Zero Punctuation: Shadow of the Colossus

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What is this.
My immediate thought was this: Hey, here might just be the first person who dare to speak out against the hype of the internet masses. But no. Nobody in the world dares speak against the almighty "Shadow of the Colossus". This arid piece of mundane code.

1. Ride forever in brown/green landscapes. CHECK.
2. 10 minutes of figuring out how to beat thing. Climb, fall, retry for over half an hour till dead. CHECK.
3. Disney ending with birds and flowers. CHECK.

Must be the most pedestrian 6 hours of gaming time I've ever spent. Can a game this short even be released these days without catching hell?
For enhanced entertainment value, next time hype me some DICE.

I really have to try to find this game. It's just not out there any more unless I spend silly money on Ebay for a probably scratched disc in a broken box.

My problem exactly!! I want it soo much but people are just selling it for ridiculous prices on the internet and I'm not willing to pay £50 for a game that came out years ago.

I love SoTC, it really is damn good

can't wait for the Ico & SoTC PS3 remakes coming next year around Last Guardian

very well done, just a small critique (the irony) both girls and guys have X chromsomes, but i know where your going (: ...anyway well done on yet another great vid

finally something we can all agree with

I love Yahtzee but the SC stuff is getting tired. Either play it and hate it or shut up about it yahtzee. This passive agressive distaste for RTS and turn based games is inexplicable. He criticized the Total War series without ever giving it a review, and does the same for Starcraft and all other RTSs. Civ 5 people (im one), don't get your hopes up. He dislikes Strategy based games in general. Probably because it doesn't have its own storyline or osmething, w/e he just hates RTS and TBS without reason.

Did anyone else feel really sad when your *SPOILER* fell and died?

and yet... not as good as starcraft 2...


Though I don't know where you're from, you can get the game for pretty cheap on Amazon. Here's the listing for it actually:

It's a great game totally worth playing. If you've got the funds to spare and can actually use Amazon...totally do it.

As far as Ebay is concerned, a quick search shows pretty much the same buyout bid range for a few of the auctions, around 9-10 bucks USD. So it isn't too expensive. :)

And no, I don't have a copy there, I'd never sell my copy of that game. I'm just giving a hand to someone with interest in the game. :P

I live in the Netherlands, so I can't use Amazon, and our version of E-bay doesn't have auctions that cheap. But thanks anyway. ;)

While the game was passable as a "ooh, different" sort of thing the first time around, it had absolutely no replay value and wasn't all that challenging. I played, explored, killed the giant things for no reason other than that was what the game told me to do, finished, sold it back.

I honestly have no idea why this game can be listed as a "greatest hits" when it doesn't do anything interesting after the first trick.


I don't think he cares about offending RTS fans to be honest, especially if you consider his contempt of the wii and the effect that has on his viewers (see ZP wii sports resort review for details).

I hated this game. Just didn't buy into it.
The open world explorey bits are great to start with, then get incredibly tedious.
The fights are fun to start with, then get irritating and dull.
And there's no story until the very end, except for the very start which is basically "save your girlfriend". Never seen that before, eh?
The game is repetitive and it failed to draw me in with its much-praised atmosphere.
And I know people are going to call me a charlatan who doesn't understand a truly beautiful game when he sees it, but hey, I'm entitled to my opinion.

Finally! I've been waiting so long for Yahtzee to review this game! In the past he always makes small mentions of it and I knew he would eventually either review it or write about it in detail in an Extra Punctuation article.

Not gonna lie, wish I had a backwards compatible PS3 so that I could nab this game again. I got it when it first came out and something in me simply didn't appreciate it. I was a VERY picky gamer back then. If only I could play it again now.

New Quest: Find a way to make my machine backwards compatible
Reward: 10,000 XP and a kick in the pants

>Quest Accepted

I honestly did not like the game that much. I thought there was not much there; it is only a series of 16 boss fights that can be beaten in a few hours or so.

Shadow Of The Colossus being good?

Well duh.

Hey I've just noticed something:
Coventry = Forbidden Land
Leamington = One racist

You sure love to make fun of the region you are born in. (Btw, I'm from Leamington and Yahtzee is from Rugby!)

I'm actually playing this right now... Again.

Great way to illustrate how awesome the game is by describing Colossus number 13.

Now imagine every fight being epic like that, and you'll have a part of the experience.

