Escape to the Movies: The Expendables

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Scarlet Mongoose:
Way to let personal bias get in the way MovieBob.... or DoucheyBob.

Just because SPvTW failed, don't take it out on this movie.
I saw both. Both were good. For totally different reasons. Get over it, and get over yourself.

You clearly didn't like "Eat Pray Love", which means you've got a brain.
And I've liked most of your reviews thus far, but WOW, going back through your archives to find this, makes you seem like an unintelligent fanboy whining about the movie that did better than the movie he liked.

At least you had the good sense to acknowledge the fact that Dolph Lundgren is an underrated performer.

And your comments about choreography are ridiculous. This movie has great fight choreography.

And you reference "Doomsday" and "Planet Terror" as celebrations/elevations of junk movies, and presumably "good" examples of this genre. "Doomsday" was god awful, and "Planet Terror" was such a bad movie featuring Bruce Willis that it makes "Hudson Hawk" look Oscar-Worthy.
Way to ruin your own credibility.

No memorable kills?!
Clearly you weren't watching the movie.
Napalming the bridge, Gary Daniels sadly getting double-teamed to have his neck snapped right off of his shoulders, Eric Roberts getting bullets unloaded into his front while being skewered through the back at the same time... need I go on?!

And when a person implies that the blood and gore was the best part of a Rambo film, they let everyone else listening to them know they don't know what the hell they're talking about.

You pretty much put it straight. I agree with everything you say there.

Thank you very much.

Scott Pilgrim seems just as cynically designed to appeal to the Nerdy demographic as The Expendables is to the mainstream. Yet this is ok because it is aimed at us?

People calling it a small movie as well is pretty funny, a 60 million dollar budget is hardly small.

But "The Expendables" wasn't aimed at the mainstream.
It was aimed squarely at middle-aged men who used to watch all the badass, cheesey, over the top, action flicks of the 80s.
Which makes it more impressive that the movie did as well as it did at all.

You and Spoony got some serious heat for not liking The Expendables. Jeez.

Well, Spoony hates everything that's popular.

You think Rich Boy, erghm, I mean Scott Pilgrim was a good movie? Wow, absolutely no reason to listen to your opinion ever again. I wondered if you were an industry whore from the beginning while you were giving head to pixar over toy story... Yeah what an engaging pill of crap.

Scott pilgrim is the story of a lucky talentless dweeb who has family in the movie business and gets put into to big budget films because he's just LUCKY. He sucks. Anthony hopkins has talent. Ridley Scott has talent. Sigourney weaver has talent. Scott Pilgrim boy? Give me a break you pompous moron.

I'm a nerd but I don't like talentless idiots like that little Sh$% and its especially irritating to listen to a self righteous nerd talk down to the viewer of a movie review... Scott Pilgrim would be a much better movie if it had a worthy lead role. Instead its the pathetic idiot from superbad. Yeah, we all REALLY LOVE that little dweeb don't we...

I'm sure I'm not the only one would like to kick his stomach in so his nuts drop

"Opinions are like assholes. Everyone's got one... including the pigs."

I mean COME ON, DUDE. IT'S HIS OPINION. Yes, it was vile, nasty, and cruel, but it's an opinion. I didn't like how he called the viewers "sheep," or how he directed a lot of his hate towards how it outdid Scott Pilgrim. But COME ON. IT'S AN OPINION. Plus, your argument holds no weight when you explain the plot of the fi- wait, THAT ISN'T THE PLOT. Not only that, but do you know the name of the actor who played Scott Pilgrim?

Jesus Christ, I come to The Escapist from the bright and cheery atmosphere of Extra Credits, and THIS is what I find in the forums? This is borderline GAMETRAILERS bad.

I know this post is months old, but good LORD dude. That has to be one of the most hateful and idiotic comments I've ever read on the internet.

I wonder if I could cook a steak on these comments. So much fire. Maybe I should make bacon on it instead.

Silliness aside.

Never saw the movie. My friends like it but I just didn't care for it.

What can I say? If people want nothing but their paycheck and a take of the gate I'm all for it. I rented this one. I'm not going to tell any Oscar nominee, winner, etc. how to make their money. Sometimes that's just how the world works. I still haven't watched Scott Pilgrim though, and I was weened on Nintendo basically. If that means I've got to turn in my nerd card so be it. It looked to be getting a lot of millage out of the "gamer pandering". I don't know.

I think you're a little madder at the movie that's warranted and it makes you look horribly unprofessional though, Bob.

just watched it today by renting the dvd. it wasnt really great but cant say it sucks. had good fight scenes in it and some solid action but nothing that knocked me over.
some scenes like rourke talking about this girl was boring and meaningless but well, i guess they had to put in some drama to make them emotional and not just show some muscle guys kicking ass only.
i give this movie a 2.5 out of 5.

I can only say im glad i hardly go to cinema these days - but Expendables is a good dvd movie, sumthing ya pop in when yer friends are around to have sum fun and turn yer brain off for a while - so i give it 3 of 5 stars as a good passtime ;3

I like this movie. Im a seventeen year boy who is not a douchbag cod player, I hate guns, I like the Scott Pilgram movie, I just love action movies. Bob I love ya but come on not every person who likes this is a douchbag.

This movie is a complete failure.

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