Game Dogs: The Hand of Fate

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What the heck!?! Both of them dead!?! There better be a bazar plot twist or else...
Either way, that was excessively violent.

Darkest escapist video ever. Wow... I have no idea what to say.

Whaa? Were you not here for there will be brawl?

Did I just watch a snuff film?


I put my trust into the Escapist, and get rewarded with an animated furry snuff film.
At least put up some kind of warning! it wrong that I found "furry snuff film" hilarious?

and I guess a warning would be nice, but sadly, for some sick reason, that was a funny episode to me. Even if it was really sick.


I've never liked this series from the start, as the characters were flat and poorly defined, the plot schizophrenic, and its unique quirks annoying, but I left it alone. Why? Because if that is how you, the sight owners wish to waste your bandwidth and drive away potential members of the site, that is entirely your business, as well as your loss. However, I felt compelled to post because this is getting plain pathetic - and yes, I have watched every episode of this show, despite not liking it. Some people posting here have said this episode contains "dark humor" but I feel that couldn't be farther from the mark. True, this shouldn't be handed to 13 year olds, but if they really want to see drivel like that, they don't have to rely upon a website as small as the escapist for it. No, this episode exemplifies your childishness, Russ, or whoever is responsible for this idea. This is a dying, nay, dead show kept animate through sheer will alone, a pet project if I have ever seen one, and it appears the end for it is approaching because the ruses to try and draw attention to it are getting more and more frantic, like a small child throwing a tantrum and kicking the dog before finally being forced to give up and go to bed.

I myself am not a fan of trolls, nor trolling, nor do I condone it, but from years of watching it in action, I can boil it down to a basic formula. Those out there who are considered asshats are among those who get flamed and their ends are identical and inevitable. They keep along their paths, their antics escalating as their ever-shrinking groups of die-hard defenders protect them, until at last they burn out and crash because of it. And so it is with your show, and if you read this, I am here to tell you that antics such as this episode (and the almost inevitable ret-con that will rob whatever meager value and sincerity this episode had) are not impressing anyone, and you're not winning ANYONE over. In fact, with each passing episode you hurt your reputation further. The people of this site are not vengeful and stupid; they have not been calling for the end of this series since its inauguration because they hate you or wish to see you fail, but rather because they don't want to see the site fail because of a bad apple. And make no mistake, that is what this series is. So with each episode you pump out, it is not a triumph, as you might see it, to show all the 'non-believers' that their words can't reach you. I'll say it once more: you are hurting YOURSELF and YOUR site. I think its time that you admit enough is enough and put this series out of its misery.

Awwwww that takes the fun of the Hupten gluden flurg festival awa- OH MY GOD THEIR DEAD

Wait a minute...Hold on guys. Hold on.


Key word...Medication. Think on that...let it soak...consider it.

i said before, ill say it again.

they be trollin us!

I didn't find that offensive, or particulary funny. Was just meh, kind of like this whole series really (apart from selling swords). Seems unlikely that they'd kill off two of the main chaacters for no reason though. I'm assuming Bob is having some sort of hallucination and this will be ret-conned soon.

Wait a minute...Hold on guys. Hold on.


Key word...Medication. Think on that...let it soak...consider it.

Very interesting, didn't see that the first time through, I was reading the very humorous comments and noticed some people were saying something about clues? Would this be one of them?

I've been waiting a LONG time to use this, so without further adieu... BITCH GOT OWNED!

Anyone else feeling like this episode tried to be like "Happy Tree Friends" and failed miserably? I'm sure there could of been a funnier way to kill of characters than this...

This is unbelievable, I saw the polls there was no conceivable way that Bethany was chosen. Ugh, and that means Roger....

I voted for Chipp to die - damn if he didnt deserve it more than those two...

But yeah, I admit this was a terrible episode... if they keep it canon. They could simply say it was a dream, never happened yadda yadda.

Overrall this wasnt funny, it was disgusting.

Anyone else feeling like this episode tried to be like "Happy Tree Friends" and failed miserably? I'm sure there could of been a funnier way to kill of characters than this...

I agree completely, there were way funnier ways to do the deed. If it was Chipp I would have had him choke on his action figures.


Wait a minute...Hold on guys. Hold on.


Key word...Medication. Think on that...let it soak...consider it.

Very interesting, didn't see that the first time through, I was reading the very humorous comments and noticed some people were saying something about clues? Would this be one of them?

Lemme further imput on this. What we saw, was probably Bob having a hallucination from not being on the medication, and at the end is what actually happend. Roger was the one with the most vosts *Last Rememberence of the count was 22k on him*.

Thats all I can really get from this, I'd have to watch it over again to see if I missed anything.

why is this "cartoon" allowed to continue. its been horrible from beginning to end and the voice acting worthless. please stop watching this, it needs to be replaced.

So.....was it a tie?

Wow. FIrst of all, way to kill the only female character in the entire series (ignoring the bimbos w cameos and no names or substance).
Random and horrible. This makes no sense. It wasn't funny. And it's not because I don't like dark comedy. That's my favorite genre. This wasn't comedy at all. This was sick. I hope this was Chet's horrible dream or something.

Eh...Well Beth was my favorite character for her "female insight" into what it would be like as a girl to work in the gaming industry...I am sure this is just some kind of (dream, or bad bologna someone ate) I now feel totally alienated from the characters as always and simply care less...

