Zero Punctuation: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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27 seconds in- trash can features spiderman shattered dimensions!! I've been lookin at this game for awhile and I'm glad he'll be doing a review on it

you are gonna hate Reach soooooo much haha

Great fucking review, thank you so much for not being a bleeding flag waver for inde and actually reviewing the game. Pointing at its shortcomings (small levels and sometimes predictable enemy spawning) and praising its true achievements (atmosphere, monster design). But I must say I'm disappointed that you did not mention the music and sound of the game. I find that the work put into giving most unique rooms there own environment sounds that genially sounded scary but in place of the area was amazing. But you only have so much time and ambition. Keep doing what your doing and watching your reviews will stay part of my Thursday ritual :)

This might be the first game I pick up as a result of ZP. A rare positive review, the game must be far better than advertised. ;)

My thoughts exactly.. This must be absolute brilliant for him to even consider using nice words about it..

Tipsy Giant:
Wicked, anyone know if it is available for macs through steam too?

Why yes it is! GET IN ON THE HORROR >:O

I've heard interesting things about Amensia. A positive review from Yahtzee pretty much sinched it.

I don't suppose it will run on a notebook though will it?

I'm disappointed that it's not reach, but I really shouldn't be surprised, should I?

piss off the fanboys even more, review another one of the ever-growing number of awesome indie games.
my reccommendation is minecraft, it's only £8.35 so it wont be too much of a drain and it is one of the fastest selling indie games ever!

it would be so funny to see everyone wanting to see Yahtzee do reach when he clearly will put it off for as long as possible

I got this when Yahtzee mentioned it on Twitter, and i played it in a dark room with 7.2 surround headphones and my graphics card set to attempt 3d rendering. Wear your best brown boxers for this game.

I started the game, but lost interest because frankly, walking around upside-down is rather disorienting and gets old rather quickly. Especially since the game seems hellbent on keeping me in this state no matter how many lights I turn on in a room. That and I finally got Arkham Asylum a few days after I got this, so eh, maybe I'll give it another go.

Very nice review. I just might have to take a look into this one. :o

Amnesia is an awesome game, glad to see we're all in agreement.

Best video in a long time in my opinion, nice work.

Good sir! Now I demand a review of Civ V!

Get to work, do it!

I'd love to play this game, but I doubt that it would work on the computer that I use...

I'll be able to play it some day...

I plan on buying it when I got me a huge stockpile of diapers filling my apartment. I watched the trailer on steam and it had me on the edge, peeing my pants, so I'm suer that Yahtzee isn't kidding when he calls Insomnia a 'constipation aid'.

I love a good scare but I'll probably have trouble sleeping for a week after playing it...

How does one properly build suspense using the lack of scary things without falling into the "fuck all happening" category?

Woop! Was hoping for an Amnesia review. Brought it on a whim as a game I'd heard nothing about but happened to see on steam's front page that looked rather cool.

Was far from dissapointed, perfect length, interesting 'puzzles' (although they're not very puzzling), nice graphics, closest thing to shit yourself gameplay I've ever seen and brilliantly designed levels + creatures.

People go and buy this game, it's amazing and the developer needs support.

How does one properly build suspense using the lack of scary things without falling into the "fuck all happening" category?

There are constant hints as to things going on but for quite a while you dont even catch a glimpse of any of the creatures. You're also finding your bearings for the first part of the game due to the magic potion shananigans.

Halo Reach is out Yahtzee!


Never heard of this game, but I absolutely loved the Penumbra series, so I'll probably give this one a shot.

