The Escapist Presents: Geek, Dork, Nerd

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Who doesn't love the MegaMan 3 music in the Background. I'll admit to being a geek.

I made an onion cake badge. Dunno how or if it will be applied though. ;)

Well first of all, Louis Weber- Serj Tankian (from SOAD) Look-a-like?


Just 'saying.

OT: My thoughts on the matter?

Nerd- Wears glasses, may or may not be socially awkward, has a few nerdy/geeky hobbies, and has somewhat above average intelligence.

Geek- Same as nerd, but without the glasses and intelligence.

Dork- Someone who is socially awkward, usually also a nerd or geek, but they don't have to be.

Which am I? Probably in the middle ground between Geek and Nerd...a "Gneerk" if you will.

"This must have been their god!"

I laughed my ass off at that line.

MmMm. So yummy.

Well first of all, Louis Weber- Serj Tankian (from SOAD) Look-a-like?

Actually my goatee idol is Chris Adler (Lamb of God):

"Geeks Get Girls"

My definintions are that nerd implies a high level of academic intelligence, nerd implies extreme passion for a hobby and dork is more derogatory, implying stupidity or ineptitude.

Although all of the above include people who discuss or even consider the difference between geek/nerd/dork.

However you want to cut those definitions I'm all three, with sprinkles on the topping and extra cream on the side.

I'm into Star Wars AND Trek for example and have played various cardgames based on both those IP's as well. Next to Magic, Warhammer, a comic book collection, etc etc.

People always tell me how much I know about one certain subject and I can just switch to the next. Okay, how about Pro-Starcraft then? Yes? No? Lord of the Rings? movies in general? Monty Python? Comic Books? You know, let's talk about progressive rock. No, no, musicals! Folk? Still haven't hit a note? Westerns? Running? K-1? No, still not? Philosophy? Theology? Poetry? Acting? Singing? Oh come on, throw me a bone here. Wine? I'll do beer in a pinch, but there's more to talk about with Cognac. You want to talk about soccer? Again? Okay, I know enough to chip in here and there.

I'm so amazed when I ask people if they have a hobby and they can flat out say: "watch tv". Not a certain show or a type of movie. Nope, just work and then crash on the couch and zombie away behind the tube... That just seems so vacuous to me. Like living in that early morning dream state for the entirety of your life, unable to hold a coherent thought and just shambling around the house.

Okay, done geeking out.

Geek - A person passionate about a certain topic. The topic can be anything from video games to ancient Rome literature and beyond. Not really causing any troubles in case of social interactions with other people.

Nerd - A person passionate about a certain topic. Topic being (usually) something entertainment related. Like a movie series, games, music, or just pure "fun" devices (mainly electronic). Capable of dropping random quotes or obscure references during a conversation but still regular person that is not awkward in case of social interactions.

Dork - A person VERY VERY passionate about ANY topic they choose. He knows everything about said topic and ONLY about it. Socially awkward due to being unable to talk on any other topic than the one interesting them. Usually loners who don't really feel well around other people (unless they are other dorks fascinated in the same matter).

That's what I think about it.

I personally am a nerd :) (at least I consider myself to be one). And yet I have a very successful social life. I'm a bit too high from the level of regular "geek" but WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY down before turning into a "dork" monstrosity.

Ps. Also I forgot to mention that "dorks" are usually people who are considered to be of less intelligence than geeks and nerds.

Oh my god! I soooo want to work with you people.
Also I'm a web-integrator, so big definite nerd badge right there.

This is a difficult question, and one I'll have to think abo... Yay! That's the MegaMan 3 theme playing in the background! Why did it take me half the video to notice that?
Can I be a geeky nerd?
No? Huh. Probably an internet culture geek then, since that seems to cover as much of it as possible in a single term.

ok i certainly am some kind of hybrid:
i dont own lame stuf, i dont have perfect grades, not really smart, i work out, i'm good at sports and im preety strong;
but i am addicted to watch youtube and escapist, i am addicted to some video games, im a fan of different franchises, im not good lookin', im not really sociable, i like anime(watched over 60)though i kinda quit some time ago , and like to doubt philosophies and make my own, preety much hate most of human race, love hip-hop, intrested in politics, and most of all - I CANT ACT COOL :'((( ... no matter how i try i cant act cool :'(

so... you make the conclusions :D

You people seem so awesome, its rare that I actually see people as geeky as myself.

And Id say Im about 60% geek 40% dork.

(greek letters in my captcha? huh?)

Delete my account.

When i read this, this was the frist thing to spring to mind
Google Geek nerd dork venn diagram and see how it's all over the palce

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