You should have kept going and killed the entire cast then driven the series off a cliff in a Freddy Kruger Vs. Jason Vs. Boromir Vs. Captain Planet Vs. Jack the Ripper kind of way...lame show bro...lame show.

Hmm...Gotta admit it that the episode was quite a bit disturbing.
However, reading the comments, i have a weird feeling that this is a fluke episode or something mixed with Halloween or whatever. Since I'm an European dude i have no idea when Halloween is, so that's quite a blind guess.

Still, something doesn't smell right...

Halloween isn't about mindless killing it's about dressing up on 1 night every year at night and going out scaring people and making friends not... This. I do not believe that Game Dogs should stop, I've got to admit it's had its moments, I believe that they should be given a chance to redeem themselves from this monstrosity. Game Dogs was funny before this but now *Shrug* this episode has jumped the wall and is now running towards this series threatening to destroy it and I believe it will do so unless they clean up their act. I can only say this to the Game Dogs team "Redeem yourselves or you will forever lose my vote".

I find it strange that Chet didn't die I really hated him while Bethany was always my favorite, I get the feeling this will be a cop-out anyway.
I mean what are you gonna do without the token chick?

...yeah, no. Mediocre jokes is one thing, but this is obnoxious in its entirety.
Failed at funny so bad it's offensive.

Not going to watch anymore.

I still think that this episode isn't canon in the slightest. The way it was set up seems more over the top and, almost disjointed from the series, than serious.

agree that this isn't the last we've seen of Game Dogs, and for those who open;y hate it, watch something else then, don't complain to the rest of us. i will admit it was a dark episode, and don't see any point in the killings at all. introduction of a new minor character and kick off two of the main ones, doesn't make sense. i do agree about the med idea though, wouldn't doubt if it was a dream or a hallucination, i mean it's not like bob was the poster boy of the definition "stable" to say the least. few questions though, even if it was a dream... what was Bethany doing there in the first place, no explanation? (if it's Really Beth, Bob did assume it was her, could have been someone that looked like her)also, why did Roger hang himself? no reason at all that i can think of, the last episode was actually funny and light (unless this is a prank that Roger is pulling on everyone else and the box on the table was a kit to fake a hanging)

I'll be honest. If this is Bob's having an hallucination, then that was the worst "Gotcha!" episode ever.

Also, they really were gonna kill someone off?? I thought that was just a game!!

If they continue with this as not a hallucination then I will shake my head shaming the creator of Game Dogs for killing Beth and Roger like that.

But you know, Its their show so whatever.

This episode was unfunny and in bad taste. The problems have already been covered by the posters above me. The Escapist should have better shows on it than this. Im rethinking if I want to be part of the publisher club if garbage like this is supported.

I tried to like gamedogs but no shows build off eachother and there is no plot. This episode was the last straw for me. I will say that this is your show and you guys can do whatever you want with it but you lost a viewer. Have fun.

Incidentally, my official stance on this is that I give them one episode to make this work. If it's just a "Gotcha!" then I'm ditching the show permanently, and if it weren't for Extra Credits I'd probably leave the whole site. They'd better have some kind of actual plan here. Not that I have much faith.

Not really sure what to say about this episode. Game dogs was not the Thanksgiving turkey of the Escapist, no it was more like the green beans, sorta there but you had some anyway. I can say I have tried to put some form of, well interest into this, yet despite that I find myself rather unsatisfied with the "hand of fate" setting. I can't help but wonder if it was desperation for attention through shock value, or just a lack of caring toward characters with building structure. Either way it is in poor taste. I am not above gore nor am I biased towards other closed views. The earlier episodes were something a little more tasteful, but here I wish to take my hat and coat, and bid you all adieu. what now?

The episode seemed to have a cheep thrill. Not only did we have the contest to kill a character, which by itself says something of the show and the audience acceptance. But to go through with it on a manner that was dark and unfunny. True death shouldnt be funny but even classic cartoons show a type of sympathy towards the character. Gamedogs is one of the poorly written shows and designed. Doesn't really capture the characters or go into them. Hardly goes anything beyond the office, and when it does its unfunny. (with the exception of the rare moments of Knives r us) Get the guys that did apocalypse lane to write it. That had more twists and funny subplots to entertain with the ultimate twist ending. just poor. I do miss old escapist shows of arc plots. Apocolypse lane, Doomsday Arcade, And There will Be Brawl.

Compared to that this show is kinda put to shame because there was no cheep thrills, no polls and actually went into plot and character. Also as a plea get I hit that with an Axe off.

You know, you guys should have had Bob take his car and run over a shark while you were at it, because the series just jumped over one.

Lets all hope there robots?

Or let this be a canon episode.

So... The 2 characters that I actually like are dead. -_-

I no longer have a reason to watch.

same here ill watch 1 episode but this was just stupid last time we saw roger(my favorite char) he was happy suddenly he just cant take it any more? And bethany just... wow... stupid unexplained nonsensical violence. you have 1 episode to win back my fandom better make it count...

Erk.. I wanted Chet to go, not Roger, and certainly not Bethany.


Wait they where in the car for FOUR hours! How far must they be from the work, yet live close enough to Beth to then run her over and continue to drive for three hours and not reach work?
Then again they probably started driving in the opposite direction to the work once they hit Beth.... I think I'm over thinking this....

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