Duke Nukem Forever

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Hmm...this is something to think about. On one hand, I feel like hiding behind a barely concealing and constantly decaying object as bullets go whizzing by your head provides a great sense of tension and anxiety. I also feel that the realism of shooting games is one of the things that makes them so popular and immersive. On the other hand, an arcade style shooter that has you constantly weaving in between incoming projectiles Space Invaders style while firing shots of your own seems like an incredibly fast paced and fun concept- especially in multiplayer. In the end, I think it comes down to what your looking for in a game. One is a test of strategy and patience, while the other is more a test of reaction time and precision controlling.

Here's hoping it's tits too.

Why is this Duke Nukem Forever being treated as the same game started 12 years ago? I just assumed it would be a new Duke Nukem game with the old title.

DNF wouldn't be worth the wait if it was hand-delivered by a group of supermodels who are then contractually obligated to have sex with you. That said, seeing a reference to a classic quantum physics gedankenexperiment made me squee a little.

I can't get past this nagging feeling that DNF is nothing but a remake of Duke Nukem 3D.

You know, the preview of the article didn't represent what I read in the article Yahtzee, I was about to come in and say some things.

But I agree, the current developers deserve a fresh slate with this game, and as you put! They did make a good living off of Valves materials, and aren't they currently using the assets of DNF? So must be good!

And between all the cover-crammed shooters of the genre, its true that a fresh breeze (or rather, return to an old, though freshly out of retirement... breeze...?) is needed, whether it be the crazy action of Vanquish (trust me, cover-oriented is the last thing that game is), to the older style of DNF that we see in the newer trailers.

And well.. considering The Expendables, which was a homage to the 80s action movies flopped... maybe they went 10yrs too far back...? Maybe going to the 90s instead will hit that sweet, sweet G-spot we are all craving for the entertainment industry to hit, in the fun department...

what...? I'm talking about gaming...

And, nothing mean intended, but it didn't help that the viewer choice had a few... rotten apples congesting it, ones that even you admitted were far from good because of restraints or such, mainly Demons Souls.

While I am still hoping, in vain :(, for the SC2 review. I am happy to know that i share fav vids with Yatzee :)

Now stop reviewing shooters and platformer for a few weeks, challenge yourself!

haha I'd forgotten all about the Wolfenstein review! That was a great re-visit! I give that review from 2 years ago 5-stars!

Duke Nukem is like when you've eaten hamburgers for 2 months, then go home and have to eat homecooked meals for another 2 months. By the time those last 2 months are over, you'll be rooting for another juicy burger.

Can't see it as the next Serious Sam though. Actually, can't see it as anything. At least it'll be fun, in a tongue-in-cheek kinda way.

You just made me VERY hungry...

I can't imagine it as serious same either, but from the footage shown so far (check game trailers) I thinkl Yaztee will be pleased. All the original guns, new car, and I dind't see any cover based combat

Having only been in the gaming scene proper since roughly the 2007 or so, I've never known DNF as anything other than a nonexistent sequel to an old, old game nobody talks about anymore. So aside from the drama that's been going on, this may as well just be any old game set to come out next year. I probably won't get it, just like I don't get any game that isn't critically acclaimed and relevant to my interests.

Also it's good to know I'm not the only one who was disturbed Wolfenstein didn't do better in the contest.

Onyx Oblivion:

Im hoping its good since I really did enjoy the original duke 3d but Im fully expecting it to be bad... well maybe not bad but just have a shitty pc release since 2k games has lately fucked something up with every pc game its put out

What was fucked up about 2k's release of Oblivion? I thought the PC version was the best, myself. Well, expect for the one bonus that the PS3 version had. Bows don't lose durability just by firing an arrow. And even then, there's a mod for that.

I was wondering what 2k had to do with oblivion since its a bethesda game, but if 2k released that for the pc then it was the last one they did that didnt have some weird problem with it or a shitty port issue

A fun read, I'm not a twitch shooter and my accuracy sucks (which explains my lack of skill at FPS's) so honestly I probably won't ever play DNF. I like cover based systems because I can make up for my lack of skill with... well nothing but it seems like there is less of a focus on it at least.
Could we be seeing the new spiderman game tomorrow?

i have to admit, ive never been a big fan of yatzhee's reviews, and in a way, ive also been compelled to watch them time after time. your humor has always felt oversized and displaced at times.

but...this time, i think this time you really nailed it, or perhaps is it because ive had the same epiphany you did: old shooters needs to be back because the new ones really are getting saturated in originality.

i really liked duke back in the days, i was young and still had the hope the change the world. Duke was the cool game. after, i just forgot about it, never really understood why the name was still in the news after so many vapor alarms.

then when it was learned that DNF (which also means Did Not Finish ironically or strategically?) would finally come to light i thought that the concept will be so outdated and expectations so high that it could do nothing but fail, the same way Doom 4 failed.

but yeah, you got it Yathzee, i think if they do it right, it could bring the old shooters era back, were simpler was better.

