Zero Punctuation: Mafia II

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Well done Yahtzee as nearly always.

Formula sounds blend and standart, but they made the damn city boring as hell again?

Must be a game with a decent vehicle control though since he didn't curse that out.

"Pretty cars and fast whores (WOOSH!)" has placed this episode in my favorites for now.

Good review. I tried to play the demo, but this was my experience:

Wake up
Watch a not particularly interesting cutscene
Get in car
Drive really fast
Hit wall and die

It was at this point where I turned it off because I just can't respect a sandbox game which won't let me drive really fast.

What kind of "sandbox" game follows nothing but linear paths?

Worse than than that... name me one mob grunt that only gets day jobs?

Why is it always the first two or four people who get whacked with the prohibition hammer on these vids...

Still, humour was great.

They commented on it before they could have realistically watched the video. Look at their post times and the ZP video length.

It is the attempted way to be tricky and get a "First!" comment in

EDIT: Sorry, quoted wrong person originally.

I should really try to not eat or drink during Zero Punctuation. The two have a bad habit of causing me to choke.

okay im not gonna look at the comments and predict that hella people said "AWWW! I WANTED HALO REACH!"

(Peeks) Ok, i was wrong, and im NOT gonna be the first to suggest it. I WAS actually looking forward to Mafia 2, but when I played the demo, it was so BOOORING! (you know a game's bad when the demo, the part that's supposed to SELL YOU ON THE GAME, is boring)

This game disappointed the hell out of me.

Yahtzee is so right about the game being restrictive though, it's extremely linear and the driving was boring.

I was extremely disappointed with the game as well. I'm surprised as well that Yathzee was actually kind of light on the game even though I'm getting the impression he didn't like it because of it's many flaws. He didn't even bring up the truck load of bugs that the game has or just how boring the main character is. That and he was actually wrong for once on the ending message of the game. The ending of the game took the original "Crime doesn't pay" and put it on it's head with "Crime doesn't pay, unless you have well connected and sometimes overly loyal friends, then you're good."

Not very impressed with this episode, was hoping for some of the venom he has given to other games as of lately. Kane & Lynch 2 for example I enjoyed because I didn't expect much out of it. Mafia II I expected a gripping emotional rollar coaster of a story set in a large city with lots of things to do in it, instead I get a GTA4 wanna-be execpt with one-twenty-fifth the content.

Good review. I tried to play the demo, but this was my experience:

Wake up
Watch a not particularly interesting cutscene
Get in car
Drive really fast
Hit wall and die

It was at this point where I turned it off because I just can't respect a sandbox game which won't let me drive really fast.

You lucked out pal. :P In the full game the citizens push you into to walls and kill you, a bug that could not be a bigger irritation.

I couldn't agree more, they jerked off the good in Mafia 1 to make it worse on the second opus... the only thing that should be noted, where they did an effort, was the mission where you must whack Thomas Angelo from Mafia 1, that felt Nostalgic.

I think you have to go into it knowing it's not actually a sandbox, and there is expository cutscenes, rather than in game events. (However the style and marketing should not be so vague that anyone should ever have to say that, and it is a definite minus to the game) It's a straight story that will last about 12 hours and does involve a lot of driving about and waiting. What worked for me was whilst washing a window is a boring task, it is in anticipation of something more interesting happening. The people you are beating up in some cases it is for a very good, or in one case very satisfying and corny 'mafia movie 101' reason.

It's an ideal rental for any fans of mob stories, it's a slow burn game and it is one that will wither endeer itself to you or make you angry and frustrated at the pace, the cars and the 'day job' aspect.

By the way try getting a car to 125 mph in the game, that's a challenge!

genius ending was genius

Definitely, definitely, one of the best ones you've done.

I liked the game, And even after this review im going to play it again at somepoint.

I really liked the games atmosphere and the storyline and didn't mind driving around. But it seems thats just me as most people just don't give a damn.

