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The Basement

When you're completely stumped, recruit some unwilling help.

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I liked it. Just what i needed to get over the last game of the GSL this morning.

haha, alex when he wakes up the second time, pure win xD
I thought it was just a short vid when I saw the name, seen the crapshots, but this was good^^

Haha, classic. I love it ;)

Especially the yay at the end. Yay for jelly sandwiches!

...This reminds me of alot of a certain Crapshot...

Very... silly, gentlemen.

I got this confused with the Crapshots ep initially too. Regardless, it was still an excellent video.

Also, is this Tim's last vid? We'll miss you, Stockholm! :'(

P.S. When are the starburst t-shirts coming? I want my t-shirt!

EDIT: LOL! 123 posts! Posting is easy as ABC!

all i was thinking was the crapshots.
it is a good expansion on it. also I freaking love you Tim YAY!

This is why you guys are my favourite part of the website. Funny episode and good job to both the cast for the acting and Graham for the writing.

Great last episode for Tim. Hopefully you'll come back someday.

Yah! Sandwhiches.

Goodbye Tim! *Salute*

Thought you phoned it in by uploading a crapshot first, but happy to see you expanded it.

When I saw the screenshot I thought it might have been a mis-upload of The Basement 2 Crapshot. I was quite wrong! Great expansion on the original. Also, the stinger was hilarious

We'll miss you Tim!

Ah one of my favorite Crapshots turned into a full video!
Tim at the end was my favorite part, and seeing as this is probably the last video we'll see him in, I would like to bid him a fond farewell. Goodbye Sir Timmothy Sevenhuysen. Your unique comedy stylings shall be missed.

XD Nice.
Was skeptical going in but it translated really well into a full video. =)
"I might cut myself!"
"worse then an axe...?"

Sandwich served on axe is classy, Tim is lucky.

Are we likely to see more Crap Shots fleshed out into LRR videos?

Tim's leaving? Not Stockholm!

The highlight of that video was definitely when Tim said "YAY" at the end.

I'll miss Tim too. I doubt anyone else could have said that "Yay!" like he did. You guys are the reason I give money to this site.

The "Yay" and Alex's "Worse than cutting yourself with an axe" face were the two best bits to a good episode.

And of course, if this is his last episode (no send of for him in CommodoreHustle?) for a while at least, good bye Tim, we shall miss you.

lol after the credits was great. good chuckle :D

Good stuff, glad to see that we might be getting extended versions of some of the better crapshots (Well, better for a longer form)
The video itself reminded me a bit of Hells Kitchen, but if it were done from Brads perspective.. if Alex was Brad, and the LRR crew was an amputee.

I'd probably react the same way if I saw a delicious sandwich being handed to me on an axe attacked to some guy's arm.

Xyloscythophobia - the fear of cutting wood?

This one really did it... it's that sudden change in demeanor that does it, when you realize you're the straight man in a world gone mad, and you just have to keep playing it, or you'll get... THE AMPUTA, er, THE AXE!

Ok episode :)

It kinda suck that the Crap Shot-viewers already knew the jokes. I could predict almost every line, although I hoped it would have its differences. It did have some changes and the part with the work bench was new. And it's a great Crap Shot, good for a 5 minutes video, but I'm still a sad panda.

so good, just so very good.
i laughed so much

I almost raged because I thought it was just the crapshot. I apologise for almost raging!

great video

Great job on the video guys. Graham actually said on Twitter last week that the Crapshots were meant to be templates for full videos, and I'm glad that it turned out so well. Now, if we can get a montage of "The Punishment" where Alex starts each scene more battered than the last, THEN I'll be able to fully get behind the Crapshots-made-full-posts concept.

Awesome, his is a great extension on a classic LRR love how I'm like WHAT they just reused a crapshot.... then I clicked, watched and was QUITE pleased *twirls mustache*

Good video and nice send off for Tim! You'll be missed, good sir, good luck with that master thesis!!!

Yaay, jelly sandwich!

Lol, I liked this one.

why doesn't he just have multiple attachchments, like captain hook.
but was that james in the shadows at first I hought it was graham but now i think it's james, or jeremy

He he!


I still think the response to "Why don't I hold the wood and you chop it?" should be "How do you think I lost my hands?"

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