Zero Punctuation: Shadow of the Colossus

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Shadow of the Colossus is a perfect example of an 'artsy' game. It has the emotional range from bright and optimistic to bleak and dreadful. It's also never really forgets that it's still a game, tracking down and killing the Colossi is fun every step of the way.

Legend of Zelda could learn a few things from this.

Yatzee you made me so happy I nearly cried! Im Fucking married to that game. I have been wanting to play Ico forever but nobody has it and its like 40 dollars if a store ever did which they dont. This video made my day thank you!



Though I wonder if Yahtzee isn't going to do a Civ 5 review since he seems to hate strategy games so much. Though that's real time, not turn based.

starcraft turn based...? would it play like fucking risk or something?

fun review on a game i've only really heard good things about but i prefer the ones where he rips the game to shreds.

No I meant it the other way around, dammit I'm going to edit it now.

Evil the White:
Never played a perfect game? Taking back what you've said about Portal now, eh?

I'm pretty sure he felt all the memes that Portal spawned made it lose points after the fact. So, yeah... the Internet ruined Portal for him.
And I swear, I missed out last generation. Oh, well.

Yay, I've been waiting for the summer games drought to settle in.

Wonder what game he's doing next week?

Come to think of it, a great majority of my favorite games are on PS2. When's Sony gonna wise up and start putting GOOD stuff on PSN, DAMN it! Because the PS2 has some DAMN GOOD games!

Awesome. You should continue reviewing older games for a while.

Huzzah! Always nice to see a retro review - this one likely motivated by the countless recommendations to Roger Ebert that he play it to prove games are art - and one that makes me think I need to finally get my hands on a PS2.

I am a little surprised he didn't mention anything about "The Last Guardian" - any thoughts on it beyond the fact that it's almost certain that giant monster won't last until the end credits?

"Only thing with an 'x' chromosome"? I believe all people have an 'x' chromosome.



Men and women both have X chromosomes. Just thought I'd clear that up.

He probably meant two X chromosomes.

No, he means that all the characters in the game are so hyper masculine that they only have Y chromosomes :P

Yeah, that's what I figured too. A bunch of uber masculine men and women. Seems about right in the current tripe that is gaming.

Love the review. It was... pretty good.

Hilarious review. Wish they ported SoC to the PS3 ...

I'm sorry - you love the taste of horse? Are you openly inviting bestiality jokes, or are there episodes of Masterchef that we should be keeping an eye out for?

I commend your refusal to review the one game guaranteed to grab the attention of every gamer on the planet this year, even those who wouldn't know a RTS from their GPS, or their PMT. Why challenge the unabashed ball licking every gaming critic is giving Blizzard's latest effort when there's nothing original left to say? Much better to review a game that few have heard of, and can't be bought except online.

Looking forward to the next review, contemporary or not, they always make me happy.

The end line was epic XD

Reminds me of an old 'A Bit of Fry and Laurie' sketch:

Good review, but any game that doesn't bow down to the PC master race is a sin in itself! Seriously though, kinda sucks not to be able to play some awesome games when they don't make a PC version as I'm just not into consoles :(

Yahtzee Croshaw:

Just a question, why isn't this game on your "greatest games EVAR" (because spell check is for n00bs) list? As you said, the gripes are like a mouse on a jet powered lion, only there if your looking REALLY closely and want to be eaten by the lion. Your other games on your blurred out list had much bigger gripes like "everything but the web swinging was terrible" or "Not is the town out to get you, but the controls, the camera, and the voice actor's chimpmuck voice."

I, also, am no fan of RTS games. They are all the same game repackaged with orcs/aliens/terrorists/etc. Glad to see a reviewer who isn't all, "OOOOOHH! A new RTS! *slobber, slobber, gobble, gobble, slurp*" Keep up the good, not reviewing SC2, work.

By the way, forgive me for being a "stupid American", but what is Veggiemite?

When I posted my first comment (post number 50), it was listed as 10 posts... 40 posts in 15 seconds? No wonder the website wouldn't let me edit it, I'm surprised I can post now!


Stabby Joe:
Didn't see this one coming... mostly since it's 5 years old. Oh well.

I think most people have played it by now.

most people with a ps2.

Which last generation was most people.

Anyway, the game itself. I had 3 issues with it, 2 minor, one major. The minor cons were the noticeable slow down at times and the lack of replay value in the short term.

My major issue however was the plot... woah, come down fanboys and hear me out. It wasn't the minimalist approach, that worked fine. No it was the ending of which was ambiguous then officially a prequel. The problem is however, ambiguity works for everyone if they can take it. The lead designer however made a giant U-turn and just said it was a prequel to Ico. The problem with that is (sadly) no one played Ico. So now it's just confusing and has ruined a perfectly good ambiguity to the plot.

Also in a strange way I'd rather

id like to see yahtzees opinion on the latest transformers game.. still i never played SC1 and never heard of it till like 2004. sc2 can suck a big fat sausagedick

Reserve two spots in the No Starcraft II Treehouse, please.

