Unskippable: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

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That's a 360 game? Ouch. Those are some ugly people.

Great episode as always guys.

Watching this just confirmed Unskippable to me as the most pointless video series on the net. Didn't laugh once...

I only say it because I care.

You pronounced Eindhoven correctly! Nice.

The cutscene was rather awkward. It DID flash more than memento. I would not understand a thing from the cutscene if I were to play that game.
The jokes were good tho, not as good as some others, but good nonetheless.

I am made entirely of stupid. Just another case of "never count on the internet alone for research."

The cutscene reminded me of a shittier and more stupid Saving Private Ryan.

Oh and FYI, my name is Matthew.

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