Editor's Note: You're Wrong

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What's great is, when I say the words, "You're Wrong", I can feel the dopamine flowing through my brain like liquid rice cakes! There's nothing more rewarding than feeling like I'm right and you're wrong.

As other people have said, it's human nature.

I've lived for X years in contentment believing Y, and that has served me well. The fact that you have also lived X years but believe Z is obviously a statistical anomaly or oversight on your part which I will now correct purely because it's not X. That mindset has been around for a while and has led to far more noteworthy occurrences than a few forum scuffles.

As to gamers, (if we assume there is an actual correlation between being a gamer and being freely argumentative) our hobby or past time that has given us that moniker is pretty ego-centric. It was I who rescued the princess, blew up the enemy fleet, whom the villagers turned to and therefore I'm the one that matters. So yeah, I can see that being a factor, but I honestly don't think that being a gamer is indicative of someone who is argumentative.

The world is too big and the internet too small for everyone to enjoy their own opinions with more that 10 people with the same train of thought.

the integral from zero to one on a standard coordinate plain bounded by the graphs of Y=X^2 and Y=X^1/2 is exactly one third

BOOYAH internet

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