Unskippable: Epic Mickey

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is it just me or did "paul" start to sound like cartman right at the end...

Ha ha, that was totally brilliant! XD

Looks like a neat game, too. =D

I knew about the ear thing, but with the camera having a dynamic angle, it just comes off as freaking creepy. It looks fine if you only have one point of reference.

An Unskippable Let's play? Awesome! I am so posting that in my user group :D

Also, nice episode guys! I especially liked how you pointed out that nothing changes in Mickey's room or the magicians room during the passage of time.

I'll try to see if I can watch the live gameplay. If not, will you be posting it here or at Loading Ready Run?

Guys, guys, there's nothing creepy about Mickey Mouse's ears being on a swivel. They just need to be facing the viewer so he can gauge the value of their immortal soul for potential reaping.

Ears = un-unseeable.
Also, that last line from Paul had a bit of "mah spoon's too big" innit.

Hmm. So this is what Warren Spector was doing instead of working on Deus Ex 3. Well then...he clearly went mad after Invisible War. Or Daikatana.

Also I think Mickey was too busy huffing helium to remodel his room or check out that weird mirror...

I can't wait to see the Unskippable Let's Play. And Paul, that was TOTALLY what you sound like.

Oh my goodness!!! The ears!!! Now, *I* can't unsee it!
Can't believe I missed the Live "Let's Play" version of Unskippable, though... =( I'll be looking forward to its rebroadcast.

Yep, can't unsee the ears, especially when he hops up in the chair.

Too bad they didn't make any copyright extention jokes.

Yeah, the ears are SUPPOSED to be like that - always facing the camera. It's been a rule in drawing Mickey Mouse for AGES. It's never really been a problem - until 3D-rendering came along. New mediums often come with great advantages, but surprising challenges such as this.

Fighting the balrog made me crack up.


oh GOD, the ears!! AHHHHHHH

Man, Paul looks so yellow. Is he sick, or something? And he should get his eyes checked out, too. They're all black and...soulless.

What are you talking about. Those are totally what Paul's eyes look like.

Great job, guys, loved the jokes about replacing series, Nicholas Cage as the Sorcerer, and the impressionble Mickey.

I'm still pretty much looking forward to this game, though.

Great episode. It's also weird hearing the guy who does the voice of Count Dooku in the Clone Wars as that Sorcerer Guy, very freaky.

yay march 25th my birthday, its funny how the sh** always hits the fan on my birth day

Nice catch on the ears, I cannot unsee it either now o.O

Great episode Graham and Paul keep it up.

so the bright idea here is to make a dark story for mickey to be in...totally reinventing the disney series and creating something totally new. I mean, throwing black goo all over the world as corruption from the evil god Ahriman, and now a young prince is dragged into the story to heal/cleanse the land is-oh wait that's another game lol

I'd actually play Epic Mickey if I had a Wii. Although it seems that the cinematic could also be a prequel for Kingdom Hearts, lol.

I hate I missed the "Let's Play" but I'll be able to see the re recording of it eventually.

I had never noticed that disturbing painting until now. Thanks.

Mickey reading Silence of the Lambs would truly be epic. Epically horrendous and emotionally scaring.

[/useless comment]

Yeah, I had to look at Mickey's ears the whole time, too. It's funny, in the old days, because you couldn't fake volume of clouds or fire or something, you always had static 2D images of those things that always faced the camera, but it was abolished when graphics became more realistic. Quite the comeback.

Marik Bentusi:
(...) because you couldn't fake volume of clouds or fire or something, you always had static 2D images of those things that always faced the camera(...)

That would only be impossible for a untrained/untalented painter/animator, savvy/get it?.

Why isn't Mickey's mouth coloured properly? God that was annoying me.

You miss one Unskippable. Just one and then you find out they did a Let's Play on the same day?!?

Oh Gods why hast thou forsaken me?

(On topic though good review. Especially the lack of new furniture)

Micky is a dick

they've been doing that ear thing for years, I think it's because those ears are iconic, and if he turns his head to the side it looks like a film projector. Or it could be that walt Disney couldn't draw them any other way and they just continued it. the only time I've seen his ears not fixed on a 2 dimensional plane, was in Kingdom hearts.

"And that's how Mickey died."

I always prefered Donald.

Damn those ears

Too funny! Also Graham is really cute :)

AAAH! his ears! goddamn why did u say, now it's too hard to watch!


am I the only one who knew about the ear thing before this?

I knew, too. You used to see this sort of thing in old Mickey Mouse cartoons, where his ears are always facing the camera. Warren Spector wanted to keep that for this game, and thus they're designed so that no matter where Mickey is looking, his ears are always like that.

Its not just something that is in old Mickey Mouse cartoons. Its in every Mickey cartoon. Mickey was always intended to have his ear silhouette visible from every angle, and I really like seeing it preserved in this game.

The people cracking jokes about it just don't get it. They've probably never seen a Mickey cartoon in their life.

Moving on: Really funny episode. I loved the Balrog reference and the CSI joke.

First time watching this series. Very funny. I'll definitely watch more :)

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