Escape to the Movies: The Social Network

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Hey Bob, liked the review as always and think you're spot on. Are you planning to do a review of the film festival this year?

Can't wait to watch it, I've been rooting for Andrew Garfield since Boy A and virtually everyone else involved I like too (even Timberlake, his music sucks but he's a funny guy).

Why are VR Troopers in "Escape to the Movies?"

So, what I'm kinda getting here is a sobered up movie version of Death Note... a bunch of really smart people trying to screw each other over through writing with over dramatic camera angles (minus the whole write a name people die shinigami's like apples etc.)

The lesson of this Movie? The drive to belong becomes an obsession, an obsession tinged with anger.

The unnerving thing for me, and I suspect a lot of introverted nerds, is just how much I identified with Zuckerberg...right up until a certain scene I will not ruin.

Damn good movie, couldn't agree with MovieBob more.

Still not interested :( anyway I was hoping for let me in review, maybe next week?



I don't have to accept Timberlake as anything.
Also I still refuse to see this movie, mostly because I hate Facebook and don't want to have anything to do with it.

That's a little childish, no one from facebook is even remotely involved in this movie. It has about as much financial links to facebook as Zodic or Seven do. That's like saying you will never see the godfather becuase you dissaprove of the Mafia.

Sorry, I'm with Canadamus on this. Whether or not it has anything to do with Bookface or not, it's still promoting it as something that's great.
I like Ridley Scott. I don't like his Apple commercial - for exactly the same reasons.

This isn't a movie about Faceache, as Bob said, but it's a movie that promotes ideas embedded into it that are a social toxin - and is itself as much a social toxin as those god-awful Meet The Spartans.

It's about taking Nerds and making them Jocks - at its base. Letting the Jocks know what that Nerds are just Jocks with Social problems and Mental Muscles.

That's bullcrap; and I'm surprised that Bob supports this film. Perhaps there just have been too few good ones around recently.

This, as a film, is like Mazes & Monsters. It ignores what's actually happening to spoonfeed the idea to the audience that "These guys aren't so bad". I'd be surprised if their cute puppy dog wasn't called Zynga.

Sorry, apathy is always easier to show, and that means I won't be seeing this. You can quote me as "Oh you're so..." but, imho, this film is just showing sexualised fiction as history - and I don't go in for all that.

I would say give the movie a shot because your problems with the film have nothing to with the actual film.
1. There's almost no sex.
2. There are no real jocks.
3. This movie doesn't glorify anyone involved in founding facebook.
4. The movie doesn't try to make you like Zuckerberg, you'll either hate him or think he's a sad bastard.

I'm not really eager to see this but thats just because i still have inception and scott pilgrim on my movie list.

So, anyone else think that this and The Town are going to be dominating the Oscars next year?

I'm not going to see it, partly from me not being part of (or caring about) Facebook, and partly from me being insanely jealous that two people at my age have more money than I'll ever see, let alone have, for getting rich off of people's ability to gab.

Probably because they're trying to reconnect the Marvel movies together, given that X-men, Spiderman, and a whole lot more would have some major problems interacting with each other when they finally combine them in the Avengers movie (think about this: How many of those movies were set in New York? How did all those heroes not interact with each other during the major incidents that occured in each movie (Magneto's giant mutation device, the mini sun Doc Ock made, etc.)?

No, that's not it at all. So long as the film rights to Spider Man belong to Sony, Marvel can not get Spider Man and the Avengers into the same universe. The reboot will in no way help with this. The reason they're rebooting it is because Sam Raimi and Sony had vast disagreements over what to do with the film franchise, and rather than try to work out some kind of agreement, Sony decided 'fuck it, just fire the whole lot of them and we'll replace them all', and it's easier to replace everyone if they reboot it.

