intentionally left Flash off, and are actively trying to stop people from making apps that allow you to use it, why? There are a couple reasons, but my favorite one is:

They're pricks

you know the sad thing, is this way too true for about 95% of all the games currently released.

Haha they always have spiky hair.

My favourite LRR of them all

this is still by far one of my most favorite LRR videos xD

I'm only after getting that cougar joke now . . . I'm having a slow week


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