Review: Dead Rising 2

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I like how they say this game takes place in a city as opposed to last games mall

As if keeping everything around the same size (relatively) and renaming all of the mall wings to things like "______ strip" and "__________ hotel" makes it different.

Here's a general rule Capcom:


How many cities do you know of that have CENTRAL FOOD COURTS!?

Im having a lot of fun with the game. on my second playthough I plan to tell Katey and the gang to find their own Damn Zombrex and then proceed to murder Zombies.

John Funk:

Your review states that the game needs a pure sandbox mode but it already has one. You don't HAVE to do any of the objectives, that includes giving Katie any Zombrex. I'm having a ball just fucking around in the mall and not doing anything productive and at any time I can restart the story and then go actually play it. The main story is failed and Katie died, meanwhile I'm running around looking like a baller in my leisure suit and exploring.

Freedom bear fuck yeah.

I'm glad to hear it's an improved Dead Rising and not a dumbed down Dead Rising. Not that Dead Rising wasn't eat your own shorts difficult, but that was a big part of what gave it its quirky, almost oldschool feel. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Speaking of which, I still need to do the 'save everyone' quest on Dead Rising... I need to do it when I'm on vacation, though. The saving system is evil :-(

Killing zombies third person in a mall?

Sign me UP!!!

Shit game is shit. I sold it to my sister thinking she would liek it, she then sold it to a friend, who then sold it to a friend, who THEN sold it to GAME.

NEVER BUY THIS. EVER. The game is so broken, frustrating and unfair.

I am a huge fan of zombie stuff and something of a Romero purist. L4D was fun in a twitchy kind of way but the "boss" type zombies irritated me. I understand why they were there, but irritated none the less. So DR comes out and it looks like it is exactly the game for me. I was so excited when the first one came out that when I finally had a chance to play it, it was like someone kicked my puppy. I didn't mind the photog stuff, but the timers and paste eating AI drove me nuts. I know I didn't have to save the survivors, but this is a zombie survival game, is it not? Then as a survivor it was my job to help when ever I could. The straw that broke the camel's back for me was the escaped prisoners in the hmmwv. They get a .50 cal BMG and I get a skateboard? Eff that.

Looks like more of the same and that's a pity, this title could have been a truly interactive zombie movie.

On my first playthrough I aimed to get the best ending possible, that means saving Katey, completing the Case missions, going in Overtime and winning big. But on my second playthrough, I ignored the Case missions, hence the chance to prove Chuck's innocence, and gets 72 hours just for zombrex and zombie hunting as well as spending all of my 'free' time exploring :)

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