Halo Timeline

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I was hoping for a timeline that explained the quirky differences between games. Like why'd pistols lose the zoom function, and when did Warthogs actually become destructible? Were there scope shortages, and did the Warthogs get redesigned by the Ford Pinto team?

If you're wondering how Master Chief eats and breathes- or other science facts- you should just repeat to yourself "It's just a game, I should really just relax."

That isn't it at all. I can totally suspend my disbelief about that. I'm more thinking basic continuity. The weapons in the first and second game I think are the same and yet function differently. I find it funny to think about stuff like that which has no explanation in the story whatever.

That's true, also why Reach is set before the first Halo, yet there are more weapons and better functioning weapons than the third Halo.

It always makes me sad hearing about the guys who wouldn't let go of Halo 2... I remember hearing the news of people still playing after they shut it off and then watching the numbers slowly dwindle...

Little Duck:
I bet you any money bungie will do another Halo game. Perhaps not within the next year or so, but give it a few years.

After Reach sold that much that fast? Yeah, there's no doubt in my mind that this isn't the last of Halo.

they always say it's the last halo game and then they go and make another one like two years later. I just pray to god that they use the chief cause these last two just don't compare.

No mention of marathon?

And I've still yet to play it. I remember eagerly anticipating it when it was a PC title, watching the video previews and all that. After Microsoft bought it out, it became a totally different game from what I can gather. Oh well, I think a lot of others are happy with how it all turned out.

huh, I'm really disappointed Marathon ddn't get mentioned.

The series had some ups and downs but still everyone had fun and i can't believe im saying this but bungie... Good job.

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