Game Dogs: A Woofcraft Wedding

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You guys lost me at "Two level 1 characters managing to massacre a group of Veteran PCs in that short of a time".

World of woofcraft is a new mmorpg that depends on skill instead the time a player spent ingame and its balanced in 1vmore noobs.
Damn now i want to that perfect game
Chet is pro xD

:/ That would just mean Chet and Roger should have died faster. It sounds like an FPS where everyone has automatic rocket launchers with vorpal chainsaw bayonets.

I don't usually like these but this is one of the better ones. It actually made me laugh, keep it up.

oh my god that was such uber pwnage

This show's really doing well. Earlier I watched a little series called "Unleashed," which was an extremely funny and well-written dog-centric cartoon...but alas, it has long been over with and doesn't seem as if it'll ever be continued. (But I definitely do recommend it.) Luckily I can keep looking forward to new Game this rather clever episode. I thought 'Bet' was actually getting hitched at first! Ha. We are seeing a new side of her.

"Goddammit, Bob!"

Woofcraft. LOL. XD

Only thing that kinda bugged me was the repetition of Beth's same, like, two facial expressions and very limited movement during most of the time she was talking (ie, just moving her arm up and down in the same motion constantly.) I know that animating, especially an episode of this length for an online show within the week, is very difficult and time-consuming. And that this type of remark is very common for this series; I simply noticed it a little more today. Caught myself literally waiting for her arm to go up again, lol. xD But not a big deal.

It would also be interesting for them to wear different outfits/accessories. That occurred to me too. But since I like their trademark clothes/items (of which I'm sure they each have a closetful of identical copies)--especially Bethany's, and Roger's--that too is just a small obervation.

Phat loot!

I can't believe the dudes massacred Beth's wedding, including the betrothed couple. Hmmmmm. ^.^;
Poor Ogard and the wedding party, they never knew what hit 'em...

Everyone's noting how they 'sorta' killed a main character. But Russ stated that that wasn't the actual death we were voting on with the game...:0

my least favourite episode

(p.s. did anyone here realise that bethany [/i] did [/i] die at the end)

I love the "I'm going to go disarm Bob's trip wire traps, call me if you need someone to ignore."

This was probably one of the better episodes in a long time. I loved the Warcraft wedding slaughter parody. And the fact that you incoporated the death of a character in the show (sort of) without actually getting rid of the important character. You guys should keep this up, despite the general disdain to anything that isn't ZP or Unskippable within the atypical user base on this site.

It's an old joke by now, but pretty well-done for all of that.

And...I just saw the very very end of this episode....really?

....then again...I wonder...

Um... Woofcraft?

Do they just not have war?

Surprisingly, I enjoyed this one. Beth acting like a huge tool was a little unusual but all the other characters were spot on. Probably one of the only ones I enjoy

Isn't this the same joke as the one in that Halo Machinima? Arby and the Chief?

I liked it. The boy's joyous frolicking across the bloody outdoor alter must have been a sight to behold.

hehe really funny episode, also nice to see your using a bit dog puns again, just try and keep a leash on it tho (hur hur I made a funny :P)


Yawn, it was all done already, you are late at least few years.

the little part with Gary in the hallway was probably the first real laugh I've gotten from this series and the massacre at wedding was entertaining for a few seconds in the middle, bring up those low points and you could really have something

Z of the Na'vi:

Edit: Found the video. Could this episode possibly be a reference to this?

Yeah, betting it is since Chet was muttering "I aint no god dam son of a bitch" as he slaughtered the guests

Game dogs just isn't funny...I think the first episode I ever (one of the beginning episodes) was pretty funny then I forgot about it then I watched three new episodes and it's hardly funny.

Edit: The line at the end and the part where they were killing the guests was kind of funny

I bet people actually do that in mmo's

This type of comedy is indeed very weak.

I'd say that's a pretty good way to christen their marriage. After all, you know what they say--The family that slays together stays together.

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