PAX 2010: Hands On Duke Nukem Forever

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Susan Arendt:
PAX 2010: Hands On Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever exists, is playable, and is coming out next year.

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Wasn't that the boss from the first game?

Susan Arendt:
After dodging alien fire and sidestepping the corpses of soldiers who weren't lucky enough to be blessed with Duke's innate awesomeness, it was time to fight the Cycloid, a huge, one-eyed monster looming on a football field. The fight itself was pretty standard - grab big gun, circle strafe, reload, repeat as needed - but I polished the Cycloid off by shooting it in the ass (ok, you didn't have to do it that way, but come on, it's Duke Nukem), then kicking its eyeball through the goalposts on a football field.

...That sounds AWFULLY familiar...Wasn't that one of the set-pieces from the original game?

edit: indeed



Well there goes all the "never going to be released" jokes.

Ah well there's always Diablo 3. I'd go with Episode 3 like everyone else but 3 years of development time so far hardly justifies it.


True, true, but neither was Starcraft 2. Well thats what the hardcore Starcraft fans say anyway.

That's what the retarded Starcraft 2 players say.

OT: UNEXPECTED. This will be either amazing or the mediocrest of mediocre. NO COMPROMISE

Always bet on Duke!

Clean up on aisle 4.

Whoa, did you guys just feel that. Hell just froze over.

I can't wait to get this, I haven't bought a game full priced at launch since Metal Gear Solid 3... I think that will be broken when it hits shelves.

Sir, when my eyes do lie upon a copy of this title in a shop window, then and only then will I give merit to your fanciful assertions! Good day! No, seriously, I will order a parade to march the streets if Duke Nuken Forever does come out, but like so, so many others, I will remain sceptical about it's chances.

Actually, I suspect the emotions going through everyone's heads will be along the lines of "It took them 12 years to do this?"

But hey, I was never a Duke Nuke'm fan in the first place, and am abit cynical.

I hope Yahtzee's review is right.

It would make him the Videogame Prophet.

I can see yahtzee's review now "go and watch the other duke nukem forever video... now completely reverse that, this game is a complete generic knock off..." and with those words "people who play games" will die a little inside.

Interesting.... I hope this isn't some horrible cocktease!

If it's real- then it's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum.

And I'm all outta gum.


Footage link from PAX :) Looks pretty sweet! :)

I somehow feel a bit sorry for that guy in the video who says it will be a major shift in his life if DNF comes out. That's quite a dramatic statement there - to think one game could hold that much sway over someones life. Will give him the benefit of the doubt though, maybe he was just very excited.

Anyway, interesting news - I will be remaining undecided over this game for some time yet, however.

They should have released this game on December 21, 2012.

That Badass.

They should have released this game on December 21, 2012.

That Badass.

Don't give them any ideas! That's just another reason for them to delay the game yet again. @_@

Tis official then, Yahtzee is truly Yog Yatze, the Elder God of Video Games, bow down and prostrate yourselves before the Hat that covers his billion minds. For on the first day, Yahtzee did review Duke Nukem Forever, and lo, the review was good. And on the second day, the supplicant masses did grovel before the review and laud it with praises, and lo, it was good. And on the third day, Duke Nukem Forever did come into existence, and lo, it was fucking awesome.

The signs are clear, ye faithful set before Yahtzee your wishlist of games that should not logically exist, and he will bless you, AND SUMMON THEM FROM THE DEPTHS.

Then how about "Mankind has yet to Realize my Genius" by Yahtzee? And a Daikatana that doesn't suck? And a Wolfenstein that doesn't need limericks to make it interesting?

Also, another installment of Gabriel Knight would be nice.

I still uphold my theory that Yahtzee's "holiday" was merely a cover for him to go back in time and set right what once went wrong, and that's why the game's getting released.

How interesting...I may have to dust off my copy of Duke Nukem 3D to prepare myself for this new installment.


I think Starcraft 2's slogan applies to this game more than any other. "Hell, it's about time."

Damn beat me to it.

It's called Getting "Ninja'd" and it happens to the best of us that are out doing other things.


I hope Yahtzee's review is right.

It would make him the Videogame Prophet.

I liked how he started the game out but the cooking a banquet part seems like it wouldn't be bad if he were wrong about it.

For those of you who don't understand, playing Duke Nukem was never about the gameplay; it was always about his personality. Duke was a character in a time when the genre of FPS was filled with generic bland faceless boring super soldiers. His games also reflected his personality. He's always in bars, stripclubs, bathrooms, places you didn't expect to see in a game. He was simply a kick-ass character. I mean, he doesn't just destroy the final boss, but he kicks it's head over the fieldgoal on a football field. Now that's just taking the extra step from awesome to Friggen Awesome! He's here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And he's all out of gum. It was never about the gameplay. It was all about Duke.

