Unskippable Let's Play - Legaia 2

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Why is this not up yet? :(.

I gotta ask the same question, we're a week and a few days on here... An update of the situation at least? If I ask really nicely?

I would also like to know when this will be posted. It happened a wile ago right? So where is it?

I don't understand why the recording hasn't been posted yet.

Even if they chop it up and make it a bunch of smaller videos, that's better than sitting here and wondering what is taking so long...

I too wonder if this "uploading" they speak of is ever going to happen.

well they said they would, so I don't see why it shouldn't...
and if they screwed up and forgot to record it, then I'd say they owe us another of equal or greater quality.

I only caught like 10 minutes of it when they were showing it live, and I really want to see the rest of it. I hope they post it up soon!

just another reminder that i'm just one of many that would love to have a chance to re-watch this

Wait, they still haven't posted the entire thing?

Did they not record it or something?

Far as I remember they did record it. But when I checked if the video still existed it didn't show up. Either they downloaded it and removed it or they removed it by accident.

I haven't seen this at all. D:

have they posted any of it by now even?

still nothing

I have but one thing to say.


That is all.

9 days since somebody last demanded this be put up. Any updates yet? I can't find it, if it is here.

Tried Googling it to see if I could produce anything and I ended right back here. :|

C'moooon! The one week I had to wait on watching Unskippable and I missed both showings by then. Give us some love! <3

Seriously, it's been over a month. Give some kind of update.

And... still nothing.

Great work, guys!

Oh yeah! I remember this
it was great XD


Updates, please?

Y'know, I never agreed with the Escapist's habit of killing unpopular articles and just leaving people to discover it for themselves when their favorite never appears on the front page again. But promising an article, even teasing it by showing it twice, then never letting it out again? That's just insane.

So why was this never updated? Did the Escapist just not care?

just watched the first 10 or so minutes of the RECORDED event. took them that long just to set up and explain what they were doing. was kinda funny watching them respond to lag when the recording was lag free. little tip for "let's play", don't do it live (lol). having trouble finding the rest of the event.

i found the video under the "more videos" part of the page while watching movie bob. so far can't find more than part 1. oh, and i found it under the "more videos" section just about everywhere else today.

Great, they finally put it up and it's restricted to Publishers Club members. Bad form guys: you need to state stuff like that up front.

So I STILL can't watch it? Jeeeez.

What did you guys use to make this? (like software etc.)

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