Review: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

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Hmm, yet another mixed review. I haven't bought the game, and I don't really plan on it, but so far we have "crap crap crap" from Blistered Thumbs, "Freaking awesome" from Game Informer, and "it's okay" from here. We literally have an entire spectrum of review scores. I wonder why it's getting so many mixed feelings.

Perhaps some critics are scared of being the victim of another Jeff Gertsmann fiasco?

But seriously, this usually happens with most games of middling quality. You'll get reviews from every part of the spectrum because there will be some people who can put up with the bad to get to the good and some who can't.

I remember the first getting mixed reviews but I really loved the first.

It was a bit twitchy but I quite enjoyed the story.

Where it was amazing was online... fragile alliance is one of my favourite online gametypes ever.

I was such a bastard... everyone gets out first round so I have enough money to buy the best weapons and armor... then good luck to anyone I find in the second round who isn't carrying their weight.

I didn't run ahead and grab half the maps money to share it with someone who hung back and has nothing...

Naked man ass?! I'm there!!

Naked PIXEL man ass? Er... maybe not.

I thought is was a good game. Multiplayer is fun, ending was terrible but all in all it was enjoyable

Um, did I hear/see that right? They censored violence? As in, you shoot something, it goes pixelated? Is that a shitty censor version you guys got or the only one?

Also, I noticed the game has a co-op, just to check, can you play through the whole story in co-op (would make sense, but really have to check after some games >.>) or is it a special missions campaign crap?

I think the point of it was partly to not show the headshots graphically because that stuff rarely looks realistic in games, mostly just hilarious - and by not showing but just letting the player image/infer what that might have looked like it creates the sense of being much more brutal. Also, it fits with the visual style of the game, it's made to look like recovered video footage from someone who followed K&L in their killing spree, which is then shown on youtube, and would probably have to get somewhat censored not to get removed from the site.

Annoying camera effects and short game. Not even worth a rental.

I demand a game based on the The Wild Bunch. :D

Hmm, this seems like a game you really need to play through to see if you actually do like, may have to give it a rental.

Its a pretty good game. Bullets fly where you shoot and shaky cam effects are nice...adds to the realism. A decent buy and a GREAT rent.

I think the effects so far look great...but it seems like it would tire me out
just kinda get old with all the same-y gunfights

if only the shit was betatested, even the MP is unplayable because your rank resets randomly and 1/3 stuff is only for DLC, which comes like 2 week aster release date. without a patch and those DLC items it's kinda waste of time to ever bother playing MP(BTW absence of MP makes Mafia 2 even less perfect).

So...this is just another mindless shooter?

I think this will be getting a miss by me.

Quiet Stranger:
What the hell is a hop-on?

You need to learn about the good ol' Arrested Development, sir.

To paraphrase James Lipton(as portrayed by Will Ferrel):

Go to wherever videocassettes or DVDs are rented or sold and rent it or buy it.

No talk of multilayer, which saddens me because I am one of the few people who like it, along with the Kane and lynch series in general, so much potential to be had. Its the first thing i can relate Destroy All Humans! to. A great (or in this case, at least average) series with so much potential generally disliked by critics and ran into the ground before its time.

Now I haven't played the game, and never will, but judging from the videos I've seen I ask.. "What realism?".

Or is it "realistic" because it's not Serious Sam with lifebars and health pickups?

Or is the atmosphere trying to be realistic, by making it all dark and grey?

Why does he talk about cover-based 3rd person shooters like they just came out yesterday? This gameplay mechanic is common enough to not warrant more than 10 seconds of discussion.

Dosu Inuzuka:
I have to say Mr. Tito, you have won my respect. Anyone who can make an Arrested Development reference is, needless to say, awesome.
Watch out for the live-ins.

My thoughts exactly. God I love that show...

They run around naked and bleeding through the rain and go to the mal to get clothes, ........... Makes more sense than the setup for Raiden's nude escapade in MGS2.

Here's a vid for those unaware of what I'm talking about:

So... This review seems like it removed one entire grade just for the nude scene, which is just ridicolous, I'm sorry a man actually had to see some MALE nudity. Would this guy complain about full frontal female nudity?

Seriously, that was dumb.

I played the first one, and I loved it, so I may try this.
(I'm a huge sucker for co-op)

Sgt. Sykes:
The KL series gets no love from reviewers (and most gamers).

I fucking love both games. First, it's a very, very welcome departure from all those charismatic/wisecracking/romantic/super/patriotic heroes, like in every other fucking shooting game. In KL one can finally play as a dirty ugly gangster. Especially in the first game. KL2 feels more like Gears of War, but still retains the KL formula.

Plus, KL2 is the very first game since Half-Life and Crysis, where I actually feel like the enemies are there to get me and not just to peek from corners like in a shooting gallery.

I want more games like this!


Also, the review didn't exactly seem that good. It suffered from IGN syndrome -- meaning, it didn't review all that much, just chose one specific complaint and ran with it for half an article (in this case being "naked kane and lynch... what just happened?").

EDIT: I think I'll pick up K&L2:DD -- it looks like a really fresh departure from your standard Call of Duty-style gameplay.

Greg Tito:

Milo Malo:

this game is by no means a happy game if you want to get that play something else the console version never crash and also you have to think for a sec, this guys were criminals that have spent some time in jail, cover system is great and over all the history was the best part thumbs up!! i cant wait for 3

For me, it wasn't the fact that this wasn't a happy game. I can get into the style and the despair, and I like the departure from videogame stereotypes. But if you're going to make the world suck that much, there needs to be a decent story or at least a progression of character. In K&L2 all we see is more and more misery, with no narrative arc supporting it.

I'm all for non-happy endings and dark, gritty characters. But I hate bad storytelling.

It's also a bad idea to make the world so incredibly depressing through constant depressing and contrived events that it just becomes ludicrous and funny rather than dark like you were going for.

I will not play, buy or rent this game because of the first one.

Not for the characters or bleakness or the above mentioned lack of character development. I could see not minding these things if the mechanics were not broken.

If I aim directly at someone and shoot I expect to hit the mofo (except games with weapon stats)

I may be missing out on some good online modes but IO are not getting any money from me until they cop on.

IO Need to focus on getting Hitman 5 out the door... and fast!!!

What's with the necro posting?

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