Unskippable: Fracture

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Wait a minute? Did they just hint at taking down Enchanted Arms?

AWESOME! I've had an axe to grind with that game for years now.

Anyway, I was so interested in this game until about a few months from its release, when I just forgot about it. I think the terraforming would be interesting in a pretty good game.

... how cliche. Nothing new or interesting for the plot.

if i wanted a good secession story, i would have taken the one from crimson skies.

LOL its more important to know what is being an american than being a human.

So did Canada win the war?

lol at the flag...orange and blue are my school colors

Wait, so in this game the East side of America, invades the West side because they don't like the fact their surviving with genetic augmentation and alteration, saying its an act against humanity, while they are removing bits of themselves and replacing them with cybernetics... and they're suppose to be the good guys?

Seriously, I'm with the Pacific guys with this.

This game appears to be unbelievably terrible. How someone could not only play it but study it in detail to mock it on a constant basis is something I doubt I will ever understand. Oh, and the urination joke almost made me urinate myself. That would be an awesome suit.

Oh wow, ANOTHER first-person shooter where you're some kind of space marine in armor. Fan-fucking-tastic.

Also, if this is supposed to be the future, how come the recording of that guy's speech like that of today's recording quality? And like they said, mercury thermometers.

And seriously, the guys are being flown to where they need to go in an open-door helicoptor? How many fucking games have to start out like that? It's getting really annoying! I am continuously amazed at the idea that there are people both making games like this and BUYING them!

You can tell this is an American game because it features a generic brown haired male soldier archtype, instead of an underdressed teenager who's forgotten colored hair hasn't been popular since the 90's. Which sucked.

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