Funny thing about this movie is, I was gonna watch it regardless of what Bob thought of it. MovieBob liking it is just a bonus. :D

once again movie bob flips his shit over some artsy film i guarentee 99% of the population will fall asleep during.

i get that he has to watch 10 or so movies a week, and i would really enjoy movies that seem to be deeper as well if i were him, but for fuck sake. this sort of thinking got the expendables hammered. oddly enough this sort of thinking got pirahannas called "best action film of 2010", so go figure.

my point is movie bob seems to be setting off fireworks over his hard on for this film, whilst all i can see is a boring slow dull film filled with tedious uninteresting dialougue which will only interest those who either care about where facebook came from or who have had to watch 10 copies of the losers this week.

movie bob initially i agreed with almost every word out of your mouth, but your getting too extreme. please take a bit of a break, so that the next time you watch something like the the expendables or (yes yes i know this will earn me stick) twilight or harry potter you can at least pull far enough back to work out why it is so popular.

Of the movie alone isn't the reason to see the movie, the soundtrack surely is: the cover of "Creep" by Scala & Kolacny Brothers is absolutely spine chilling.

Even knowing this is a well executed movie it still creates all the excitement of a mayonnaise sandwich for me. The whole megillah just leaves me cold. If it pops up on HBO someday I will likely watch it, if there isn't anything else marginally interesting happening. I'll probably agree with Bob when I do see it, but I just won't move one inch out of my way to do so.

I'm finding more movies than ever striking me this way the last couple of years. Think I'm burning out on H-wood and have moved more and more of my interest to books and gaming instead.

It's odd to think that it's finally October now... Next thing you know, it'll be Christmas!

Anyway, heard good things about this movie, wasn't TOO interested, but now I'll probably check it out.

guess I'll watch it since Bob seems to have the same taste as me in films.

My favorite part of the movie is that Mark Zuckerberg hates the movie because barely any of it is true or how it happened.


While I'm sure it's really well done and everything, I cannot muster the strength to watch a movie like that. Basically because every single character from all the trailers and scenes I've seen is a huge prick and I don't really wanna spend money on that.

Thumbs up for the makers and actors though for making the movie good - if it is. Wasn't easy I'm sure.

I wish I wasn't on facebook, but I am, so there.

This pretty much sum's up my compliants with the movie as well. Everyone just comes across as such a massive prick that I'd want to strangle them. As Lisra said, I'm sure it's well made and all but I just can't watch a movie with some curly haired punk in it.

I lol'd at the 'Brick wall' comment...

Maybe Andrew Garfield is fed up with movies wants to retire to a modest lifestyle after the big bucks Spiderman will bring?

I am confused by all the facebook hate. Sure there are some users that are retarded and just play Farmvill and shit and some people, like me, that use it as a genuinely good tool to talk to friends and organize events (like LAN's and gaming sessions). I don't see anything wrong with that unless you are a hipster douchebag who just hates everything popular.

OT: I didn't want to see this movie until I saw the early reviews of people comparing it to citizen kane which just stunned me and made me curious to see it.

Actually, I think Timberlake is a quadruple threat:


And the last one is probably the most threatening one of all.

OT: The previews got me super excited, but I can't fight off the notion that this film will bore me. I don't completely understand it myself.

OH HOW UNPREDICTABLE. You just don't have the balls Armand White has, do you?

The concept really does sound terrible. Also, interesting to see how good a reception the film's received.

I just can't bare to watch it because of the trailers; seriously, they were filled with such mind-numbingly unnecessary dramatics that I've been turned right off it from the get go.

Just got back from seeing this movie with a few friends. I was extremely impressed.

Don't let the fact that this movie is about Facebook dissuade you from seeing it. If anything, I think if you hate Facebook this movie only validates your hatred. If Zuckerberg is half the asshole IRL as he is in this movie, then he makes even Kotick look like Jesus Christ.

Why is MovieBob commanding us to get over Justin Timberlake? I stopped making fun of him a long time ago and I don't know anyone who still does. Hey, if Timberlake can pull off the swarthy wiseass, then maybe when they cast Justice League as a movie he can play The Flash.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not aware that an actual Justice League film is being made or is even in development.

Didn't FIncher also direct benjamin button?
I really wanted to know what Bob thought about The Town, so thanks.
I get where Bob is coming from with this whole idea of no liking to connect with people through the Internet.

I really want to hate Justin Timberlake, but I just can't do it. He's a damn good singer, a damn good dancer and a damn good actor.

