Zero Punctuation: Transformers: War for Cybertron

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That part about second hand cars salesmen reminded me of monty python

GunMetal is a good transformer game.

well yahtzee, the reason the toys are so popular is because you transform them with your bare hands and ifyou can do that without reading the instructions, or for that matter watching them do it on tv, you get that feeling of,"damb i'm a smartass"

kinda wished people who owned the licensing for the games and movies could figure out y people love transformers rather than copying stupid bits off each other. maybe if they were forced to play with the toys they could figure it out. lols

I like Transformers (I mean... Doesn't everyone?) But I think he makes a good point. Just as there is a fucking great movie waiting (still) to be made from the Transformers franchise, the Dark Void style of marrying two kinds of gameplay seems to be staring them in the face.
I think this game (and it's sequel) were just a bit too much of a cash in to really snag up the opportunity though.

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