Daily Drop: Glass Paperweight

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Glass Paperweight

It's an ornamental glass paperweight, destroyed in slow motion!

Watch Video

It's glorious!

Nice music, too.

Destruction is a glorious thing. It brings out the child in me.
Awesome idea for a show.

You know, at first I thought this was stupid... and I still do.

Have to say it did look kind of cool with this thing, but really I don't see the point to this.

Beautiful. May I request more drops of coloured glass items in the future?

Short, sweet, science. I love it :)

That was awesome, was hoping for a quick reverse at some stage but if these are daily then we cant ask for too much fluff, especially with all the other projects you guys have running.....Do you hate free time or something?

It's the essence of Mythbusters condensed into one high-speed shot!

Oh, they do more than just smash things? Why do I watch that show then?

Well, this was an unexpected addition... not that I'm complaining.

Interesting. :)
Looked better after it got dropped and shattered.

I'm afraid i'm still not seeing the point in all this.

I can say Ive never seen a glass paperweight before.

This seemes intresting, looking forward to a waterbaloon.

Huh. I'm actually around for the first few comments.. Neat!

It is obvious that Paul is designated scientist, for it is he who is currently doing science up in here. Alas, sans beard.

Anyway, that Daily Drop glass reverse-break is AWESOME. I love that bit. Cool elevator too!

As for the drop.. Poor little fish glass thing.. But it knew the risks!

EDIT: So far, there are -two- Escapists I've seen in this comments thread alone that "don't see the point in this". IT'S SCIENCE AND IT'S AWESOME. Does it have to "have a point"?

The LRR forum is unanimous with "this idea is the greatest thing ever". So.. You obviously have no taste.

Its an ornamental glass paperwieght! its the hard unyielding floor! THEY FIGHT CRIME!

im looking forward to seeing more of these :)

and this was an excellent showing of the reaction forces effects (some pieces of glass were propelled upwards on impact)

It looked kinda neat. Maybe the next half a dozen episodes will improve on this basic premise?

THe point is to watch a video of something destroyed... in slow mo!!!It's as simple as that, really.

Do a popping water balloon, guys!!!! Or a punch to the face!! Drop your fist on someone's grill, lol.

I find no point in it but I still enjoyed it... XDXD

Oh man, I can practically smell the science coming through my monitor.

Haha, now clean it up! =P

I think I'm going to like this series.

It's so simple, yet very entertaining.

Omgee i can't wait to see what gets destroyed next!!!

Little bit disappointed by the height of the drop, as more sturdier items probably won't shatter as much. Any way to increase the height while maintaining accuracy?

looking forward to seeing more of these, and I'm going to get to...daily... for the foreseeable future. Awesome. Short, Simple, fun to watch, and very well shot.

I was expecting something a bit more original, but it was OK.
There is one thing however. Paul, you need your beard back, it will increase the chances of a resonance cascade effect in case you drop a piece of cheese.

Reference to: http://www.hlcomic.com/index.php?date=2006-08-04

this was way better then game dogs. also that paper wiehgt was pretty you monsters! :(


So short, but fun and entertaining.

Very interesting. I approve =P

That was boring as hell.

I never realize how sweet things can look while breaking.
another note, excellent music!

Time Warp meets the Escapists looking forward to the premise :)
and poor everyday objects xD.
though i wonder how Graham and the others got their hands on a High Speed camera..
far as i know those things WORTH a fortune.

Boring. *Watches old MovieBob reviews instead*

I loved the music.

It was ok. Not bad but not great.

Also, this reminds me of that Time Warp show on Discovery.

That looked awesome! Can't wait for more! :3

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