Also, really? A reboot of the Spider-Man movies? Why? Sure that third movie was kind of a trip-up but it wasn't anything awful and it's certainly not as bad as people make it out to be. Toby MacGuire did good as Peter Parker/Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Sam Raimi did a great job directing, the first two were well written (the third was decently written, but there were some stupid points, most of them involving the shoehorning-in of Venom) and they were, on the hole, very enjoyable action movies. And of course that's nothing to say of the great costume work.

I was expecting Let Me In, but still damn good review Bob


I thought they were rebooting Spidey because of the outcry of Marvel and Spidey fans.

That'd be nice, wouldn't it? But sadly it isn't what happened.

The whole story hasn't come out yet and different parties have different versions, but basically everything fell apart while they were making Part 3. Sam Raimi (the director) wanted Sandman and Vulture to be the bad guys, but Sony and the various producers insisted on putting Venom in the movie instead because the character is more popular. He didn't want to do it (doesn't like Venom, prefers the older "crooks in animal-costumes" enemies) but he ultimately agreed and rebuilt the movie around the Black Suit storyline. That, plus various other disagreements over the movie between the two parties, are why #3 came out like it did. Raimi was publically ticked-off, and didn't participate in the film's DVD commentary (the other producers talk about how pissed he was about being forced to do Venom on the disc) as a result.

After that, everyone assumed he was going to leave the series, but Sony initially won him back with (supposedly) an agreement to let him have more control over #4 so he could do one more his way and end it on a high note... but that didn't happen. The studio started making "behind the scenes" moves, and as that was going the producers started making more demands for "marketable" characters and gimmicks - specifically, they wanted The Black Cat in the movie, they were mad at him again for trying to use Vulture as the main heavy, and they (allegedly) wanted him to shoot it in 3D. There were more, even stranger rumors, but ultimately Raimi walked off the project along with Dunst and Maguire.

Then it got weird: Within about a DAY of Raimi walking away, Sony put out to the press that they'd ALREADY comissioned a finished script for a Twilight-style reboot of the series and were gonna start it up immediately - i.e. they were already putting it together. Of course, no one can "prove" anything, but it looked (and still looks) a lot like they were angling to "move Raimi aside" and start-up the reboot all along. Someday, this will be a heck of a "behind the scenes" book.

But, yeah... nobody at Sony cares about an "outcry," basically :(

Spiderman is a kid when he was bitten by the spider (if you read comics or watch the TV show). When he fights crime, he does it as a teenager.

True... but he was only actually in High School for the first 28 issues (of about 650 at this point.) After that, they shipped him off to College - during or after which is where the lion's-share of the "big" Spider-Man stories people remember ended up taking place. It's one of those weird "things" where people generally think of the character as a teenager, but for all but the first two years of his existence he's been an adult somewhere between 20 and 30.

I'm with Bob in that Timberlake is, indeed, a "triple-threat". We all know he can sing and dance (and, single-handedly responsible for bringing sexy back; at least that's my understanding of how sexy was brought back) but his acting is way better than one would normally expect of the singer/dancer types and, to top it off, his wicked-funny! Catch any of his SNL hosting gigs and he's definitely one of the best who've ever hosted the show; definitely one of the consistently funniest, not afraid to try something absurd for a laugh (the "Omletteville guy", Robin Gibb, a backup dancer for Beyonce...all brilliant!)

I'd figured that I'd see this once it hit video since I do like Eisenberg (and I'd forgotten that JT was in it) but with writing and directing powerhouses behind this (which I wasn't aware of) it would seem it's so much more than about Facebook (which I, like Bob, find I could do without though I do, begrudgingly, have a FB account due to some highschool friends I actually like dragging me in.)

Just from the trailer of this movie, it instantly reminded me of Pirates of Silicon Valley.

I was actually planning to see this movie for a long while.

I never really cared that it was about Facebook to begin with.
It kinda like that whole thing about the new Devil May Cry game, except less fanboys -.-

But now I have an idea that it's good, so now I wanna see it even more.
I mean, it's David Fincher, the guy who directed Fight Club, one of my all-time favorite movies, so I pretty much have no choice.

I hoped this movie would be great.

And I still do have hope for Spider-Man...

How? It's not even a decade and they feel they need to reboot it? Why?

Bleh, double post, see next page.

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