Review: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

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Susan Arendt:
Good question. The video does lean heavily on the combat, but I would say the game is about 50/50 between puzzle solving and killing things. The puzzles aren't on such a grand scale, I don't think - or perhaps it just seems that way because Lara is so tiny - but I found them to be quite clever and satisfying. You're not fighting for your life every second, there are plenty of occasions when you're just sort of standing there, staring at a switch, trying to figure out how to throw it.

That's good to hear. To be honest I'd be happiest with a TR/LC game that had no combat in it at all -- I'm mostly in it for the exploration, puzzle solving, and MacGuffins.

I... uh... wait, what? This game looks awesome! A Lara Croft game... looks awesome. What is this, I don't even... zuh? Clearly someone sold their soul or something because this doesn't happen.

Joking aside, I very much want to play this one, but chances are I never will. Which is a shame because of how awesome it looks to be.

I like your reviews...

and while this does look interesting I'm gonna have to pass and wait out several more years for Diablo 3.

OK, so it looks like Lara is basically raiding Torchlight... F'kin A!

This is the first time I've been tempted to get a Tomb Raider game in about ooh 10 years.

Balder's Gate?

Wow, that looks quiet fun.

I may have to pick this up.

Great review, too.

You know, I'm hearing wonderful things about this game but I'm unsure whether to get it on XBLA or PC?

It's looks KIND of like an RTS (with the overhead camera), but it's a platformer, which is so much better on a console. UGH. D:

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