Unskippable Let's Play - Legaia 2

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Every week, Graham and Paul from Unskippable take a bad opening cinematic and make it awesome through the power of comedy. But sometimes the opening cinematic is the best part of the whole game. Today Graham and Paul will take one bad game and give it the Unskippable treatment, from start to finish. LIVE. Now playing: Legaia 2. Better them than you.


What is your current setup for this broadcast? Is there any kind of strange horrifying Internet monkey working for you behind the scenes?

PS. England is experiencing terrifying lag.

Is there a bad retro game that you wish had cutscenes so you could do an Unskippable for it?

I think we might have killed the stream... or at least choked it so heavily it's turned blue..

As for questions...

Have you ever finished doing the voiceovers for a cutscene and just thought "the producers of the game will kill us?"

Everyone on the Audience chat is reporting awful lag regardless of location

Super lag! =[ stupid England

EDIT: As soon as i post that, it streams smoothly!

Is there a way to decrease the quality or something to make it actually run in something resembling real time, rather than stopping every three seconds to rebuffer?

Edit: Seems to be working okay now.

Lag is fine for me now. This should be interesting. Have fun, guys. *wink*

I must say that it's a great idea and I might have watched it (might have as I don't really have time for it at the moment) but unfortunately the lagg killed it. There is always those recordings though.

Edit: I came back to change a thing in my post and saw people saying that the lagg is gone. Guess I'm watching it anyway.

Works fine on my HTC hero no lag. Yay.

Excellent , all lag problems are gone!

How are you guys today?

Thus begins the great event of our Monday afternoon..

How much time per day do you take to maintain your beard?

This will be awesome. You guys rock!
Please, ignore my avatar everyone...

Sims crystal! This game is already awesome.

Will Gib appear in a video again?

Since obviously you guys are Mystery Science theatre fans, I must ask the Great Question: Are you bigger fans of the Mike episodes or Joel?

The chat keeps making me log in.

Would you tap that lady?

Just curious.

How long are you going to play for?

This montage is taking a while...

Who plays the Game, Graham or Paul, or do you guys battle Thunderdome style for the controler?

Probably not much of it and it will be less epic..as if it looked epic at all.

They could use those in Fallout..amirite?

wilderness town

How long on average does it take to film an Unskippable/Loading ready run episode?

Hey Yuki..Hey Yuki..oh wait, wrong game.

Addition: His job? What is he a Bouncer?

We wont let you go, before you finish this game. So, be warned.

Just refresh your browsers people. The lag at the beginning messed up everybody. I jumped up a couple minutes, but I think I'm pretty much live now.

So, Graham and Paul do Unskippable, ever though about bringing in other people to either fill spots or do guest slots? Or maybe having your fans read off lines of their own and make a fan submitted Unskippable?

What are your favourite Game Genres?

do you believe that unskippable would win the film festival when you first submitted it?

and just a note, My mother's name is Nancy now i will think of a crappy game because of you!

Have you ever had to resist the compulsion to skip a cutscene, or have they all been completely unskippable?

Which one of you is actually playing or are you taking turns?

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