Daily Drop: Rubik's Cube

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Sweet episode, keep them coming.

I expected little to no breakage upon the Rubik's Cube.

But I totally did not expect the subsequent "FAILURE", do-over, and total obliteration of that accursed object. Nice job, LoadingReadyRun people.

And take that, Erno Fucking Rubik.

So... did you solve it?

Also, again: what the hell was the object in tomorrows edition? Looked to me like some sort of wooden spawn of Cthulhu.

A model wolf? I'm pretty sure I saw a muzzle in there somewhere...

Seems like several people here see it is a model wolf, which it most likely is. But damn, i didn't see anything like that.
Must be crazy/blind.
But yeah, great show for anyone who likes some destruction.
And who doesn't?

I was hoping for a turkey, or other thanksgiving related object, but this was pretty good too. so satisfying when it finally broke.

Don't worry cube, I'll put you back together. Nasty people who can't solve you getting angry and dropping you like that =(.

Have you yet dropped anything to horrific destruction, only to realize that something didn't go right with the camera, and it was a total waste? I can imagine that would be pretty annoying, especially with a unique item of some sort.
And seriously, what is that freakin' wolf thing?!
Yeah, I know... I'll just have to wait until tomorrow, which is SOOO far away!

The first drop was pretty much what I expected. "See, it didn't break, why are they bothering with this?"

I didn't expect it to actually break at all though, but when it did it was pretty cool. I like that orange piece flying towards the back wall.

A lot of people hate Rubik's cubes here.

Cube + ten foot drop= fun for all.

Nice one... Personally I like the new idea...
Well I cant say I hate Rubiks cubes. They make you to think, so they are good.

I used to be able to solve them. Haven't done it in so long I'm not sure I still could, definitely can't do it in under a minute like some "pros". Still, kinda neat they showed the failure drop: I was kinda expecting to see him like get a taller ladder or something.

I love the way pieces spin in slow motion away from the breaking point :) Hope the series can continue :)

It's like Mythbusters without all the pesky science. Glorious!

Can you do a glass jug full of water next? That would be awesome!

Nice! Take 2!

And epic music!

A Rubik's Cube: Can't kill it with fire so we have to use....GRAVITY!!!!

Gravity by Nico Vega!! HELL YEAH!!

I love that song... Younnat pwns.

Erm, I've solved it without hax?

Told you it would hold up.

How it broke the second time if something of debate, however.

Thank you for at least for satisfying my long-time curiosity of what the center of a Rubik's cube looked like.

Like it.

there was that one red piece that held my attention for a while after the initial burst, it had some serious momentum to it, even bounced off the back wall, lol, good stuff.

Everything is better in slow-mo. You guys make The Escapist so much more awesome. Please don't get too famous for us!

ooooooooooooooooh the colors.

(oh wait they're Canadian)

ooooooooooooooooh the colours.

I'm really loving Loading Ready Monday.

This video brought a smile to my face. :D

lol I did that in gym once. My friend and I were tossing it back and forth solving it one step at a time and I threw too high up for him, causing it to shatter behind him. We got it back together tho. They are really easy to solve once you know what you're doing.

It was still not as dismatled as the time i got pissed at my Rubiks Cube and started picking the squares off, throwing them across the room into my dust bin one after another =D

Much better guys.

Nice to see some music variation, but most importantly, it's good to see you retry the drop if it doesn't quite have break or have much impact.

Then its said on the box 'unbreakable'

How weird I was working on a Rubik's cube just now

I loved that music change on the second drop. It would be cool if they change the music every time they had a FAILED drop.


Alexander Teh Great:
I love stuff getting broken :D But wasnt this supposed to be daily? i was abit dissapointed it didnt air in the weekends aswell

if you read beneath every video, you'll notice it says every weekday ;)

Also, awesome idea for videos guys, appeals to the fun-loving fans of carnage in all of us =P

Ah, but that is'nt daily is it now :P
I like mindless destruction...

Awesome! Take that you cubey feind!

THAT WAS CRAZZY! I thought at first h it'll just bounce and then it did. But then BOOM! it just exploded and tons of the peices didn't even hit the ground for sometime. Once again- keep up the good work!

I loved how the core was still intact on the 2nd go XD. The red side was still together but was desperately holding on to the inside stick thing with 1 solitary white block.

God I love this show, it combines two of the greatest things in life, slow motion and breaking stuff.

Groovy Groovy music... I just love it.

The opening anyway

"I love this show."


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