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That was an awesome episode, and as I have a bad cold and sore throat now, the voices hurt my throat just to listen to.

Alex is very much like a young version of old snake (if that makes sense) with the voice and the eyepatch.

For those who are wondering about Mercenary Solutions 1 and 2, they can be found in the video archive at


along with many many videos from before LRR came to the Escapist :)

It IS always the red wire isn't it? *sigh*
"Well it has been almost a week since I killed anybody."
"What about that barista who gave you a double Americana when you ordered a triple?"
"It has been almost four hours since I killed anybody."

That's why i never buy my C4 at the swap meet. Someone is always trying to pass off cookie dough as C4.

Every time I see Kathleen, I fall in love with her a little bit more.

I too want a gun phone and poor kitty, I hope it get's better. D:

Awesome episode once again guys, you always make my monday's less sucky and more enjoyable. :D

Funny but very wrong.

well you never know when you might need a shotgun with a sniper scope....??

Perez Hilton isn't that bad, is he? Then again, I don't really keep up with what he writes about anymore.

Good episode, in any case.

meh. Least funny LRR.
I love this show, but not this episode.

Hey, Kathy was nearly doing a pretty good Rita Repulsa for a while there. :) Minus the screaming, of course.

Good to see that they have a scope on the shotgun.

You never know when you'll need to be extra precise with a shotgun!

Bout time we got a new Mercenary Solutions.

Was that a scope on the shotgun?

Your throats must be raw after that shoot. :D

The ridiculous gruff voices made me smile :D

I'm almost positive that they just found a way to get one of them to say: 'I call dibbs on the Mona Lisa'

Great stuff :) I liked the cookie dough bit. As well as the glock phone.

I love the New Steveland jokes!

Great episode. "It has been nearly four hours since I killed someone". Nice!

I cheered when I saw the title.
and then I laughed my lungs out.

This is one of the best ones so far. I love the gruff voices.

Good to see mercenaries Kane & Crowthorne once again!

A plan for an overthrow in North Korea?...
"North Korea's so sticky and humid this time of year!" "Fuck that then"

GODDAMN YOU, KIM JONG-IL, for running a country in an uncomfy climate!

"This isn't C4.... It's cookie dough!"
I actually thought that "C4" was a burrito myself.

(On a side note, I once heard about this one woman whose body got severely fucked up presumably from eating a lot of raw cookie dough... >____< ...Just saying.)

EDIT: So so far this year, you guys have delivered burns towards Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, and now Perez Hilton. Still about three months left in 2010, so which other celeb(s) this year will incur LRR's hatred? ^_^

I thought the burrito thing too. And when isn't North Korea humid?

I was wondering what happened to them after the spoon incident. Really liked the video.
I wish there was a way of bringing back Evil Inc, and teaming them up, or against Mercenary Solutions. Sadly, Story Guy killed everyone at Evil Inc, and the mastermind, Paul's beard, is no more.

How did it not kill their voices talking like that for the whole shoot?


I love you LRR guys and Kathleen and Alex are certainly no exception. And I liked the first two MercSols. But this one... I don't know...

Plus, you missed a joke so obvious I almost fed Alex his lines..
"Somebody set up us the bomb."
"We get signal."
"Main screen turn on."

Made me laugh, even on a crappy Monday! Good job, guys!

"How do they get the-"

"Not our problem!"

From my brain to Kathleen's mouth. It's like she read my mind a week before the video was even posted!

...or something. I may have to come back and work on that.

Isn't it a shame, though? The economy is hurting everyone. Won't someone please think of the amoral, sociopathic mercenaries?!

Kathleen saying "What a pain in the dick!" is now one of my favorite sound clips. I may have to start saying that.

I want to see an ep of Merc Solutions where a snake infiltrates their base and someone tells Alex about it and he just yells "Snake? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!"

I weep for your throats. Great to see a return of the mercs though; keep it up!

How long did it take for your throats to recover from that shoot? I've done that raspy voice for a couple of speeches and I know how much it messes up my throat afterwards.

Great video.

Female Mercenaries FTW

Ha pretty awesome! Although it'll be hard for any video to top the first Mercenary Solutions, it's one of my favourites. NO HITS ON ARBOR DAY

"Electric Strangulation?"

"It has been almost for hours since I killed anyone."

"How do they get 'em in their..."
"It's...not out problem."

"Paris Hilton needs to disappear...I could do that one for free."

Great one.

Haha pretty nice :D Good to come back from vacation to LRR. The first MS is my favorite, but this is good too!

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