Unskippable Let's Play - Legaia 2

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'Disaster Master'? They really put a lot of thought into that one.

If you guys do another let's play. You could do it in co-op. Would be hilarious.

Try these:
Blue Moon Strike R D R
Downing Falcon L D D
Flowing Dance of the Flying Dragon D L L
Mountain Breaker U R U

Apparently, they give you AP, so you can learn them right away.

I think that Rock golem plays too much of the Wii

Use the rice ball in battle. I wanna see him throw it in the air!

Kobold! Oh...wrong ones.

Wait... super arts? Isn't that a power Superman had in the silver age?

I think a baki is a hobgoblin

Asymmetrically-armed Rock Gollum must not have a girlfriend.

If you ever do another "lets play" would Heavy Rain be a option?

It would end up as a "Lets-Watch-and-Occasionally-Interact"

Also "JASON!"

I'm not sure I can take much more of this game, but the chat is hilarious and the LP is fun! Yay! :D

Also, we need a cowsheep.


The Arts in Legend of Legaia are divided into 5 categories:

Normal Arts:
You learn them by performing the combination during fight; they are you main
source of Arts Points (AP). The longer the combination, the more powerful the
strikes will be, but comparatively you will get less AP.

Super Arts:
Same as Normal Arts, you learn them by performing the moves during combat, but
you need to have at least as much AP as needed by the Art to perform it, they
are more powerful than normal but cost AP. I found them less useful when you
start having the Hyper Arts.

Hyper Arts:
They can only be learnt through events, scrolls and leveling up of other Hyper
arts. Mostly they come by two, with the lower form accumulating xp (you can see
it in the status window, looking at the art descriptions). Using the lower form
in combat gives it some XP, and when it reaches 100, the higher form is
unlocked. I noted the lower forms with a -> where they unlock the higher form
in the next line.

Normal Arts

Blue Moon Strike R D R 16 Sogetsuha
Downing Falcon L D D 16 Taka Otoshi
Flowing Dance of the Flying Dragon D L L 16 Hitenryubu
Mountain Breaker U R U 16 Hazan
Shadow Divide L R U L 20 Kagewari
Broken Dance U D R U 20 Kagura Kuzushi
Demon Hit D D D U 20 Oni Ate
Lightning Blade D U U U 20 Toraijin
Flashing Formation U D D L R 24 Senjin
Claw and Fang Attack D U D L R 24 Rengasoshu
Wind Blade Rondo L R D U L 24 Fujin Enbu

Super Arts

Biting Sand R L R -16 Sunagami
Quick Thunder Break Moon Cut U U R R -24 Jinraihogetsuzan
Crimson Whirlwind Cut D U U L -24 Guren Senpuzan
True Moon Cut U D D U -24 Shingetsuzan
Moon Flower Shadowless Cut R L D L R -32 Gekka Mueizan

Hyper Arts
The Fang Arts: From the Scroll in the Training Cave
Violent Fang U D U -30 Retsuga ->
@Howling Fang U R L U -40 Koga ->
Sky Fang U D R L U -50 Tenga
The Lightning Arts(from event):
God Lighting U D D R -40 Kamikazuchi ->
Sky Lighting D L D R D -50 Ama no Ikazuchi
Ultimate: (unlocked through the fight against Strauss)
Downed Dragon L U R L D U -60 Garyo

Is that the plant from Little Shop of Horrors?


If you ever do another "lets play" would Heavy Rain be a option?

It would end up as a "Lets-Watch-and-Occasionally-Interact"

Also "JASON!"

Still, that would mean alot more cutscene to parody.

He ran from the master of disaster.

he used his retreatflag

So is any of this frustrating for you or you enjoying the insanity of it all?


List of arts and how to go about learning them. I enjoyed the first Legaia ages ago. Couldn't play through this shit if you paid me though nowadays lol.

........"gababababababa!" Hahahaha! Not very threatening lips!

That Lyp's sure showed you guys. Wtf, why'd it run away? What a weird creature too.

Lypx used Flag of Retreat that match.

plants with human lips are a bad thing.....just look at the movie "little shop of horror" lol

You should keep your guards well-oiled at all times for maximum rat and wind detection efficiency.

Now a tool can be used to destroy rocks!

Try some super attacks dammit!

i was planning to sleep during hte night.

How does he eat hot soup?

Normally the make the effort to make the metal slimes to looks like something that can escape easily, Giant head plant thing doesn't seem like something designed for speed or agility.

Do Fallout 3 next time.

"Then the lasagne'll hit the fan!"

Would that be the Aeroplane version of erm, Airplane?

Did he just crumble up that rice ball, throw it in the air and absorb it through osmosis?

Rock Gollum would also like to know how to get a slot.

Lyps reminds me of Mick Jagger.

It's a rock!

It's a post!

It's a rock!

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