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Minecraft is the only thing keeping me entertained till New Vegas comes out.

okay, I give up. I'm getting this game.

If im typing this, its because im just about to hit the sack for the night, this is basicly the last 3-4 minutes while i look into things - things that has happend around the world and so on. in short, those are the 3-4 minutes when im Not playing minecraft

im thinking of starting a new world and then, by using MTS (Minecraft Topographical Survey) build a screenshot for each "day" that goes by - thus making a.. well, time-lapse for that world. there is one problem with that idea tho, since i mostly go below, nothing would happen for 3 hours, then suddenly a railroad would spread out from one hilltop to another..

my railroads kill minecraft :(

(and yes, i love this game.)

so many a creeper have tried to destroy my alters(2-3 made have 4 left), artificial islands(partway done), and day long project to flatten 5 mountains and create a field(still in process).

With minecraft I have officially realised I am not an average geek. I am actually wondering if I am a geek at all...
All I see is an incredibly boring one-dimensional game that tries to be 'edgy' by having deliberate bad graphics. Giving ultimate freedom isn't a good thing in itself, if all you can do is build ugly things with a lot of time, or so I think. I played it with about 10 friends at the same time and we were building like the sky was the limit. This is supposed to be the epitome of minecraft (most of my friends certainly thought so), but I just got depressed when I thought of all the time that went into the 'perfect' staircase for instance.

Seriously, I don't get the fun and I am about 100% sure most people don't. It caters to a very specific demographic, but apparently does it so well that these people have started to believe it is perfection (see the writer of this piece) for everyone. I am getting concerned that too many people might be listening. Certainly the indie market is going to be flooded with clones.

Wasn't there supposed to be a new Experienced Points last Friday? Anyone know what happened to it?

And is there a dedicated thread for the Escapist Minecraft server discussion?

Sign me up for the first copy of Craft of CraftCraft!

They way it uses the human instincts is brilliant!
You're left in a big world with animals you can kill and creatures that can kill you. You have to build shelter for the night, build tools, armor and weapons to survive. It simulates what humans did for hundred thousands of years. You automatically do what you're programmed for! Well ... except mating. XD
That might be the reason why it's so appealing.

The graphics help to improve this feeling. It is so unrealistic that everything can be taken as a symbol. Imagine you build a hollow box thing made of stone that is very high and you call it a 'tower'. You SEE a tower. You couldn't do that in a high-end 3D engine without slipping deep into the "Uncanny Valley" or include a 1000 pages thick tutorial in 3D rendering.

I sometimes play a game a lot like this, Roblox.

Yeah, my brother is hooked on Minecraft. I can appreciate the necessity of low graphics when the gameworld can be so vast, but for me graphics are simply too important. If I don't like looking at something, I won't be doing it for hours on end.

I do love the concept of the sandbox 'do pretty much anything you want, building-wise' and the precision is a bit better than making terrain maps in SimCity then jumping over to Sims to build houses (plus: no crazy underground tunnels) but I just can't stick to it without fly-paper graphics. :D

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