Unskippable: Warhammer Battle March

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Not the best choice for Unskippable IMO, but decently done.


Yes... but J. R. R. Tolkien did it in 1937.

Actually a good cut scene for once, well the first half at least. The should do DoW sometime. :)

Oh i was waiting for someone to mention that guy. You know the concept of demons was known to men since the first civilization's, even before Judaism presented the concept of single God/Jahwe. Various tribes and cultures had their extensive mythologies that are roots of all fantasy work and Tolkien haven't really invented any of it, just brought it back from the past.

While Tolkien's world was pretty tame and simple, GW took the mythos a little further, exaggerating on some heroic concepts by adding oversized armours, comic relief to orks and goblins, mixing the folk fairy tales with bits of our 'civilized' world by attaching the religious concepts of inquisition.

Yes, dear Sirs, this is a splendid tower indeed.

Loved the random Paul rap. But it needs more random vegetables in it, like the beet in Arms Race.

Thinking about that scene never fails to make me chuckle.
Check out this beet while the DJ revolves it.

Hilarious, really funny. Now it's time for all the Warhammer 40,000 ones!

Now it's time for all the Warhammer 40,000 ones!

Hm, not sure.. What does the scouter say about his power level?

LMAO. Best one yet.

Whiskey Echo!!

I actually got the reference from what Paul said

... I was happy

Ahahahahaaa that was some of the worst voice acting I have ever heard.

I always knew that fucker was evil.

(Great episode, by the way. I laughed at the wallet part.)

everybody stop.............its hammer to the nuts time

I actually got the reference from what Paul said

... I was happy

Yes! Someone else gets it!

See that, people? I'm not a freak!

The Pellet with the Poison's in the Vessel with the Pestle, the Chalice from the Palace holds the Brew that is True!

Until they broke the Chalice from the Palace.

Then, The Pellet with the Poison was in the Flagon with the Dragon, and the Vestle with the Pestle held the Brew that was True!!

...I'm perfectly normal, dammit!

Jeffrey Ross:
Hm...Ostermark...don't they mean Österreich?? (thats german for austria, btw)

"Ost" means east (Osterreich - empire of the east) and "mark" means province (Ex: Danmark - Province of the Danes)

I'm guessing this land is an eastern province of the kingdom.

dalek sec:

Cpt Corallis:
Anyone else really want to see them do DoW now? :D

Yes! I sooo want them to do Dawn of War and rip into the space marines and the madness of that series. :D

You mean like this:

how could agame with such a good opening scene look like the first age of mythology game? i mean, really?

Having seen every episode, I have to say this one is my favorite.

I had to go back a re-watch after the 'Smokey's assassins'' joke. I missed like the next 40 seconds laughing. Don't know why that one tickled my funny-bone so much.

And Paul's little bit of randomness was great.


You mean like this:

Teeheehee. I recently replayed DoW2 and had to laugh when Cyrus talked about the dickishness of Indrick Boreale and how the Kaurava campaign was a huge mistake he would not speak of again. If that wasn't a dig at the broken mess that was Soulstorm I'll eat a pair of old socks. (And yes, I am well aware that Soulstorm was not developed by Relic.)

OT: As others have already said, get the name of the game right, guys. It's Mark of Chaos.

It IS one of those "Mission Accomplished" things.

Awesome tower.

It strikes me that anything you said in that guy's British (?) accent would sound hilarious. The whole video could be just you talking like him.



Dude that Nighelf,the guy from lost Oddessy and Samanosuke from Onimusha 3 would kick all those Chaos warrior's ass in 5 minutes.

Stefan von Kessel was only the vessel with the poison until they broke the chalice from the palace. After that, the flagon with the dragon had the pellet with the poison, Kessel was the vessel with the true that is blue. Er, you know what I mean.

I didn't know The Court Jester was that widely known.


You mean like this: *snip*

Not quite, maybe a cutscene like this from the game:

God damn you, you made fun of one of my favourite opening cinematic ever!

And I loved it!

You guys do realise that's Warhammer Mark of Chaos right?

Not Battle March, that's an expansion.

This is the Battle March cinematic.

its a nice tower, lol i wanna just pat it....thats what she said, anyways... lol funny as always

I liked it, I am also looking forward to the gig by this band as they are a live-action version of Warhammer on stage

God, I only standed that game long enough to get through the Chaos Campaign, and only because I love Chaos so much. I couldn't even touch the Empire campaign after all the stuff I had to put myself through for this game. x..o

hahaha, best one for awhile.

Stefan von Kessel rap, the tower... so great.

Sad part is, this intro was the best part of that game.

Let me tell you, the models ain't getting any cheaper. The only lasting impression the game had on me was a 60 poundish horde of necrons gathering dust in my cupboard.

ATTENTION: To everyone who keeps pointing out this is "Mark of Chaos" and NOT "Battle March":

Battle March was also the name of the 360 version that included both Mark of Chaos and the PC expansion of the same name, this introduction was also found in that 360 version since the Mark of Chaos was still the bulk of it...

...my best guess is that they simply played the 360 version.

awesome Danny Kaye quote!

Great episode.

Hilarity... weirdly enough, Unskippable always seems to make me want to play the game involved!

While I wouldn't go so far as to say that, the episode was hilarious as always.

LOL i loved your accent from that general. HAHAHAH and also the part were the army should only be him the assassin and the lost oddysey dude.

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