Can I have some help here? I'm tring to decide if I want Penumbra: Overture or Amnesia. Nto only because I'm wondering which is scarier, but because I'm wondering which one has lower system requirements. I have a really crappy PC, so let me play this out: Portal works, Doom 3 doesn't. The Penumbra tech demo (which I loved) works fine, but i wonder if there's an engine difference. If not, I just need to decide what I feel like. Price is no big deal, 2 dollars difference, whatever, but I'd prefer whichever is scarier. I've longed for a horror game (that I haven't already played, Silent Hill) that truly scares me. Silent Hill freaked me out a bit, while I'm laughing at F.E.A.R, DOOM 3, Dead Space, and Resident Evil 4, saying "Wait, that's supposed to scare me?"(although those games are still good, just not scary.) I've heard Penumbra is really scary, though, but Yahtzees reaction has me split. I need help!

I wish Yahtzee would review minecraft...

Love the game, glad to see it is being recognised by more people now. These guys know Horror :)

I'm not a hardcore horror game fan but this caught my eye on Steam, and it is quite possibly the scariest game I've ever played.

Brendan Keks:
I wish Yahtzee would review minecraft...

yah once it's done

I contemplated spamming his inbox with requests to review this game but I got distracted by laziness, so I'm glad he did it anyway. My 1st reaction was joy when I saw he got around to playing it, then I got scared he might cover it in a mound of shit (which he did, but in a strangely good way), but then I thought about it and couldn't really come up with much to be disliked about the game and I was curious to see if he found any flaws. Well, of course he did, but I'm glad he liked/recommended it. Now I'll go back to playing it, I still have far too many dark dark rooms to go through.

Very well made video, with all the nice references, but what's the storyline of that game ? just survival ?

Great review I do agrea it not the best game of the year but it is so good in the horror area. Never play this in the dark with vent on. Lol being on the verg to shit your self and your buddy stops to say hi which freaks you out.

Still got to love how Yahtzee stuck it to all the want a be gaming fanboys by saying f-you Halo Reach. Never can understand why people bring big hype about a very outdated duchtap buggy PoS hardwear. I play a cross platform game bet it in 2 - 4 hours and feel I need a refund cause it was bad. Thank you Microsoft for bring game level down to the causal level. Bunch of sell outs.

This might be the first game I pick up as a result of ZP. A rare positive review, the game must be far better than advertised. ;)

same here I am "buying" it as I type this

I actually pre-ordered amnesia after [trying to] play the demo. However upon it's release my pc suffered so many technical issues (which I now believe are related to the screen resolution, of all things) that my progress thus far spans the entirety of 2 halls and a room.

Nonetheless this review reinforces my preconception that the game will get frightening, so I'll have to buckle down and play it at some point. Though the whole running-really-slow-to-create-mood kind of kills my survival horror pants-tent.

I loved the thought process part. This could potentially be the first horror game I've seen where you can't defend yourself (if you don't count not having a weapon in Condemned).

This review led to me playing the demo, which led to me buying the game. I played the demo in the afternoon and still pooped a little during the water trek. One thing that bothered me was the slight screen tearing I experienced; it kind of un-immerses you a bit (couldn't get rivatuner's triple-buffering to work for some reason). Huzzah for steam bringing the indy game devs back to the PC!

Play the demo!

I was literally just playing Amnesia and thinking about how the horror genre is pretty much dead in mainstream games in favor or action.

"Nope, nothing much up here either, so I guess I'd just bette- wait a minute, what was that thing I just glimpsed running down a hallway? I don't know, but it looked cross about something, so I think I'll go down this other hallway instead.


Probably the best thing Yahtzee's ever said in a video, along with the Imps review of Pedigree Chum, the Wolfenstein limerick and... pretty much everything else, actually.

This is exactly why Fatal Frame was a good game. See, the scariest parts of Fatal Frame were when you saw a glimpse of the enemy in the distance and you tried to stay away from it. When you did get to see the ghosts they were still extremely scary, but when you actually had to fight them that was the least scary part.

I was planning on checking this game out, but this video sold me on it.

I'm proud to say I'm the one who recommended this game and I happen to be playing it too (durr).

Nice to see you enjoyed a break from the horrible moneymilker runny-gunny-survivy horrors, Yahtzee.

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