Zero Punctuation: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

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Ahh, more comedy gold. I was laughing my ass off.

I was hoping there would be a more substantial acknowledgement about the irony in Duke Nukem Forever's re-reveal. Oh well, there's always Extra Punctuation.

Great rant, btw. Haven't seen Yahtzee get so angry at a game in a while, and I like it.

Now that's box quote for you

Best review ever to date and sadly truthful at the same time.
LOL throughout the entire seqment while at work yet.

This game is so monotonously bland that I didn't even acknowledge its existence until this very review. It seems so deliriously cliched and hideous it defies generic shooter standards and creates its own, the 'Kane and Lynch' genre, where everything is ripped off of everything.

So where did it Rip-Off the camera style? Or the characters? Right ... you're full of it.

WOW! I think that's the most you've ever ripped on a game. This game must really be bad.

This is the first time in a long time where I've noticed that Yahtzee really does talk quite fast.

I'll admit it's not the GOTY or anything close, but it's not nearly as bad as Yahtzee makes it out to be. The biggest gripe I have with the game is the length, but that's only because it left me wanting more of it, but for a 40$ price tag, buying it would not be the biggest game you regretted taking a risk on.

Wow, he really hammers this one. I don't think he's given a worse review of a game yet.

Yahtzee, for the rest of your game reviewing career you are only permitted to review really really bad games and really really good games. Your comedy and critique both rely solely on extremes - games that aren't either extremely bad or extremely good simply don't leave you any room to work or joke with. Mediocre games simply cause you to repeat what you've said in the past (that mediocre games are boring, artless shit), bring up Silent Hill 2 again and then piss off the game's fanbase.

Also it is now mandatory for you to work from a cruise ship because this review was really really funny.

It never seems to go wrong, the instant a good studio gets bought out by a big evil corporation, especially if said corporation has been making invariably shitty games like Final Fantasy 7 for their entire existence, the good studio never does anything good again.

Here's hoping Hitman 5 breaks all rules of propability and becomes a good game.

Onyx Oblivion:
Maybe he'll like Vanquish...If he reviews it. Cover based shooting, but JET PROPELLED!

Judging from the demo, he'll make fun of: the loud blaring techno music, the terrible voice acting, and the line "You two are bickering like a pair of MIT graduates!" which I still don't quite get. Is that just a stereotype that I'm not aware of?

Also, you could turn off the shaky cam, at least in the demo. And I don't think there's a reason they'd remove that option since then.

Wow... that was harsh. But good. That review made me chuckle a fair bit. :)

Hope you do Mafia II soon! :)

Free Jeff Gerstmann!

Another fun thing is that Jeff on the other hand complimented this game for for instance the graphical effects. ;P

"It now breathes spunk instead of air!"

Wow, that was one of the best ever.

Wonder which game it will be next week. Mafia II? Metroid Other M?

Why have the first 5 people been put on probation?

God, this was one of the best reviews of recent. That last joke still has me grinning.

The game looks awful, and after this review and Angry Joe's 3/10, I won't even give it a second look.

He mentioned a lot of things I first thought when I saw the box art. K&L2 looks positively unpleasant.


So it's basically a cliched story with stolen cover mechanics and motion sickness inducing camera.

2 very rare things occured in this eppisode: yahtzee didn't pay any attention to the story at all and therefore he doesn't know shit, but on the other hand KnL 2 forgets why games are the way they are, so in conclusion you only view the singleplayer as tutorial included with a glitched multiplayer game(random rank resets) with zero support for modding. there is a reason why realistic games aren't popular(in case it's a racing game it's because IT DOESNT SUPPORT THE ONLY TYPE OF CONTROLLER IT SHOULD BE PLAYED WITH!!! OMFG). and as implication of this STALKER had to go with more traditionalistic approach(like artifacts spawning in logical areas only) for Call of Pripyat to become the best issue in the series.

duke nukem is serious business. as serious as the guy that procrastinates for 4 months while everyone waits when he promises it will be good but we all know he didn't work on it then bam he shows a quickly drawn picture of a pie chart saying how great our business is.

Congrats to Yahtzee for finally getting his review of a game that starts on K. It was my first thought when I saw which game it was this week, since he mentioned it in another video when he refused to review Killzone 2. Now, since Halo Reach is coming soon, I'd like to make a request. Yahtzee, please play it in multiplayer on the first day, just so we can hear your delicious RAGE!

Hey, I didn't realize Niko Bellic was in the game.
All the more reason to throw it off a building.
(cause, you know, throwing that slavic dude off of building and outta helicopters with god mode is pretty darn fun)

Ah Yahtzee, you're always at your best when reviewing utterly terrible games... :D great episode

I wasn't really interested in this game but its putting up a few flags for Gears 3 in april. Since it made Cover Based Shooting popular (and I know it was done before I'm just saying Gears made it popular) and is a corner stone of the series, then Yahtzee is probably going to really let loose on it to make a point about all cover based shooting.
The rest of the month should be interesting, Halo Reach, Dead Rising 2 and I'm honestly hoping he will look at R.U.S.E for something different.

Wow.. lot of angst in this one.

Getting a little aggravated with STD filled red light district that the gaming world has stumbled into Yahtzee?

I was quite tempted to get this so I could pretend one of the main characters was Bill Bailey on a homicidal rampage.

So... Q and Y.
I'm guessing the quake franchise accounts for at least two thirds of games starting with Q, and according to Cheat Code Central, the only games starting with Y are:
Yoda Stories
Ys Origin
Yu-Gi-Oh! Online

Three words, Best Review Ever.

Thank you Ben Yahtzee Crawshaw for doing your job to dam near the FULLEST YOU'VE EVER DONE.
For you I burn a JRPG.

So much hate. All the better to fuel Yahtzee's style of comedy. You've entertained and amused me again just like old times past. That last line is just perfect. The final nanoangstrom-sized gold lettering of "hate" on the proverbial circuit board.

This was hilarious but man you were REALLY angry Yahtzee! I mean REALLY, REALLY angry! It almost seemed like this was worse than Too Human by the sound of your voice... Still, I agree and again it was still awesomely funny! :D

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