I'm really going to have to get around to playing SoC someday. Aren't they planning/doing a PS3 redux?

Seriously, more adverts before the start of the video? Feeling greedy much?

They have to pay the bills somehow. If it really bothers you, I suggest joining the Publisher's Club. Commercial free HD Yahtzee is pretty sweet.

Add this to the list of old PS2 games I need to put on my shelf right next to Psychonauts.

My fingers still twitch in phantom pain thanks to Yahtzee & Psychonauts.

good to see yahtzee review an oldie

So Yahtzee when you gonna review StarCraft II?

SOC was a work of art and super immersive .. i'd sometimes just get drunk or high and just wonder the landscapes for hours

I thought the review was great and completely accurate but I'm surprised Yahtzee didn't mention the horse mechanics which are like Red Dead Redemption but without a saddle or reins.

This video was damn good. Damn damn good. Damn good damn good good Damn ... good.

Great review, but I have a gripe. So many of the best-rated games of Yahtzee's reviews are console-only. One of the many reasons I love sandboxy games like "Fallout 3" and "System Shock" is because they make a nice contrast to the 4x4 lift-shaft of a room that I live in. And considering my living quarters, I'll be jiggered if I have to actually go out and 1) buy, and 2) find space for a separate machine for gaming, when I have a perfectly good PC that can do the same thing plus a helluva lot more handy stuff that a console most definitely CANNOT do.

Is this available for PC? Are any of the "Silent Hill" series or the "Prince of Persia" series, since Yahtzee seems to like them so much? Or do I have to start the cable-switching console nightmare that passes for "easy gaming" nowadays in order to play this stuff?

Not sure about Silent Hill, but all Prince of Persia games are available on the PC (well..from SoT onwards). You can even get all the trilogy in one nice pack that's quite cheap when you think you're getting 3 great games (WW the lesser one IMHO, but still very good). Getting a gamepad is highly recommended as it was my experience that the controls are much more comfortable that way. SoT doesn't recognize gamepads, but using a program like Pinnacle or something you can map the keyboard to the gamepad buttons. That's what I did.

Oh, and Portal, coming from Valve, is first developed with the computer in mind and then ported to the consoles.

EDIT: just checked. All of the Prince of Persia games ever are available on the PC, except quite notably the DLC "epilogue" for Prince of Persia 2008.

Just the other day I was wondering why Yahtzee hadn't been self indulgent recently.

I loved the analogy of a mountain and a fat man in the cinema, and the one about photocopying and how arbitrary lizard shooting was.

I'm surprised he didn't comment more on the story considering how very thin it was.

What I'm getting at is that, for anything other than comedic effect, maybe you should edit out one or two of those damns.

you know i never played shadow of the celosses or how ever its spelled but i may consider it as the last game i bought he gave a good review to ended up being my favorite game so far

You know, as somebody who is kinda interested in buying SC2, and would like to know wether or not it is worth it, Yahtzee is losing a lot of points with me.

Yeah its fun to be a twat from time to time and give the middle finger to the masses, but eventaully you have to buckle down and be professional. Sure, making these videos used to be just about cheap laughs, but now people have actaully come to respect Yahtzee's opinions.

Still ,it not my gig and its not my business, so as always, good review, but it is unfortuante that Yahtzee is seeming less and less like a anti-marketting bullshit-murdering vigilanty, and more like the kinda person who dances around on the river docks mooning people on passing ships.

He liked it, Yahtzee liked it. He really liked it.

Is that a sign of the Apocalypse?

I like how people who already hates Starcraft 2 still wants their opinion justified by some guy on the internet.

That being said, SotC is still one of my favorite game ever. I just loved exploring that giant forbidden kingdom, even though it was ultimately empty and slowly made emptier by your own acts.

Was not expecting this game to be reviewed =o

Amazing, loved the ending: DAMN GOOD DAMN DAMN GOOD...

What a shock. Did not see Shadow of the Colossus being the next review.

So...was it Damn good?

I didn't really like the game, but then again, I never got into it. I think I got to one Colossi and then got bored. I really should get back to it.

Same here. Been meaning to return to it.

damn i braced myself for the worst too! nice to see he likes it as much as i like it! \o/

don't knock silent hill 4 its the greatest story of any game in existence, the only game i've played that makes me want to keep playing to find out what happens next.
yes silent hill 2 is good coz its scary but the story is wank.

First off it wasnt originally gonna be Silent Hill, it just ended up with Silent Hill story bits tacked on and is completely out of place in the series (not counting Homecoming and the God-awful PSP and Wii games)
Silent Hill 2 on the other hand was one of the best stories in games though and gave you the drive to carry on...which was NOT the case in 4, which was fucking clown shoes.
Also, while on the SH4 rant, go back to The Room and check the extremely badly rendered washing up bottle by the sink...If it doesnt get on your nerves everytime you go back to the Room now then I dont know what will

Think theres a Google Image of it actually but I pointed it out at a friends house while he was playing it and he couldnt finish the game because that ONE BOTTLE ruined it for him =P

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