Escapist News Network: Blizzard Warning

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Blizzard Warning

ENN delves into the darkness behind everyone's favorite studio.

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OMG! Where did you get that guy!?

Well you wont see me get sucked in to that whole blizzard-wow conspiracy, oh no!

Anyone up for a game of starcraft?

I love conspiracy theories. Especially the does that seem logical at first then go all "OMGWTFBBQ" at the end.
Awesome work as always.

Wow now we have our own Glenn Beck to combat Fox News! Go ENN

Ha. This episode was top notch. That guy was hilarious.

Activison Boycott....JUSTIFIED!!! They're all in it together to bring down the intarwebz!!!!!111one

good work. numbers were off but good work nonetheless

That was one damn fine crackpot rant. I doff my tin foil hat to you.

Also, anyone else slightly worried by 'Abusing the donkey'? That just sounds painful. And probably illegal.

Ha Ha Kathleen's hair is still blue.

Great video again guys.

Great episode!

It seems that Blizzard makes no mistakes. I wonder why...?

This was great. Just what I needed this morning.

I do enjoy a crazy ass rant

The rant reminded me of the rick mercer report but with cuts
I love that they describe it as "other"
and now i could go for a slushie at nine in the morning

EDIT: i would say that Florida looks more like a gun then a penis.

So that's where Blizzard's money goes too. HAHAHA

That was a lot more entertaining than I expected, you guys did a great job. Definitely making sure all my WoW friends take a look, though I think they know, it's already happening!

Wes Borg is a bloody crazy man!

30% does seem a bit on the low side for people fastening the chin strap on the helmet of love

I'm scared. Someone hold me.


Graham reminds me of Donny Vermillion, the news reporter in Starcraft 2.

Yes, they're always nerfing paladins.

Goldshire is a great place to pick up chicks, why gotta hate Blizz?

Kathleen just inspired a new euphemism. I now proclaim the 254,448,963rd term for, you know, is "Raising the low-ball"

BAH! That guy doesn't know what he is saying.

Countless drones aren't daily wasting away their lives farming, fetching or grinding for levels and loot.

Now if you excuse me I have a raid to attend.

...Oh god, they only released a demo now? Jesus...took forever!

AND Wes Borg! Epic!!!

"Within 20 light-years!"
Oh god, I'm peeing. Pee is literally running down my leg.

EDIT: I see Kathleen still has the laser-shooting-vampire-chick hairdo.

I was entertained, yet eerily disturbed.

part of me thinks that a blizzard employ is watching this and thinking "we could do that"

Fantastic stuff, one of the best ENNs to date.

Blizzard has the right idea here. I mean, it's not just world domination, it's world domination with an eye towards protecting the snack budget. All about priorities.

got a bit too close to that guys face. still pretty funny though.

"molesting the donkey"

who made that phrase up for masturbation???

Kathleen had her hair like she did in LRR, looks good.

Thats has to be the most insane thing I have heard all day, glad I dont play Blizzard games!

He makes a good point, would a map of Florida get removed from Starcraft 2? It is shaped like dong.
Quick, does anyone have a map editor on hand to test this?

OMG! Where did you get that guy!?

I presume that he is the same guy who let the world know about French-Canadian terrorist that are probably still holding our RPG elemts as a hostage.

I used to play on Moonguard when it was viewed as the hot new Rp realm. Boy do times change.

Nice episode guys! I like seeing Wes on occasion with the LRR crew.

GREAT, now you've given Blizard ideas *face palm*

Why do I just feel like I've had a conversation with a particularly awesome hobo?

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