Stolen Pixels #227: PUNishment

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Seriously? Just a cheap laugh this time?

As a PC gamer, i so luv you now Shamus.

Still playing Chime, huh?

Nah.. Nah, not really... I mean I COULD say that I don't always agree with you.. but you know.. I don't hate you... .. "Yet".

I love puns. In fact heres a great one:

Boba Frag:


Oh my God.... MY EYES!!!

What's worse.... is that I laughed...

And Shamus, damn you!

I actually guffawed at 'Metal Gere Solid' XD

Oh, I'm such a bad person....



I get the MGS and Metroid one, but I don't get the Ninja Gaiden/Guy Dan one. Anyone help me out here?

His name is Dan. He's a ninja, and a guy.

Explaining it does not make it any less funny, mostly because it wasn't funny to begin with.

Still: Touché, Shamus. Touché.

Isn't the game he's parodying pronounced "Ninja Gay-dan"?


I love puns. In fact heres a great one:

Starting a pun thread. Now.

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