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Politically Minded

It's not about electing the best candidate; it's about electing YOUR candidate.

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Haha! Love Political intrigue! Great acting between both Graham and James~!


When I saw the pants sign I jumped up and yelled 'Shepherd's back!!' and I was right =)
That made me happy

Also, I love 'innocuous thing solves enormous problem' jokes, that one was no exception. Well played...

Pretty good, although I was hoping for a Morgan cameo.

I'd vote for Morgan.

nah i didn't like the story. good acting, though.

Morgan... Change.... Pants. Sounds like a good idea!

I knew it! I F**KING KNEW IT! Bacon is the answer!!!

who knew that bacon could do so many things?
also this script is fantastic!

nice twist :D

Good one this week ...

Really? It cures AIDS? We must spread the news! To the Bacon-mobile!


Andrew Sheperd is back, as a ghost.

Vision. Leadership. Trousers.

sounds like a winner to me! :D

Poor Andrew Shepherd...His guys should've contacted me first. I'd vote for him. Then that other guy wouldn't have gotten that Nobel Prize from all that raw bacon.

Anyway... Does this mean that orgy they were gonna market on Friday is now off?
(see whiteboard at the end of the video if you don't understand)

EDIT: (*reads the news article in the iPad*)
What? Martin Rockwell is better than Paul Saunders?!? FUCKING BLASPHEMY!!

Good video guys, I enjoyed it.

Next time, consult Karl Rove....

Least it didn't lead to mutually assured destruction in a game of gay chicken.

Is it over yet?

It was worth a meh at the most.

I love how matts in that for like 3 seconds. Great video though, who knew that raw bacon cures aids?

If the entire video had been nothing but a shot of the Pants poster, I would still have enjoyed it.

Political humour. I am satisfied.

Great, great video, guys.

I approve of this pants poster... Goddammit I don't just approve I love it!

Great video guys, was just watching the rapidfires again, maybe we can see their return soon? Maybe? Pleaaaaaassssssseee?

Great punchline! Who would have thought that bacon had such features?

By the way, do you get paid for the product placement or are you just using stuff you've at hand?

It's nice to know those two bodyguards have moved up over the years.

Yeah... I didn't get it, other than obvious irony with the bacon.

I just don't give a damn about politics =/

lol! I approve of this vid. Nice throwback to the Rapidfire 2 series :D


I loved the board in the background! If you didn't see it then watch again.

Ugh, welcome to my life.


Also generally awesome video!

Fantastic video guys! I must say that the Baby Kissing bit on the board made me lose it!

I truly wished we could of had a return of the campaigners outside the office, punching their hats and what not..

I was hoping for a Mass Effect joke.


I always assumed they were his campaign managers due to the horribly pained faces they were making as he talked in the rapidfire episodes. I was happy to see that all of the known andrew shepard staff were in the video. That added a layer of awesome frosting to already hilarious cake that was this skit imo.

Perfectly scripted, acted, and produced.

Great video.

If only bacon cured AIDS... :(

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