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That's NOTHING should see my Augustus Caesar :D

The Critic:
Ah, the Civ versions of world leaders. They're so funny, each of them, but for very different reasons.

Some act surprisingly realistic. I remember getting into an arms race against Stalin in Civ IV, and having him remind me that he had nukes every time I entered diplomacy with him. Likewise, Lincoln was suitablly diplomatic, but wasn't afraid to kick ass (usually with me as an ally).

Some of them act like the complete opposite of their historic personalities. Gandhi is, of course, the biggest offender here. Joining him, we have peace-loving Napoleon; Weak-Willed and spineless worms Otto von Bismark and Frederick The Great; meek and mild Genghis Khan; and that annoying nuke-hoarding, back-stabbing bastard: Winston Churchill.

And, of course, some leaders just have such strange and/or hilarious personalities that, regardless of how accurate they are, are a blast to interact with. Catharine The Great is always funny with dialogue. Roosevelt has a habit of being the richest man in the world (somehow), and attempts to buy nearly everything off of me (10000 Gold for Radio? Seriously!?). And don't even get me started on how Shaka Zulu runs the UN...
And of course, Montezuma is a prick (the world's biggest douchebag, bar none).

Man, I love Civ IV...

Can't wait to get Civ V!

I kicked some ass as Eleanor Roosevelt on the PSX (or was it the SNES?) in Civ 1.

Gandhi looks strangely like Dr. Robotnkik.

That was the funniest one yet...I almost hosed my work terminal down with hot coffee....burning sinuses ftw!

The awesome irony is that Ghandi was known for his love of women...he was accused of womanizing...and so 1/2 of this Civ remake of Ghandi may in fact be a case of "Reality is Unrealistic...."!!!!

Cheh, the real ghandi could have force choked the hell out of the fake one.

Gandhi is also a pain in Civ Rev, lemme tell ya...


That was the best thing I've ever seen just imagining Gandhi doing that makes me laugh
that was beautiful

Actually I don't find Gandhi to be that evil. Rather, I find most of the historical figures in Civ 5 have multiple personalities. They've be fine with you if you're from some far off land that can't threaten them, but settle anywhere near them and they get whiny, and somewhat suicidal. Gandhi attacked me in my first game while he was in the Medieval Age. I was in the Industrial Age. Yeah, elephant cavalry and archers aren't much against World War 1-era artillery and 19th century riflemen.

Also, not sure if the comic was referencing this with the 'SEVERAL' at the end, but Gandhi did sleep in the same bed as naked female followers in order to test his 'purity'. Historians now are pointing out that oral sex wasn't seen as sex back then, so Gandhi might have had a bit more fun then we thought. Gandhi wasn't perfect, at an early age he went to South Africa and there's a TON of documents written by him where he describes the native blacks as sub-human and inferior.

Lol'ed, that's for sure.
Gandhi actually was badass... in a nice and benevolent way. And pulling that off instantly triples his badassery.

But... no Hungary? I mean, we did kinda kick a buttload of arse in the middle ages! (well, until we didn't anymore. Whatever)

Hungary's a city state in Civ 5, well, at least, Budapest is. States that didn't form huge empires usually end up in this category, it's especially hilarious if you play the world map where they move all the civilizations around. In my last game Budapest was in Northern Siberia, and was conquered by both the Romans and the Persians. Who are several hundred years before Hungary, but whatever, Civ's about being Gandhi and threatening the world with nuclear weapons, not historical accuracy.

Haha! Can totally relate as my first game on CivV with everything set to random put me as Gandhi and I owned Europe, Asia and Africa by the 1500s xD


HOORAY! I think I might be the only one to have gotten the lyric reference at the bottom!

Super Furry Animals - Golden Retriever


... Is that George Washington? Can you time travel in civ 5?

In Civ V, the leaders are basically deities, used to represent you and other players. As such, they never die and never age through the course of the game.

OT: Huh, so he's bad now? I remember him being alright, if malicious, in Civ IV.

I would really prefer if you either had your choice of leader, or if your leader changed with the era.
FDR was significantly more badass than any other president.
Granted his bonus of suped up military, suped up morale, suped up production, and suped up profit would be a little imbalanced.

So true....

Oh that's just completely inaccurate. Everyone knows that George Washington was 12 stories tall and made of radiation.

Yeah, terrible dated reference; I know.

You made my day with that reference!

Heh, I loved this comic. I know in my experiences in Civ 4 and 5 Gandhi is one of the leaders you can't turn your back on in civilization. He ALWAYS stabs you in the back or actively works to screw you over.

Not true! i flattened India with my Native American Swordsmen (while Washington just 'watched' now that i think about it). and then i murdered Gandhi and burnt Mumbai to the ground! why? because the dude bought a neutral tile that was part of my imperial highway network....that stupid motherf; Yeah i know i'm terrible person. Deal with it! ans you know what the real 'kicker' is? i won a diplomatic victory.....XD i love CIV!

Alright! A Ghandi THAT KICKS ASS!

That was not even remotely funny. What happened to this comic?

whaaa??!?! Why not? I idolized Gandhi for the majority of my childhood, and I found this hilarious.

Care to explain why you didn't think this was funny?

Gunpowder arrived to the West through India from China, so the facts are incorrect.

This is so true....

After all it's just a cool avatar for the nation, and Guitar Hero people don't know much - they play guitar hero XD

actually gahndi is codded to always try to get the nuculear missiles first

Onyx Oblivion:
Ah...Good times with Civ. I only played the console-ified Civ Revolution, but I loved watching Gandhi sending out soldiers.

And having Napoleon win a Cultural Victory, of all things. Stupid French...starting with a Cathedral...

The only thing more overpowered in that game is the Rome AI when they get Half cost of wonders XD. Late post ftw!

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