Critical Miss: #39

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Don't piss off Gandhi. Seriously.

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lol hardass Gandhi ftw

Now to figure out whether I hate this Gandhi, or whether I think he is so much more awesome. I shall conclude the latter.

... Is that George Washington? Can you time travel in civ 5?

Hahah! I have Gandhi bordering my territory. Which consists of many of his towns, including Delhi.
He waged war, I beat his sorry ass, I offered peace in exchange of some of his gold, he rejected it.
Now he just has a few small towns, and he's still a warmonger. Whoever coded his personality must have copypasted someone else. Like Genghis Khan.

... Is that George Washington? Can you time travel in civ 5?

In Civ V, the leaders are basically deities, used to represent you and other players. As such, they never die and never age through the course of the game.

OT: Huh, so he's bad now? I remember him being alright, if malicious, in Civ IV.

Last panel cracked me up. At least not getting the reference didn't detract from the funny this time!

I'm not usually a fan of this comic, but that last panel was pure gold.

HAHA! Best laugh I have had in ages...he nuked me the other day x.x

Thats what he did to me!

... Is that George Washington? Can you time travel in civ 5?

Did you play the Civilization on the PS3? Basically you choose a "culture" like Aerica, China, Japan, Indians, Zulu, and each culture has their figurehead. You lead your culture through the ages and either destory your opponents or win with culture or money... Same BASIC concept in Civ 5, but not really.

OT: I always wondered why you could do shit like this with Ghandi...

So who's Japan figurehead? Tojo?

OT: Nice comic, bad ass Ghandi FTW, I now dream of Mother Teresa DLC.

Ah...Good times with Civ. I only played the console-ified Civ Revolution, but I loved watching Gandhi sending out soldiers.

And having Napoleon win a Cultural Victory, of all things. Stupid French...starting with a Cathedral...

This is SO my favorite Critical Miss issue!

Ah, Gandhi. Up to the same thing he's been up to in every Civ game so far.

He always seems to be the first person to declare war on me 0.0

Seriously, that's messed up. It is as though someone made a game where Hitler was running a hospital in Jerusalem.

It's funny seeing Gandhi going to war while the Aztecs are critizing me for "hurting the weak" when a city state starts trying to steal my wheat after accidentally sending a scout through their territory.

Nothing like a warlord Gandhi to brighten my morning.


o man thats a good one. I guess they cant very well have him be a push over can they XD

That seems accurate for Gandhi if you know his history.


Whats next?
Jewish Nazis?

I want this game. Right now!

Ok, see the classic film Gandhi Ben Kingsley is awesome, now see Sexy Beast Don Logan is the Civ Gandhi.
Sorry Mohandas I'm going to have to turn this opportunity down.
No, you are going to have to turn this opportunity yes!

I miss Spock though

lol wonderful! just wonderful :)

Oh that's just completely inaccurate. Everyone knows that George Washington was 12 stories tall and made of radiation.

Yeah, terrible dated reference; I know.

That was awesome!

That was one of the best comics yet in this truly excellent series. Had me laughing out loud for a good 30 seconds.

Nice punchline. Well done.

So who's Japan figurehead? Tojo?

Shoulda been Koizumi.


Really messed up. Gandhi passed to the wench side of the force.

That was not even remotely funny. What happened to this comic?

For some reason Civilization seems to miss out some of the more notable historic rulers as well.

Adolf, Pol Pot, Stalin - but keeps in all the "nice" dictators.

And then allows them to threaten you openly with nukes.

I'm seeing a minor problem here Sid...

aw man that great

I read dongrags as don-grags at first and got really confused.

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