Zero Punctuation: Halo: Reach

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Ok that is fair, he destroy the game but he didn't hate it, so That must mean this is one of the best shooter games on the market, I mean come on if Yahtzee can enjoy it almost anyone can LOL

Glad to see I'm not the only person against Playstation Move.

Ha brilliant.

To everyone complaining about Halo Reach because it is a Halo game.

Bad ¬_¬ Very bad... you go learn stuff before commenting.

I just noticed he didnt say anything was terible. A few flaws, But nothing major.

holy shit he didnt hate it?!?!?!?!? im in shock lol and good as always

Squishable panda yay.

Really great episode this week, quite funny actually which is suprising because it seemed you went a bit stale. Also... SPOILERS!?!

Honestly, I'm still not quite sure what Yahtzee thought of Reach. I think the word that comes to mind most here is "fair"--which is surprising in and of itself, given who we're talking about. But it seems that every complaint he had was balanced by a nice touch on the game's part, or at the very least by a perceived spirit of willingness from that corner. Not the worst, but a far cry from the best--which is more or less how I've viewed the series as a whole, so I suppose it's gratifying to know that I can occasionally find myself in agreement with the Escapist's resident guru.

Not a bad episode, though, and the pun at the end was pretty excellent.

i dont know why you say goodbye and i say halo xD

I dont think Jun ever died in Reach

I miss floppy discs.

...this game was quite sentimental for me, considering Ive been playing the halo games since i was small, yet even though I want to throttle yahtzee like the fanboy I am, i can't help but agree with him...


they made a reference to Oni in the campaign (Oni Sword Base was a place you could fight)

I'm not sure that's a reference. In Halo, ONI simply stands for "Office of Naval Intelligence."

Also, inb4 inevitable Half-Life bashers :\

In the future, insted of seat belts everyone has magnetic boots, DUH!

I expected it to be torn apart, but oh well. I found it stale shortly after the first level of my rental tour, but I keep hearing good things about the ending...might be worth playing more just to see it.

Lot of C-word usage in this review, can't say I felt it did anything beneficial.

You bastard! You totally ruined the plot for me! I didn't see that ending coming becuase I'm borderline retarded with attention deficit dis.... OOOO! SHINY!

good review like usal makes me laugh everytime

Well, it wasn't as bad as just shouting into the microphone at how shit the franchise was and he at least had a few positive things to say on the matter. True, he still has a lot of negative things to say about the game and then some but it wasn't as intense as I was expecting and he did at least have one or two positive things to say about it.

Still, I think it really isn't fair for him to overlook Firefight and Forge World. I mean those aren't primarily multiplayer things and were major parts of the game.

Still as it stands, I do agree with him on one or two points. Halo: Reach is by no means perfect in terms of single player but it does still have some competent moments. I would also disagree with him on a few points but that's just the die hard fan in me talking.
In any case I had some laughs and I don't see this review becoming the new flagship for the Halo Hate Brigade anytime soon, so that's good too.

So yes, it is ultimately a negative review but it wasn't scathing and it was entertaining to watch, that's really all you can ask for in situations like this and Yahtzee delivered.

Also... SPOILERS!?!

oh cram it, everyone knows how Halo Reach ends before they play it. It's a prequel to a franchise thats been going on for a decade, if you didn't get the message then you deserve it be spoiled, lol.

Well I'll be damned, he wasn't the only one who noticed it was Halo 3 with Jetpacks XD

Either way well done Yahtzee, you seemed to have said alot what I was thinking about this god awful game ¬_¬

However I will say the ending was a bit gripping, but that's like saying the last 10 mins in superbad make up for the crapfest

Yahtzee you realize that Bungie will keep making Halo, however it isn't the main Bungie that is making Halo. It is the Halo fans in Bungie that are going to make the new Halo , ie they're too lazy to come up with new games.

I'm not sure that's a reference. In Halo, ONI simply stands for "Office of Naval Intelligence."

They've been referencing ONI for as long as they can in Halo...

The entire organization 'Office of Naval Intelligence' is one big reference to ONI.

When he started talking about Halo fans who are megacunts, all I could think of was "Wait, how does he know what my friend is like so well?"

Not negative enough >:{

I thought there was more ripping out guts of the game, but at least it shows that you got a hearth for some changes Yathzee. ;)

At least he can hope for never looking again at a Halo game again. Maybe this was the motivation: To give it a nice goodbey.

Nice review... Seems you didn't hate it as much as most of us probably anticipated. Though I still imagine a few fanboys will be planing your assassination for you not calling it the God of all gaming.

That being said... I don't yet have an opinion on it. Been trying to play it but its my brothers copy and that bastard keeps taking it to work with him so I need to catch him for it. I'll give the game a try but I'm not really all that into Halo. I don't hate the franchise but its certainly not at the top of my to play list.

I'm mostly waiting to play the new Castlevania and Fable III.


Bungie is making an Oni sequel?

Was that just a throwaway line, or this actually happening? Because such a thing has the potential to make me one very happy individual.

Yeah... that one line kinda distracted me from the rest of the video.

I am actuly amused over the fact that yahtzee actuly "liked" a game that has been wanked so much upon now the last years! does this prove that bungie are indeed gods?

Yahtzee? Enjoying a Halo game. IT'S THE END OF THE INTERNET!

Joking aside, nice review.

Good to see it holds up at least a little bit, I'll be getting a 360 for christmas, now, this isn't my idea, my own Father is doing it off of his own motivation; I am a bit of a PS3 enthusiast, and I almost fear owning an Xbox 360 will make me some sort of over-acting, swinging hypocrite.
But I will undoubtly have this as one of the first games I will own, and I will never buy any of the other Halo games because, frankly, this seems like enough.

I have to admit, despite being someone who hates with a passion everything Halo is and stands for, Halo Reach is a game I want to play.

It just needs to be multiplatform for that to happen.

Its a good thing anybody who likes the Halo story has already bought reach otherwise the massive spoilers in this would probably drive them murderfrenzy. On another note it's nice to see Yahzee not completely shitting all over a game for once, even though in Halo's case I couldn't care less.

Well it did better than most others before it.
Poor little reach

This was a great review, classic yahtzee, what's more surprising was the (damning) faint praise. It's nice to see he can be mildly entertained by a game and still make a funny review.

"More like Gay-lo Reach-around" Ha!

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