Unskippable: Transformers: War for Cybertron

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"But sir, thats suicide!" BAM! "Nope, you know whats suicide? Back-talking Megatron."

I had to replay that like 4 times, that was funny.

Great episode. I wonder about all of the questions they had mentioned, and I still love the series and the game.

Great game, by the way. It's like Singularity; takes parts from a load of other games (a hell of a lot from Gears Of War) and somehow makes it better than the games they had taken from.

Now if only the Servers worked. Still need to get the new DLC.

Cool to read all the backstory in these posts. I have some questions though. When/How did they evolve into Maximals and Predicons? What's the difference?

My favourite one so far that was hilarious, keep up the great work, either this or the lost planet mini series

I want a sweet laser axe

Why doesn't Primus transform and say "Hey! Cut that shit out."?

I just started watching this show, and it makes me happier tha can be put into words to see that the spirit of MST3K extends to the gaming community. And so true about backtalking Megatron being suicide.

Also, there's an event they hold at BotCon called MSTF, where they riff on old Transformers cartoon episodes. I haven't been to a BotCon as of this post, but they have some of the older scripts online, and I LOVED them! Seeing another MST-style TF parody like this is exhilirating.

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