Also the game had some sneaking which i thought was cool, As were the brawls. Gunfights were especially treat, Since the "bossfights" (the few of them) were like a puzzle where you try to position yourself so you won't get shot and can headshot the one guy that is able to see you (i quess that sounds pretty bland but i enjoyed it).

Now about the ending. I liked it, i do understand why people hate it but i found it better than i anticipated.

It seems that Yahtzee has run afoul of Candleja

You damn ninja! I'm almost glad that Candlejack has you no

Demo looked pretty lackluster, so I'm not surprised the game is. The video was pretty entertaining, though.

The major problems of this game can be summed under the abbreviation DLC. However, I still cannot understand why the developers of the game refuse to acknowledge, incorporate or accept water as part of the game world. They treat water as some instant death substance, that's apparently too hard to program. People jump in the water and instead of starting to splash around in comical manner they die instantly and their bodies accelerate to the bottom with free fall speed. Your car falls in the water and the game ends immediately. It really degrades the reality of the game they otherwise try to achieve so badly.
The other thing I didn't like was the lack of countryside. Although there's nothing that can't be fixed w...

Crime never seems to pay. If it did, the game game would probably be banned, or something. :/

I'm still perched on the fence about whether to buy this one or not, and this review hasnt really helped me to jump to either side.

Well you could always rent it :)

Can't say I expected too much from this game. Would've been better if it was set in Vegas when the mafia was more prevalent. Oh well theres always Mafia III.

while playing this game a couple weeks ago, my brain was saying "This is what yahtzee will point out." I was basically 9 for 10 but I found Vito was a complete moron and was a terrible main character, something mr. C skipped by.

Also, that last joke would have worked if the video and audio were synced.

I was never really sold on mafia, mind you I wasnt really sold on on bioshock until I played it

the sand box isnt a sand box its a city with nothing to do but steal cars and shoot people

Seriously? As in... That's it? No mini-games, no stunt jumps, no side-missions?

Loved the end XD hehe made me chuckle ^_^

Next week, im calling it now...Halo: Reach.

I fear the playboy in this game is gonna cause a big wave of backlash

Forget about it, how many ways of usage does that line actually have?

This is going to devolve into a bunch of Candlejack jokes now isn-

It wouldn't if people would just do it right - it's not that hard. You don't put a hyphen or anything at the end. Candlejack ****ing kidnaps you, he doesn't stick around to

I've heard it argued over and over that this game isn't "a sandbox" it's "an open world", but that still leaves me asking "what the fuck do you do with it"?
Also, funny that you should mention that part where you lose everything... I pressed reply 3 times to fight the guys that caused me all the pain and then took my sweet time stealing shit and planning revenge, then back to work.


What kind of "sandbox" game follows nothing but linear paths?

That just might have been the deal breaker on me buying this game. If can't horse around without being sent to bed without dinner, I am not sure I am keen.

Maybe it's already been mentioned, but the audio quality is worse than previous videos. Why is that?

I do hope it won't affect future reviews.

Fairly good review. Although in some ways, some of the reviews (usually the generic FPS types) are feeling a bit stale, but that's partly because game developers keep making the same fat stupid mistakes every time. And there's usually enough spice in each one to be worth it despite this. But then I'm starting to ramble, aren't I? In summary, funny review and I look forward to next week.

Y'know.. This will anger the ZP fanboys but I honestly haven't seen much brilliant comedy gold from Yahtzee since.. Hm.. February 2010? I felt it's kinda been slipping in value, more on the "I don't care about this anymore" rather than "I'm writing these awesome jokes because they are brilliantly funny"..

This one though.. You have successfully regained my trust. First time in a loooooooooooooooooooong while that I burst into laughter this late at night at key moments of ZP. Well played, sir.

I think he'll do Metroid and Spider-Man before Halo, well, I'd rather he did them rather

Awwww yeah...assonance joke at the end. You just don't see enough attention paid to assonance any more. Everyone's all like "ooh alliteration and rhyme, that's all we need."

The ending reminded me of Spoony's Dirty Harry review.

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