Zero Punctuation: Split Second: Velocity

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"I did actually take my driving test but failed because the instructor genuinly thought she was going to die"

Brilliant one-liner, worthy for Jimmy Carr

I knew that he wouldn't have much to complain about when he spent the first 90 seconds joking about the genre and name. Indeed, Yahtzee's criticisms mostly focussed on standard Mario Kart-style complaints - except, unlike Mario Kart, Split stroke Second has no unavoidable attacks to kill whoever's in first.

I liked the jokes, especially the one about rich people watching gladiator battles between pregnant woman. Only Yahtzee could make a joke like that and not cause me to burn down his house.

Great, GREAT review. And here I was thinking you'd lost it xD

Nice Snyder comment there

~"This was unexpected. But yes, everyone hates Thatcher. And I wasn't even born then."~

It was a great jab, though to be fair, you have to remember that the kind of people who have a problem with something from 20+ Years ago are the ones likely to raise their voices about it.

Anyway, especially good ZP, don't know what it was. I think it was the Dick Dastardly metaphor that did it for me. XD

"The Thatcher comment was hilarious."

How so? It was basically the equivalent of "I hate Republicans. Republicans are so stupid. I hate Republicans." Not "hilarious" in the traditional sense. I'm not a worshipper of Thatcher, but she did a lot of things that made sense. Only lefty twats REALLY hate Thatcher with a passion. Like Reagan, she was a drug warrior/militarist and that pisses me off, but Lefty types are so annoying.

"The Thatchers Britain comment had me on the floor.

Good stuff."

Really? I like how the really crazy ideologues seem to live in their own little universe where something can be amazingly hilarious for some incomprehensible reason.

OKay, here's some facts. Welfare and healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP INCREASED under margaret thatcher. Education and Defense spending fell as a percentage of GDP. GDP grew faster under thatcher than before her. Government spending as a whole didn't decline until the later Thatcher years. The unemployment rate was high, but not higher than a countries such as France and Spain, and it began to decline during the later Thatcher years.

Regardless of what Thatcher actually said, there was no real "austerity" under the Thatcher regime. There was no militaristic expansion. Sure, unemployment was high, but you have to remember that around 1980 central banks around the world were tightening monetary policy due to double digit inflation in major countries such as the US and UK.

Yeah, also wondering if he'll review Blur. Then hopefully there'll be more than two of us going "Yep, didn't like it one bit" while people yell "GRRR! UG! DAY-ONE ISSUES... MAMMOTH TASTE GOOD!" ... still, great review, Yahtzee, lovin' it.

I laughed the hardest when I finished watching the video and scrolled down to see there were adds to buy the game hahaha

Cmon Yahtzee, please review Twilight Princess!! i mean im sure youve already played it and you wouldnt have to plat through the whole thing just to get ur review up!!COME ON

definitely should have reviewed blue instead, much better game

Very good, don't really play driving games myself.

Dear Yahtzee,

WOULD YOU KINDLY call Jerry Bruckheimer and explain to him that i've already seen The Sorcerers Apprentice and found it a moderatley pleasurable distraction from an otherwise uneventful afternoon.

that is all.

Lol, see what you did there :P

gotta say, I found another thing this game has in relation with Burnout Paradise

the car, has NO DRIVER =P

really, the car has no driver model on it, wtf

This is a Disney game. You expected good?

Oh Yahtzee, you silly twit...

Should review "Blur". It is like Mario Kart for adults. Real cars racing, but all sorts of weapons. Really fun to play split-screen with 3 buddies.

Thoroughly enjoyed the review as always. I found Split/Second to be a highly enjoyable title to play though I do agree that stages can get a bit repetitive and because of this makes the whole thing feel a bit short but I certainly don't regret buying it as the fun I had whilst playing it far outweighed the negatives for me. It had something which I hadn't felt since Burnout 2 in a racing game in that it makes you want to have one more try at an event and it kept me coming back for more for weeks.

I seriously suggest people at least give it a rental. And yes, Yahtzee, I am a prick for liking this game! :D

Woo! he mentioned dunstable (where i live)
But yehh good review :)

Screw you yahtzee, I like this game.
Except for any event involving helicopters. I thought those were all pretty dumb.

I wonder if you played blur, because it was all about blowing shit up. Or mario kart with a mature rating. Fun though.

Thatcher comment was hillarious, and you know what else is punishing success? Mario Kart. Why? two words, Blue Shells.

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