Game Dogs: Season 2 Promo

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Hopefully... They have requested help from somebody who could really bring this series up to standards... Waiting for Aug. 26... O_O

The Russia joke was rather offensive... otherwise, a little funnier than usual, hope it improves.

George Palmer:

Flash series

What do you mean by "Flash Series"?

Probably that it's flashy.

You know. Disco style.

seriously, Game Dogs is awful, why this is getting a second season, I'll never know. shit's not funny, it's just lousy, every time I was this shit something funny I've seen gets erased from my memory as a way of my brain saying "fuck you, look at that, you made me do that, don't watch this anymore."

Indeed !!!

The duke nukem forever thing also made me smirk

Also.... Flag Pole !!!XD

...Can we just not and say we did?

I want an MIB agent to wind-wipe this series from my brain.

By Far One Of The Best Series Out There! TV And The Web!

My first thought was "Why can't they just let this die?".

Then I saw the admittedly funny video. Then again, this is how the first season started: funny. I sense a pattern here.

If I was a Russian, I wouldn't find this very funny.

But I am not, and I still don't.

I sense you secretly are. :P

This single video is the best thing in the entire series thus far. Which, to be honest, isn't saying much. But I'll watch the first couple episodes of the new season if this quality continues.

Funny but offensive.

The song Moskau will be used at some point, you heard it here first.

lol, fantastic work.

You'll save this series yet!

Finally, an episode as awesome as the theme tune (seriously, the theme tune is amazing).

You folks have learned something from your failures in Season One. Good. I'm not thrilled to see Game Dogs green lit for a second season, but based on this promo, I will give it a second chance.

I Lol'd

Looking forward to seeing the show's return. If it's anything like this, I think we won't be disappointed.

Watching it again, I laughed hard at the Ryan Seacrest reference, "Songs By Justin Bieber that don't suck" and "Things Russia Doesn't Have". I really really REALLY hope this continues to be up par to the standards of Escapist people!

That was actually pretty good.
I laughed alot. This is worth checking out.

I believe I am the only one, who understood the reference with the shoe.

Wow, Game Dogs is actually funny now? I can't believe I gave it yet another shot and it finally made me laugh. Well, I'll start watching it weekly now, I guess, whoop

Funny up until the Russia Jokes. Seriously. You realised your show wasnt funny so you added racism? Are you braindead?


Noooo! Make it go away!

Did you actually watch the video?

I did. Wish I hadn't bothered.

This was actually extremely amusing. Huh. I'll keep an eye on it.

Alex Brucki:
By Far One Of The Best Series Out There! TV And The Web!

...What are you?

I believe I am the only one, who understood the reference with the shoe.

Khrushchev happened way before I was born and I got it, so I'm sure others did.

I really disliked the show but this promo brought a smile to my face. I can honestly say that I am now looking forward to season 2. Here's hoping that it's much better than season 1.

The husky looks like he's going to be fun.


Ok, that was pretty funny.
I forgot about this show actually, I guess if its as funny as what was in that vid I look forward to it.

Oh, and I found a good Justin Bieber song.

I see your Heavy Bieber, and raise with the Death Metal version of Baby!

This is the best thing I have ever seen, especially because it sounds like the singer has a severe west country accent at times.

If I was a Russian, I wouldn't find this very funny.

But I am not, and I still don't.

I found it funny, because it gave the impression that Americans thought they had all of those things. =p

Do you not like this series?


This was a nice surprise when I came on today. I found the promo really funny. I personally find some users to be rather harsh, but their entitled to their opinion. You can't really help it if you don't find something funny.

Looking forward to the new season. :]

Oh joy, a tired stereotype and the one character that people generally seemed to like doing something nonsensical and presumably unrelated.
Sorry, not convinced

Hey, Something from game dogs that was funny. Hopefully season 2 is better.

That was pretty funny.

I don´t know where this "Because we can!" reference originated, but we have a german quiz kinda show where celebs(mostly comedians) get asked questions from the people, and they have to guess the answer. If they can´t guess it, the questioneer gets 500€. It turns out some questions require some level of knowledge about certain professions and jobs, which is why the paths the comedians take to guess the answer are often quite hillarious.
One question once was "Why do dogs lick their balls?" and german comedian Bernhard Hoecker also replied with "Because they can!" and it turned out to be the correct answer.
It was pretty funny when I heard that the first time, but now I´m intrigued where it came from.

Ha ha ha ha ha ... That was actually pretty funny.

(reaches the Russia jokes segment)

......Fuck you! Just, just fuck you!

I'm not even from Russia, but damn!

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