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Dune isn't a must-see movie. It's a must-read book.

I understand that it's influenced a few things... Starcraft, etc.

But I keep hearing that it hasn't aged well.

The book has aged just fine. As for influence, it's one of the most important Sci-Fi novels that wasn't written by Asimov.

The same thing would happen if a person of the same "looking" age said they've never watched and don't give a shit about Back to the Future.

Nice tattoo there.



I have seen Star Wars many times, and I don't recall what a Geedo is, or if it shoots first.
Was that one of the umpa lumpas at the end?

obvious troll is obvious

I'm actually not kidding about the Greedo thing. Without looking it up on Google, I don't recall that character/thing. Also, the Ewoks are sort of the umpa lumpas of the Star Wars movies, they're small, helpful and have a fondness for singing and dancing.
I still can't figure how those things were so potent against the armed forces of the Galactic Empire. The rumors must be true, they are descended from Kyle Katarn's beard shavings.
Regardless, I apologize for appearing to be a troll. I am and forever shall be a grunt.

sorry, seemed like you were baiting for a flamer, you know kinda like you were a trekky and purposely trying to annoy someone, anyhow, sorry, and remember Luke, may the force be with you

Am I the only one that is so used to reading manga that I read these from right to left by accident EVERY TIME >_>

What's a goodo and did it shoot first?

First question: I did it just now.

second question: He's a stupid bounty hunter...and Han solo shot first Damnit.

Dune was a novel way before it was a movie.

Dune was a novel way before it was a movie.

An owl is a type of bird.

Never seen Star Wars? I remember as a little kid I would watch the movies all the time. I would even set up days where I would watch each movie in the series right after another non-stop, to where I actually began to wear the tape out on the VHS. It would be impossible to believe some people could avoid seeing any Star Wars movie, if it wasn't for the fact that I met a guy once who hasn't seen them.

I know that feeling of where you here someone has never heard or seen something, and it is almost impossible to think that anyone could have avoided hearing or seeing it. I guess it is not impossible, but still some things are so large or famous that it is hard to imagine it happening. It happened to me when I met this kid at my school who has never seen Star Wars. Though I didn't call him a freak, I definatly recommended he go see it as soon as possible.

Anyway, I liked this one. Keep up with the good work, and I look forward to next weeks show.

This comic made me laugh more than any other web comic I have ever laid my eyes upon. Good job!

First, and I cannot stress this strongly enough, Han shot first. Period. The end.

Secondly, if you haven't seen Dune, you should, if only to discover what an amazing train wreck of a movie it is. It's absolutely glorious eye candy, but a near complete mess otherwise. Fun fact: Viewers were handed glossaries as they entered the theater when it originally ran, because there was so much bizarre vocabulary in it.

This comic is making fun of those people who didn't get your Blade Runner reference a few weeks ago, isn't it?


The Great JT:
How could you have not seen Star Wars?! YOU'RE THE DEVIL!

Also, Greedo never shot.

Here's proof to support your claim.

Was proof. In the Ultimate edition, Lucas is re-imagining it.

Yes. Yes it does.

Not seeing Star Wars is just... inhuman... nasty... almost criminal.

I saw Star-Wars (original and prequels), but I never heard of Dune until recently. Does that make me a bad person?

ugh.. I have never seen Dune, buuut I did read the book that came before the movie!

I've seen all the Star Wars movies, I know what Greedo is, but I don't know why it matters who shot first.

Am I the only one that is so used to reading manga that I read these from right to left by accident EVERY TIME >_>

What's a goodo and did it shoot first?

yes i do that to, i had to reread the first comics because i wasn't finding them funny and they confused, me then i figured out there weren't like mangas then it made sense. it's been so long i had forgotten.

Yep. That's my same reaction. If anyone watched Do I Know You? of How I Met Your Mother (Season 4, Episode 1)-the episode where Ted shows Stella Star Wars-Ted and Marshall's reactions combined + this is pretty much me.

Pretty much how people respond to me when I say I have no desire to see any of the Star Wars movies. Or when I state that I've only watched 45 minutes of one, then got bored.

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