Now look at where we are today. Duke is here to save us from a genre of FPS populated by generic bland faceless boring super soldiers.

Never before has someone painted a bedroom so evenly with brain matter. Thank you for the enlightenment, good sir.

Samurai Goomba:
So I think the fanboys who like the old Duke will get all upset if ANYTHING is changed from how they remember DN 3D, etc. Others will think the game is TOO simple and hasn't advanced enough. There's a remote chance the game might hit some kind of Painkiller sweet spot (even though Painkiller bombed at first), but I'm not holding my breath. At least we know the game will sell if nothing else.

I think you're wrong about the duke Nukem fanboys. They're probably just going to be happy there's ANYTHING to play. Let's imagine for a moment you thought your son died 12 years ago. Suddenly he's on your doorstep with your new grandkids. First there's the shock. Which many people are now expressing. After that, sure he's changed... but you're not gonna bitch that he's got a stupid haircut or you don't like the way he's dressed. HE'S REALLY HERE. And the ip apparently will be resuscitated with an influx of new, immature fans.

Really I stopped caring about Duke a long time ago. like after I got out of junior high. And yet the fact he's back making stupid dick jokes and objectifying women makes me smile. Because after all this time who'd have thought it? Sometimes the universe throws you a curve ball. I won't be buying it, but I'm happy for the staff and the fans.

Gearbox will be the studio of the decade if they pull this off. I shit you not.
Now where is my damn gum?

I hope Yahtzee's review is right.

To everything but the 12 DVD's. Twelve seems overmuch a tad.

How pissed off will everyone be if it turns out to be mediocre-crap. i'm almost hoping it will be just to see people vent off their rage.

Some how I know it's not gonna be worth 12 years.

Of course not, it's a fuckin' FPS. A pretty bland one, I guess. I'm still saying the 2001 build would've been the best game of that year. The tech was alright, but the real thing is the gameplay. I think back then it would've been a blast to play. Nowadays, not so.

Somehow I just can't bring myself to believe this, despite the evidence. I just can't believe it! Repetition!

I was there (and long before, just to clarify. I am not a young-un) when the very first trailers and screens were released and it looked pretty cool and pretty good to look forward to compared to the games around at the time.

Fast forward 12 years and I seriously, seriously can't bring myself to accept that this game is complete. It's become a byword for black-hole production times and it just, really, can't be possible.

This feels totally surreal, totally.

Fuckin' what? I could have sworn this was cancelled.

Not that I'm complaining, you understand.

I can see yahtzee's review now "go and watch the other duke nukem forever video... now completely reverse that, this game is a complete generic knock off..." and with those words "people who play games" will die a little inside.

Because everyone takes Yahtzee's word as the unquestionable truth, right?

I'll probably check this game out. It's nice to see it's still as stupidly juvenile as ever; I wouldn't have it any other way.

Can't say I ever cared about DNF, since I never played any of the original games. The fact that it's being resurrected by gearbox, the guys behind the rediculously overrated Borderlands, doesn't make me anymore excited. Maybe I'll buy it in a bargain bin.

One things for certain though, and I doubt there are many people, even the excited ones who would disagree with me; It won't be worth the wait.

I wonder if the unfinished game 3DR was working on, of which alledgedly five hours of gameplay were complete, was in some way adapted to this. I can't really say which one is worse, a canibalized 12-year-old game or a rushed year-old game.

I know I'll play it anyway.

...I will pre-order. At long last, the fog of war is rising, and the unfathomable at last is rising. This MUST have a place on my gaming shelf.

Probably the best example of fanboy blue balls in the history of gaming.

off to go play duke nukem 3d!


Well there goes all the "never going to be released" jokes.

Ah well there's always Diablo 3.

Newsflash, Diablo 3 has been in production and has had featured demos at Blizzcon since 2008. That's already happening.

After 12 years, I just don't care anymore.
though i do hope that it's good for the sake of
those who are getting it..


I foresee a huge fail, simply because gaming ain't a mens-only-thing anymore that is practiced in dark basements. We (hopefully) have evovled beyond that kind of brainless-macho-entertainment.

I mean, look at modern fps-concepts, where women are treated as more than just useless boobs. Look at... Mhm... Half-life 2! Yes, absolutly. And there is... mhm... Bioshock, may be? No Boobs there. Resident Evil 4!? Mhaaa, bad choice, with all that dressing-doll stuff.

Ah, forget what I was saying.

Consider my mind blown. Twins, you say? Comical self reference? Tits? Dick jokes? Using an eye as a puntable object? Not a bad way to reanimate the poor bastard. Well, now that it actually exists, I might actually play it.

Oh goody. Now Yahtzee will be able to review the actual game.

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