Game Dogs: Launch Party

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I only laughed at the abrupt Bob freakout, which is certainly an improvement. hoping you go upward as you go onward.

The saddest thing about this show is that they shamelessly exploited the only popular character that people halfway liked... Bob.
Unfortunately, what makes the show suck even more now that Bob is no longer likable.

Sorry guys. I thought maybe after some time off, a new season might change things a bit, give the writers a chance to really hone their craft and build a solid foundation for the show.

Instead it was like you guys wrote, animated, and voiced this episode over a three day weekend and a couple of redbulls.
Well I can put it to rest now... no more Game Dogs for me. Last bridge has been burned.

I love watching this show but its seriously not funny.

Needs more Bob..

Wow. This is awesome. I was waiting for the day that Game Dogs will go back online, and now that it has with all sorts of new insanity coming up, I love it even more than before. Excellent episode, by the way, I loved Bob's War Freak-Out.

Damn that was funny. And Bob is quite badass.

Still not very funny. Bob is still the only funny character.

Bob is Milton from Office Space. In the first season they were literally the same exact character.

OT: Meh, it's just not my thing. I gave it another shot.

Was I supposed to laugh? I mean, reading through a few of these comments, this show is a comedy... Why was it not funny?
Also, why do they move back and forth like that when they talk? It looks weird...



Bob = I never liked the trio, and I only watched this episode cause the trailer suggested more Bob, a character who's personality is like a raging cow flinging tornado under a wet spider-man bed sheet.

BTW, has anyone else cringed when Mr Yee's "lady" friend opened "her" mouth? I smell astronomic proportions of hi-larity!

Much improved from the last season, but it's still kinda dull, and more after watching the great promo and playing the awful/awesome Satans Retrievers.

I kinda like this series, it rarely gets a laugh from me, but it's still quite entertaining and this season looks quite promising.

So, I have a question. If it's the launch party for the release of Satan's Retrievers, how can the gang already be receiving royalty checks from sales?

I keep watching to see if this show has improved. It hasn't.

The continued existence of this show only shows stubbornness on the part of the creator(s). I'm not trying to insult the people who work on this, but the fact that the show is made by Themis Media itself makes its airing very insulting to the people who constitute the site's community. The vast majority of Escapists do not enjoy this show, and as such its presence feels like a giant "We can do whatever we want" statement by the site's administrators.

It really makes it tough to advertise this site to my friends when this show is front and center on the home page. Some of my friends watched Game Dogs before looking at anything else on The Escapist, and refused to view the rest of the site because of it. Considering that this site is bursting with outstanding content, it's really a shame that so many resources are devoted to something that is despised by most of the community. Again, I love the Themis Media staff itself because of this amazing site/community it has created, but I just fail to see why it is so stubborn about Game Dogs.

Seriously, take the money you're spending on this show and give the Doraleous folks a nice raise. They deserve it.

Still not really funny... the jokes are just very bland. They sound like those awkward jokes that you kind of start right with your friends but you just end up saying random things for the sake of it, and then you all laugh so you don't embarrass the other guy.

Take inspiration from apocalypse lane, I think that kind of humor would work here a bit. It's not that funny, but I see potential for it to develop.

One more thing, stop recycling the same body gestures over and over. He just keeps cupping his hands in the same posture back and forward like he's saying "Stop!" or "Spare some change?" or something.

It's just... not that funny. Bob has some funny bits, but the rest of the characters are just so static... meh.

I was thinking about taking a look at the show, then I remember they released Satan's Retriever as a promo for the show, so it must have no humor come within a 100 feet of anyone related to the show so I didnt. I think I made the right choice. This show sucks 100% for being associated with that bad prank Escapist pulled on its community.

The Amazing Tea Alligator:
Still GameDogs... still not funny.

Yeah... except for bob freak-out it's still the same I'm afraid.

Very funny! I like it much better than season one. For me the humour hits the spot! Mr. Yee... you won't be missed :)

I love everything on the Escapist. ZP, Doraleous, Unskippable, LRR, Bob Chipman. I love it all.

I thought the first season was poor and stopped watching. So I try this episode to see if things have improved.


This series is just plain bad. Can we stop making Game Dogs and, instead, double the budget for Doraleous and Associates?

uhmm i dont know what happened you guys :/ first few episodes i thought where great, and i thought it would be a re-placement for Apocolipce Lane... but nope, not impressed now weeks ive been looking forward to a new episode and this is it?..very disapointed Doraleous and Associates is the escapist flagship by a long shot i think. the episode was all over the place, and the "your fired" is just over done.

and one little plot hole.. why on earth would the gang give their cheques to the russians Just to keep their jobs when they could spend the money and just get some other job??... :/ whatever anyway i just had to vent this somewhere. keep it up anyway, hope it gets back on track ( even though it seems some people like it ) thanks!

Whispering Death:

This series is just plain bad. Can we stop making Game Dogs and, instead, double the budget for Doraleous and Associates?

YES! that may be the best thing!

Ok, not bad. Not terrible, but not great.

I'm actually kinda surprised at Jon Etheridge's involvement... thought he was busy enough with Doraleous and Associates... which blows this out of the water any day, I might add.

That said, it wasn't a bad start. Give us more Bob and far, far, FAR less of Gary's awful "are you insane?" "You're fired" clangers and you might actually have a decent show on your hands.

Also- a Blackberry? In the 1980s?

Where did that come from??

Wish we could seem more of what we just saw here. This series still shows promise.

On a side note "WOLVERINES!!!"

I'm not sure whose personal albatross this is, because....I cant' figure any other way that this thing is being kept around, outside of you guys somehow banking so much in this that if you dont' make it somehow work that it'll cost you too much.
but yeah, whoever is going out of their way to keep this sad blight on what is usually the bright Escapist video family, take them out, and ironically, make them put their project down like old yeller.

Support Doraleous and look for more quality things like that. Put this poor dog to sleep.

You sent the only the character I appreciated in this series (when I decide to watch it, that is) into space?

Well there goes any reason I had to watch this again...

He was holding a mp5! Not a m16! The funny thing is that the producers actually added "we know. Nobody cares but you" text to indicate that they are aware of the fact that i as a gun loving nerd noticed this obvious error. Hilarious!

Game Dogs is set on the right direction. Only time will tell if they are able to keep the high quality standard theyve just recently introduced!

The series still needs development however I still have hope!

The nam flashback was good!

i thought i'd give it a try incase they had managed to make it funny in the 2nd season
but no its as dull as ever...

The stilted animations and the wooden characters really bring this series down. I suppose that's somewhat unavoidable with time constraints. I worked on a Sit-Com like project over 5 months once, it's very difficult. I'm impressed you can chug these out that fast, but the series is still bleh...

Bob was hilarious. His whizzing on Gary made me cringe at the end. -:/

The bob show: Now with more Bob, starring Bob as Bob. Did we mention it has Bob?
Okay, okay, maybe that's overdoing the joke a bit, but you see my point?

Wolverines!!!!!! Besides the promo, funniest episode ive seen. Could have wasted a lot less time with that blackberry joke. Seriously though, just stop with the dog puns. Most of them are not subtle at all.

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