My first encounter with this game was actually gotten from working at a different blockbuster, recognizing the game as a good one that we didn't carry, and spending 5 days to beat it as quickly as possible so that I could say I beat the game. Ended up buying that store's copy for 12 bucks total because no one else ever rented it that often and I loved the game

Though, doesn't this game sit high on the list of "games are art" argument? If Roger E. came here and asked us for a game to try and prove that games are art, wouldn't we all wrap our gums around this one? I'm surprised that Yahtzee didn't end up even mentioning that

I think that just not to talk about SC2 because "i don't like RTS" is a really childish behaviour for a game critic. Yes shadow of colossus ist damn good. It also totaly old and we all know about this game for like... ever. Why dig it up again? No one cares because we all know it by now.
SC2 on the other hand, like it or not, is THE game of the year and is so damn well done that it is more than worth talking about. The fact that Yahtzee just sticks his head in the sand is a bit disapointing. But then again: Zero Punctuation was never about serious game critique. So i guess it is fine in that context.

Why the hell would you want Yahtzee to review Starcraft II? Come to think of it, why would you ask Yahtzee to review a game you like? That's like asking Jack Thompson to review a video game! Yes it is kind of odd that Yahtzee saw Halo Wars as reviewable and now suddenly has cold feet about reviewing Starcraft II, but come on. Let him review bad games so no one will have their feelings hurt.

don't knock silent hill 4 its the greatest story of any game in existence, the only game i've played that makes me want to keep playing to find out what happens next.
yes silent hill 2 is good coz its scary but the story is wank.

You sir, can eat a fiery scrotum.

I like how out of all the things you said were good about it you forgot how bad the games climbing controls are. There is so much lag between you telling your guy to move its either too late or half the time the dumb ass will just be sitting there humping the colossus's arm like a horny shih tzu. The only redeeming quality about this game is the music and thats not enough to make up for the crap controls which ruin the boss fights (in other words the entire game).

Don't be a hater, just cuz you can't figure the controls out doesn't make it a bad game. I thought the climbing on the colossi was the best part of the game as it was a great battle of willpower. Who will give out first, your arms or its tremendous muscle?

Lent this to my sister and her husband and I'd bet money they still haven't played it compared to some shovelware and WoW, damn those uncultured gaming swines! I should trick them into doing the twist pencil trick from the psychonaughts video.

For those not in the know though personally I recommend playing Shadow of the Colossus and THEN Ico because both games are clearly connected in story through some of the imagery alone, they just don't serve you all the answers to your questions on a silver plate, you have to figure things out for yourself. The only thing this game is guilty of is being pretty emo, but by playing ico second you kinda undo that in a way

In 450+ comments, somebody probably already mentioned it, but my video game snob side feels the need to point out that we don't really know if the girl in the game is a love interest. The plot analyses I've read indicate that she is most likely not, but rather a girl who the main character sacrificed (he wears the same garb as the guys who come to get him at the end of the game) and he feels super-guilty about it.

Also, wow, the people talking poorly about this game are saying some really dumb things.

Woot! Love this review!
It's ok, you'll cave to the SC2 one day...

Seriously, more adverts before the start of the video? Feeling greedy much?

...You realise just how much video hosting costs right? Even if the file was only 5 MB's, and only a hundred people watched it, that's still 500 MB's of data right there. The reality is more like 17MB's and thousands of people. As a sort of relevant example, Justin Bieber's most popular videos ending up sending several PB's of data. Yes PETABYTES.

Anyways: I enjoyed this video, good as always Yahtzee.

3. Disney ending with birds and flowers. CHECK.

That's a nice bullshit mountain you have there. What's so Disney about not being allowed to enjoy your victory because you've been turned into a baby?

Liked SotC a lot; I played it pretty late (something like 2008) after telling all my friends to play it in 2006, which was already late, but they all agreed it was good.

I liked the gameplay as well, and the epic feel of it. Something has [had] to be done about the world map and countryside navigation though. I'd play the game 1 boss at a time at a friends place on the weekends, and spending 1 and a half hours finding a colossus just to spend 30 minutes on the boss itself gets to be a bit of a stumbling point after 10 or so guys.

And, as mentioned, the last boss was no fun. Sure he looked fun, but after being tossed off those hairy palms into oblivion for the 5th time (something about him scratching himself?) I just shut the game off.

In 450+ comments, somebody probably already mentioned it, but my video game snob side feels the need to point out that we don't really know if the girl in the game is a love interest. The plot analyses I've read indicate that she is most likely not, but rather a girl who the main character sacrificed (he wears the same garb as the guys who come to get him at the end of the game) and he feels super-guilty about it.

Also, wow, the people talking poorly about this game are saying some really dumb things.

Yahtzee didn't tackle with the plot in general, but if it is vast and rich and everything. I agree that Wander and Mono probably didn't even know each other (people say she doesn't recognize Agro when he appears). On the other hand, the whole of Ico was one big romance plot (no, not the shoe-horned subplot, the real and meaningful plot).