It would have been pretty ironic if the game wasn't finished, seeing as it has the initials DNF, which in many cases refer to "Did Not Finish"

EDIT: Bah, the guy above said the same thing.

Anyway, I'm looking forwards to Yatzee's Duke Nukem Forever (The real one) review.

"and, personally, I'm disappointed Wolfenstein didn't make it out the starting gates"

As was I, but going up against your Saints Row 2 review, it was facing one hell of an opponent.

I agree a 100%. Now that Duke Nukem Forever will actually be released, im just hoping it will be a huge succes. Because maybe then developers will realise that most people are getting sick of playing the same gritty, realistic, military shooters over and over again.

I agree a 100%. Now that Duke Nukem Forever will actually be released, im just hoping it will be a huge succes. Because maybe then developers will realise that most people are getting sick of playing the same gritty, realistic, military shooters over and over again.

Or publisher's start thinking that making sequels to old popular titles is a good idea to make money

WOW! OPTIMISM FROM Yahtzee! Will wonders never cease. I have to say, I do miss the "I'm a HARD-ASS and you're all DEAD!" run-in's from the old days...the last game I remember having that kind of sensibility that I played was Haze, I know it was panned and killed off Free Radical Games, and the first time I played it I hated it.

But I went back, and was able to appreciate the satire, blunt and hardly intelligent satire, but there nonetheless of the arrogant "Mantel" soldiers, with their "HOO-RAAAAAAAAAAH!"'s and talk about the cannibal enemies. The ability to take anyone to school and the slightly disturbing moments when the invisible dead bodies intrude.

But what was really fun was, that while not an easy game, it never forced you to stop. You could go through shooting, no cover, no dodge, and if you were quick and shooty enough you "Kicked ass and chewed Bubblegum!".

I too look forward to a lower emphasis on "realistic" brown and grey shooters with broody leads and sadistic tendencies. I mean who doesn't prefer Vice City's garish campness to GTA IV's brown and grey (though beautiful and incredibly well realised and playable) scenery. I know which one I had more fun playing anyway. Bring back the less realistic! HUZZAH FOR NOT TAKING YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY!

That argument with your username is probably one of the best examples of irony.

And I agree.

I think it should be mentioned, as far as cover-based shooting, one of Yahtzee's most respected online personalites, Noah Antwiler (spoonyexperiment.com) played the preview at PAX, and mentioned that when the game picks up where the last one left off, the "same dumb tactic of circle strafing" beat the boss he played against.

Score one for old school run and gun.

Also, wow. Yahtzee sounded downright hopeful. This is a red letter day, truly.

I have to say I was equally disappointed that the Wolfenstein review didn't win, it was freaking brilliant. Anyway, I don't know if I'll have anything to do with DNF considering I've never played any of the other Duke Nukem games, but I'll wait until the reviews are in and give it a shot if I'm told it's any good. Also, I do have to take issue with one thing in this article - the part where he said that no game that's changed hands has ever been good. Fallout 3, while not directly connected to the Fallout 3 that Black Isle Studios was working on, obviously had a lot of respect for the series' previous entries and ended up being a great experience, even by Yahtzee's own admission.

Yahtzee...Thank you for this. This is EXACTLY what I wanted to hear from you. This really could be one of those games that pulls us out of the dirty, grimy, serious shooters of shit and into the barrel of explosive, fast paced fun! And who knows? So many of your fans follow your line of thinking (some at a frightening large amount) and might start feeling the same.

Tales of Monkey Island had my vote. but I couldn't really make a choice between all the funny ones, so I picked one of the funniest at random and this one came out.

Rather ironic that this article gets released on the same day I volunteer to write up a DN:F timeline for my school newspaper.
On topic though I agree that at this point the game would have to descend from the heavens and signify the second coming of Jesus to do anything to impress at this point.

