The Escapist Presents: Starcraft 2: Easter Eggs

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btw i can swear the dark voice didnt say "i love it when a plan comes together" on any difficulty cept brutal for me on the last zeratul mission, can anyone check? thatd be an easter egg

He said it for me on hard mode. Maybe depends how many kills you get before you get wiped out.

Let's see what google has to say about Statcraft 2 easter eggs...

In the Hyperion Cantina, look at the top left corner. You will see a hologram a female Night Elf from World of Warcraft dancing.

On the mission "Havens Fall," search the bottom left corner near the refugees. Just before the bottom left Zerg base in the water is a Marine frozen in "carbonite."

On the mission "Welcome to the Jungle," you can find a Murloc Marine near the left edge of the map. He's slightly north of your base. He is standing on a cliff edge, surrounded by trees.

During the mission "Piercing the Shroud," in the loading bay before the room with the Brutalisk, go outside through the door and follow the rock ledge upwards. A large area of the map will be suddenly revealed, and you will find a Murloc Marine. This is a reference to Murlocs in Warcraft

Left click any creature a few times and it will detonate

What about that night elf dance? When you are on that ship thingy. Theres a girl dancing like a night elf in the upper left corner.
iPistol is my favorite because it was the only one I found on my own.


Just found one right now.

If you click on characters in the Hyperion when they have no new dialogue, they say some random lines - one of the lines Steinman says is "Have you seen my stapler? Little hint: It's red", a reference to the movie Office Space.

I noticed that one too. It made me giggle pretty hard.

Me too, I love that movie.

Also when you click on Steinman in 'The Belly of the Beast' mission he says "Back off man, I'm a scientist", which I think is from Ghostbusters. Not sure, definitely heard it before though.

Click on a Marine enough times -
"It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum..."*click him again*"...and I'm all outta...ah, forget it."

Click on a Raven enough times -


I love this game <3

The Raven references Portal with "Who said anything about cake?".

And it also says "All your base are belong to us!"

Mine is in one of the cut-scenes it shows Raynor walking up to a killed marine and pulls off his dog tags to show the man was named M. Koiter.

In the same level as the "She's Dead Jim." Easter Egg, there was another Easter Egg right before that.

When saving the marines from the mega ultralisk, he happened to bust the rocks open just milliseconds before I killed him, by doing so queued a marine to say.


That and a lot of achievements are tributes to other things as well.

"It's morphing time!" - Power Rangers,

"Professionals have Standards" - sniper from team fortress 2, (that one surprised me)

"Would you Kindly."

Not a lot of people noticed it but in one of the later cutscenes on char with Raynor's inspirational speech he pulls the dog tags off of a fallen marine that reads M. Koiter, a reference to Michael Koiter a blizzard developer who died during the production of WOW. there is even a shrine for him in the barrens, looks like they brought back his memory in SC2.

Not a lot of people noticed it but in one of the later cutscenes on char with Raynor's inspirational speech he pulls the dog tags off of a fallen marine that reads M. Koiter, a reference to Michael Koiter a blizzard developer who died during the production of WOW. there is even a shrine for him in the barrens, looks like they brought back his memory in SC2.

That's awesome. I didn't catch the name when I played through it but I think that's really cool.

If you launch the tauren marine, you can see the "ship" flying in space outside the windows of the Hyperion and in the background of missions that take place in space.

@thereapist: I thought that name sounded familiar but couldn't place it. That's pretty awesome that to still honor the memory after all this time and more than once.

The list of prison inmates on the prison break mission are blizzard employees

Although definitely not an easter egg. I just love the commercial for "Nuclear Noodles. Call down the flavor"

As with all blizzard RTS games you can repeatedly on a single unit unit to hear extended dialogue.

Not sure if this has already been said, but I've been screwing around in the Galaxy Editor and I just found a "Carbon Block Marine" in the neutral units... lol

You guys don't even read each others posts, haha! People keep repeating the same thing. No one besides me, though, mentioned the Optimus Prime Easter egg.

I dunno if you would count this as an easter egg, but the holographic dancer in the cantina does the same dance as the Night Elf dance in WoW.

EDIT: Ah I see this has already been mentioned, I should read all the other posts first.


well. what i found cant be that much of an easter-egg but i do find it odd that nobody had mentioned it so far.

i mean.. the terran wraiths and apparantly the ravens are doing Barrel-Rolls from time to time.
too obvious ?

The song playing in the background during the fight in the bar after "Maw of the Void" is curiously similar to the song played during the first episode of Firefly...

lame.... and stop being so mono tone...........

helps to have a kid sister for this one
There's also a picture of this in the artbook if you have the collector edition

at the beginning where you have the movie of tycus getting "freed"
he's inmate 626
stitch from the disney movie... is experiment 626 :P

In the Nova Ghost mission (not sure which stage), in the top left corner you can see the Tauren Marine shuttling about in his rocket outhouse.

In Media Blitz to the south, before the science lab island, there is a truck that reads "Crazyhorse APT", although i don't know what it's referring to, probably a touring band.

at 0:11 in the top left corner...female nightelf dance!

Nova occasionally appears in the engineering bay, as well as the tauren space marine in his flying outhouse will occasionally pass under debris in space station-like missions.

In the secret mission, one of the scientists talks to you. His portrait has Geordi LaForge's visor. Also, in between the end missions, Finlay talks about him not trusting the alien artifact; and that for all he knows, it could upset the entire space-time continuum. Another Trek reference, to which Raynor replies; "Don't worry, this is not science fiction." One more, the medic says "please state the Nature of the medical emergency"

Now I'm not sure whether 'in the pipe, five by five' is an actual Alien reference, as Alien took it from fighter pilots, where it means something like 'successfully going through the gap in the enemy's air defenses'

Edit: oh, and the 'Welcome to the Jungle' mission, and all it's achievements, are nods to Guns and Roses; the Rift-Field Generator-mission's achievements are all nods to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

I loved the extra responses most units got.

"Oh stop crying, you sound like you lost BOTH legs"

Or the MCV response if you tell him to attack:
"What, you run out of Marines?"

The armory bay is labeled "Bay 12", it's either a reference to Bay 12 Games, the makers of Dwarf Fortress. Or it's an "Aliens" reference.

The music that plays when you're introduced to the mercenary broker is from Desperado. Pretty sure it's Desperado anyway... might be mashing the music together with Pulp Fiction for whatever reason, and I'm not prepared to plug up the VCR and watch either one to confirm that.

Did anyone else get sad when Nova appeared in the Tosh/Nova mission?

Starcraft: Ghost... what ever happened to you?


That wasn't an easter egg... They put her there on purpose to actually have something to do with the story, and not just a cameo. SC:G Would and will be a kickass game, I know it.

I'm not sure in what part of the game there is since I discovered this in the editor. IN warcraft 3 there is a sign saying "BOBS GUNS". In Starcraft there there is a variation of the store front doodad that appears to say "ROBS GUNS", however if you look closely you will see that the "R" is actually a B where the lowest part is greyed out ;)

I really like the Elite Tauren Chieftains commercial, and the dancing Nightelf in the cantina.

I'd say Joeyray's Bar on Mar Sara is a reference to This guy

Wow, so many mentions of the Night Elf hologram. They didn't mention it because it's so obvious.

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