It's also cool how the entire world reveals itself just through the gameplay. For example, it has been observed that Agro is a MONSTROUSLY large horse, and Wander is, uh... vertically challenged a little bit. To ride such a horse, they would have to have known each other for a lifetime. And, curiously, Wander couldn't swing a sword properly if his life depended on it (he just kind of flails with it), even if he rides and shoots arrows like crazy. And how Dormin speaks with a male and a female voice at the same time, indicating a dual entity, like an old heathen god locked away and forgotten after the rise of the modern faith. And the end ties beautifully into Ico, explaining the origin of the horned boys.

It's what interactive media do best - not to tell the story, not even to show it, but to pull you right through it. In my opinion, only Valve games use their environment better.

Anyway, at the risk of defending people who hate SotC, I understand how it cannot appeal to everyone. Even at this point, gameplay is what matters the most. It seems the market isn't ready to accept profound drama in a videogame. We stick to B-movie plots, with the occasional Die Hard, The Dark Knight, Avatar, and Matrix, but we're closed to the possibility of a game equivalent to The Shawshank Redemption or One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Does this mean games are incapable of hosting such storytelling? HELL NO, I'd even dare say they'd do it better. It's just that someone out there is going to complain that he only got one weapon, that everything was repetitive, that the controls were wrong, that the frame rate sucks, that the graphics are last-gen, like he's playing a Mario game and it's not instantly titillating him. He expected a toy, someone got him a book, and he still hasn't learned to read. I'd be disappointed too. Especially if the book cost $100.

It's nice to see ZP gush about a game every once in a while. Especially one as amazing as Shadow of The Colossus.

As my shrink used to say: Try to transform that negative energy into something positive.

*Climbs up the ladder to his clubhouse* O.o Cooool :o


Haha, quoted you anyway Centrophy. The running around is for atmosphere, ambiance, exploration. The game is meant to be an experience, not a "game" in the literal sense. Zana, the fact you thought of the searches as "trouble" shows that you were intent on looking for something the game was never meant to provide. The game is a stroll through a beautiful countryside, and you're jogging through it with a pedometer and an ipod. Not that that's wrong, I enjoy competitive games as much as "artsy" ones, but of course you won't enjoy a game you go into with all sorts of expectations. Centrophy, you just fail at navigation. It sounds like you spent hours wandering in circles. Do you get lost in new places often? Besides, the searching was another way to express Wander's dedication to reviving Mono. The game would have been less compelling if he rode the magic teleportation bus straight to every fight. It's not supposed to enhance the gameplay, it's supposed to enhance the narrative.

I did suck at navigation in that game. Kinda hard to decide where to go when the light is pointing at a wall and I haven't picked up the Dodongo stomach/bomb sack. Oh, the map was also rubbish as well. ;) Now maybe I'm not one of those games are art people. However IMO, when a developer makes a decision to include a playable section that is "all about the experience" and "enhancing the narrative" but the player thinks it's boring and a waste of time then it's not the player's fault for "not getting/understanding it". (Is anyone else really tired of the "you just don't get it" argument?) Also you say that the exploration section is a great stroll through a beautiful countryside. But that's just it. There wasn't anything interesting to see there. It's like wandering through vanilla Oblivion except made worse because there weren't any creatures or npcs. It just felt rather bland kinda like white rice. Now I can understand that some people really like the taste of rice, but as for the rest of us... well. I guess I just went into the game expecting an epic adventure fighting epic huge monsters and came away feeling let down. Anyway as I said in my first post these are all my opinions. Nothing I say is going to make you change your opinion of the game and vice-versa.

On the positive side, the game had really good horseriding (Maybe the best)... if you're into that. :D


Now to be arbitrary and post my opinion of this game for the sake of it. *Ahem* I have an active dislike of this game. I remember playing and yes, finishing this horse riding simulator back when it first came out and received critical acclaim. Sure the boss fights were entertaining however I found that I spent most of the game in an empty lifeless world on the back of my horse trying to figure out how to get over those awful mountains. It was just really really boring and IMO a poor design decision and can be constituted as length padding.

I honestly can't understand all the love when half the game is spent doing nothing.

Then again I'm not trying to sway any opinions nor am I going to, just stating my opinion. Now don't quote me! Tired of getting the blasted things in my escapist inbox.

What's the point of stating your opinion in a public forum if your not willing to take the risk of someone questioning you?

For post count, it's just like raising your gamer score! :P And to participate in the community otherwise why sign up?

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