Unskippable Let's Play - Legaia 2

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That was good fun :) Looking forward to seeing more of these.

i am in school on mondays so if anyother time on weekend that be cool

I am commander Shepard, and this is my favorite section on the site.

Time is perfect.

play too human next, that would be really fun

Do you do unskipable in that room?

If you're gonna do this again (which I hope!), maybe do it in a weekend? That way people won't be at work.

I really liked this. If it was a semi regular thing at roughly the same time and length, I'd watch all of them.

I definitely think you should do more. My only gripe is that it should probably be on a weekend. Sunday would be a great day, mainly because it's difficult to string 2 hours together on other days.

I would love to see more of the Let's Play! It was awesome.

Any chance of the other LRR crew getting involved in the Let's Play? Maybe have them continue the Legaia run.

This was awesome.
Do more Let's Plays.
That's all I have to say, really. I'd like it if you finished this one at some point, but it won't kill me if you decide against it.

Do any of you guys play Starcraft 2? If so have you thought of doing the Unskippable treatment to the opening cinematic?

Like this? nuooo, Love it. Moaar Paul and Graham.

That was the 7th time I died.

Are they reading the live chat?

So guys, what can we do to help make the next Let´s Play possible?
I say, tell your friends, tell your neighbours, tell EVERYONE! There must be another one of these.

Have you guys ever thought about doing movies? Maybe a MovieBob, Unskippable crossover?

Love your show guys keep it up. I have one question do you like to go for games that have a bad reputation that it would be fun to take the mick out of or games that have such a huge fanbase and are thus fun to take the mick out of it just to watch the aftermath from fanboys?

I heard this was going on at the end of the Unskippable today and immediately tuned in.
I thought you guys did a great job and dealed with the technical issues very well.
I would certainly like to see more of these and the time worked well for me (I live in Germany)
Overall, great job! Please continue ^_^

Did you do make any other unkskippable-like videos before Lost Planet?

you should totally do Shadow Hearts: From the new world

I liked it! Although it may be better for most people to have it one the weekend because of jobs and school. It would be fun to see you guys try a shooter!

And WOW, you guys are really racking up post count.

would you consider doing a full Portal Let's Play?

OR possibly you, paul matt and Alex doing Left 4 Dead capmaigns

That was awesome! More would be really cool.

Glad there's other people who had to wait a while far a steady console. Ain't dicking around (the more pointless the better) a cornerstone of the JRPG experience?

So a decent battle system dragged down by stupid cutscenes and lame dailog? So it's a JRPG XD

This was a lot of fun. The JRPG genre is kinda an easy target but you do it so well it's flawless. Loved to see more of these, as i think you two are the best comedic pairing i've heard in a while

I want to see more "let's play" in the future!

Resident evil 5. Good game...alot of narmy material..

That was great fun - appreciate you doing it at this time as well.

Thanks guys.

Left 4 Dead would be a good co-op game for a let's play.

If you do another one of these (which is brilliant by the way), are there any requirements (a certain genre, something that's little-known, etc) that you would look for in a new game?
Would you also be open to any suggestions to new games?

Also, the timing is good, even though I usually eat food at a time halfway through, but regardless, the whole thing looks good to me, technical issues aside.

I know that the Half-Life series doesn't have cut scenes but have you ever thought of that for unskippable

You should totally do a Gears of War Unskippable or Let's Play. There's co-op too!

What's the deal with this weeks LRR? Animation? Awesome, but I didn't you guys would do that kind of stuff. Plans for anymore like that?

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