Unskippable Let's Play - Legaia 2

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Epic Fail :P

Dammit i will have to track down this game and beat that guy. If only to see Disaster master

Nice House

I'm not sure I can take much more of this game, but the chat is hilarious and the LP is fun! Yay! :D

Also, we need a cowsheep.

Most humiliating death... ever.

Anyways it was awesome guys, hope you do it again.

Too much love will kill you.

could you not start at 3:30am next time?

"Hugged to death by a sexy gorilla"

do you think it went well then?

I was expecting wanting the monkey to get all Carusoe.

Looks like you...
*Monkey Shades*
Got Hugged To Death By A Sexy Gorilla.


super cool loved it

You absolute legends, more phailhaus

That was a truly disturbing final fight!

If you ever do another "lets play" would Heavy Rain be a option?

have to agree

Next time do MW2. That would be amazing!

This was really fun guy's, you should really do this again. I think everyone on The Escapist will enjoy this again and again.

Brilliant Let's Play!

Great stuff, and I can't wait until you do it again. :) 'Twas an unfortunate but somehow fitting way to die. A tool's.. special love for animals finally brought about his downfall.

play too human, that would be interesting

best 2 hours evar!
thank's guy's!

I loved this let's play. I hope for more in the future.

EDIT: Personally, I would prefer (if this became regular) for it to be on Saturdays, on account of school.

since your answering questions.
how come the rest of the lrr crew doesnt get any cameos in unskipable like all the other shows you guys do?

Now I want to go buy that game just to beat the sexy gorilla. Otherwise, it will haunt my dreams.

you guys should seriously keep doing this at least once a month...but if u do it this long you should do it during the weekend or something like that...sometime where more people have a better chance to catch it

Whats your guys favorite game?

What is the WORST cutscene you have ever seen?

what did you walk away from this experience with?

This has been awesome


If you ever do another "lets play" would Heavy Rain be a option?

have to agree

Yeah, Heavy Rain would be pretty funny.

Not related to the game, or Unskippable in general, but how do you guys come up with Crap Shots videos?

would you guys considering doing something like this again with Legend of the Dragoon? This was awesome :D


Do you play through games commenting as you would do during an Unskippable?

Somehow, I miss the music as background music..... TURN THE PS2 BACK ON!!!

Darn it all, I showed up just after they got dead for the last time. I wanted to see the creepy hug!

how often do game openings disappoint you?

The show was really good and I enjoyed watching! I hope you'll be doing more love shows in the future. Would you consider doing a western title for "Lets Play", such as a Bethesda RPG? Lots of uncanny valley action...

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