I must say tha Yahatzee really hate the health regen of the next gen games. But I wonder if he have tried "The Getaway" the game that featured realistic gameplay and a innovative way to regen some health.

Once you get shot, you never regenerate all your health, but, to regenerate some of the health you need to be out of combat. And lean into a wall for a couple of seconds, and then you get some of you health back, but then you still can take too many shots and die. More games should have these kind of game mechanics.

I never actually played Duke Nukem, in any form. So I already have a clean slate, and the only thing it has to beat is modern shooters. Which shouldn't be hard in my opinion, as long as the apparently characteristic satiracal humor is injected. Not enough funny games nowadays.

I am really hoping that there will be a cooking moma sytle mini game in DNF because of the mock review

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Extra Punctuation: Duke Nukem Forever

After 12 years of development, you've got a lot to prove, Duke Nukem Forever.

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First off, I voted for Wolfenstein and I was disappointed it didn't get far either, Yahtzee. But I expected something like Painkiller or Duke Nukem to take the prize in the end. So after that, nothing really surprised me too much.

But I agree that so many shooters feel the same. But what about... say... the Left 4 Dead series (is it really a series with only 2 games to its name)? Wouldn't you consider those to be rather fun FPS games that are going around along with Painkiller and Serious Sam? Also, the developer's of Painkiller are in the midst of making Bulletstorm and the trailers for it look like something on par with Painkiller, or damn close. I'm just saying, you're right most FPS games anymore feel the same and aren't all that impressive or anything, but there is still a good handful of titles out there worthwhile in the FPS genre.

As I understand it they took so long to make Duke Nukem because every time a new game came out and did something they had to have it too. This suggests to me that all the new cover combat, gray and brown color palettes, and so on, will be in the game.

Can't know for sure but I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case.

Well, I'm glad you're approaching this with a clean slate- that's the only way I can really imagine anyone enjoying this, save some crazed fanboys. Still, your crazed fanboys probably aren't going to like that...
Still, no matter what they do to it, I suspect it will be a bit anticlimactic, and they're going to go with current gameplay "conventions" rather than what the game was all about in the 90's. Because people seem to misconstrude Duke Nukem being about Duke as a character, rather than the over-the-top gameplay.
Also, no one seems to realize that Duke isn't necessarily so misogynistic. Yeah, he'll accept the attention of classless, promiscuous young females, but he's also a big fan/friend of Oprah Winfrey. He's gotta be doing something right.

You clearly haven't watched a single gameplay video, read a single article about the game or indeed a single interview with these fucking people.

I don't think I've ever seen a game with a long wait time that was worth it. Or a movie. Or a CD. Well, I'm fond of Boston's "Walk On," but that wasn't promised for a decade, unlike some albums *coughchinesedemocracy*

Cover mechanics are something I actually like, but I can completely understand the boredom with them. On the one hand, I like interacting with cover. On the other, I hate it when any mechanic becomes basically a necessity within a genre. This idea that games are basically one big game of "follow the leader" is annoying. I've never liked FPS, an I like staring at a wall in one even less, but it's not following the waist-high wall model.

I'd also like to not be FORCED to enter cover. I have trouble believing most devs think of this as an either/or deal.

I think yahtse just made the most important point in history every one should be tits in their face especilly the women

*Raises a glass* Here's to tits! And may we get off the wall to shoot someone again!

The fact that the actual advent of DNF is possibly going to be the biggest anticlimax ever notwithstanding, I actually have some shred in me of looking forward to this game. It might in all truth be good, but I doubt that it can be great. I hope it will be great, but I'm steeling myself against the disappointment that it won't be the best thing on the planet.

Of course, after 12 years I doubt they would have released it if it was going to suck, but there is also that as an option.

I'll settle for a quietly satisfying experience.

I've got a better idea for the title of the video:

Duke Nukem Foreal


Reading some of the comments, it seems that people are calling for less realism and back to what "FPS is all about". I'd take a slightly different tack. What I want from game designers is for them to have an idea and make it life. If they want to make a run and gun beefy in your face game then do so. If they want to recreate The Great War then do that. If you want to make an awesome sneaker game that really does deserve another brilliant folowup then make Thief 2.

There is no single "real FPS" style. They are all valid. We all want something different in our games. Lets just hope that developers can still focus on all types of games so we are all satisfied, however different our tastes may be.

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