Zero Punctuation: Halo: Reach

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Halo didn't bring anything new unlike many of your other cited games. The shield system was out waaay before gaylo.

Because a game needs to be 100% original to be in any way good? Wrong.
It's a finely polished game, made for the fans of the series and in my opinion the best fps out there.

Hmm lets see some new stuff Halo brought us (an I'm talking about starting from the first one) well it pretty much revolutionized multiplayer in Halo 1, we also got self made mini-games inside the game. Halo 2 well yeah I'll admit it was just made to explain the elites joining you and them being on earth, oh well actually Halo 2 did have some of the sickest vehicles ever made and dual-wielding. Halo 3 yet again revolutionized multiplayer matchmaking, gave us ways to take pictures and videos from a game you played recently, it allowed us to make our own custom maps and custom games to play with our friends. Halo Reach completely evolved the way fights are fought with armor abilities and assassinations and also gave our Spartans complete and utter personality as I have yet to see any people with same Spartans in the thousands of games I played (with the exception being the starter Spartans but even then different colors and emblems) Oh and oh my god how can I forget one of the biggest contributions a videogame ever gave us was from Halo and that is *drum roll* TEABAGGING

You're preaching to the choir man.

I've never quite understood how people can get so worked up over a series, a series which has seen less change then.. (something funny...a hobo? maybe not, hmmm... but i digress). my friends love it, and i cringe when it is mentioned, seeing their sweaty palmed, joy filled faces over the same game that has been released 4 times now, kills me a little inside.

The space combat is fun and the sad, sad, 'we're doomed.' tone is well, sad, and while the plot and characters are about one-dimensional as Samus in the original Metroid, the overall gameplay is a lot less annoying than the 'ADS-cover/based' bullshit we get today. Not to mention Firefight and general multiplayer is very customizable. And how it always goes with big budget overpriced DLC games, the graphics and score are awfully amazing. Just that the gameplay is a tad too much like the other 4 Halo games.

I've played all 3 Halo's yet Reach never interested me, then again I did not see the reason behind the fanaticism of the earlier games. Maybe I just don't have the mentality for it, lol.

Dear Yahtzee,
What the hell do you think you are doing?
I respected your opinions on previous game reviews, I occasionally disagreed with you, but your completely wrong this time. Reach is the ultimate game, It has an epic campaign, A beautiful online multiplayer, An amazing user created section where people can make there own game variants and maps. and a great theater mode. The game play has changed drastically since Halo 1. They added hijacking, a lot more weapons, armour abilities, forge mode, and theater mode. Not to mention in this Halo, we can create thousands of different armour setups.
Well done Yahtzee,
You have officially lost all my respect

First off, I too enjoyed the little bit at the end of the game. I also thought the death cutscene was kind of hardcore. I also agree that Space Combat was a HUGE letdown in Reach. I remember having a blast with Starfox 64 and Battlefront 2's space combat, and I wish there was more of that stuff.

Late to the party, but I do have to say that Y-man has been unfair to this game as well as other Halo FPSs. For one thing, and it is a BIG thing with the current trend in FPS design, the Halo games were the only ones that compelled me to replay them on a higher difficulty setting and actually managed to entertain me while I was doing so. I've tried this recently with Crysis 2 and was extremely disappointed. This just speaks to the absolutely incredible level design and AI capabilities in Halo.

As for "the same beach level..." etc, well they kind of ran out of places to go, didn't they? The only location that Master Chief did fight is outer space and they covered it here, so what else to you want? A level in another dimension?

Hurray! I decide on commenting about Yahtzee's review about 9 month after the game came out. I saw the the video the day it came out, which feels like ages ago now, and the thing that makes me feel sad about it is that a lot of the information he stated was wrong (OK, maybe not a lot, but he certainly didn't understand Halo's timeline, which is honestly not surprising, because if he did, then he wouldn't be the lovable metaphor spinning misanthrope we adore).

I also have to wonder why he didn't mention Firefight. In his recent CoD reviews, he chose to go through the Co-op modes. Then again, he likely saw it as nothing more than a pointless extension of the campaign, but that doesn't excuse it really, because Firefight lets you fiddle with the setting so that you get to smash grunts with golf clubs. Given how he probably wanted to get on with his schedule though, I think it unlikely that he knew about it, which makes me even more sad.

First off, I too enjoyed the little bit at the end of the game. I also thought the death cutscene was kind of hardcore. I also agree that Space Combat was a HUGE letdown in Reach. I remember having a blast with Starfox 64 and Battlefront 2's space combat, and I wish there was more of that stuff.

I know I played it in the demo, it was almost functional, the controls were a bit weird (up left right down movement on the right thumbstick? Who came up with that? And you have to activate evasive maneuvered by holding down the right bumper THEN move the other analog stick not in use?) but not bad. IMO space shooters aren't enough of a game on their own and feel a bit light on their own because it's usually the same environments difference is what you're attacking. They feel best nowadays as half of a game, like BF2, as a part of a game like a FPS. It's also sad because Sandboxes could get plane to plane fighting, but they don't have the AI coding like in Just Cause 2.

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