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Reach owns!

i partially agree; yes there should have been more info for first timers, but the thing is that real soldiers are trained to be willing to put their lives on the line. They might complain, but by and large most soldiers are able to accept that if their time comes, it's come. Not to mention that only three technically sacrifice themselves. One guy leaves with the scientist and may still be living, one of them gets killed by a sniper, and the third gets impaled from behind. The three who do sacrifice themselves are highly trained soldiers, which kind of neccessitates being willing to do high risk jobs and, if possible, kill themselves.

Yahtzee did you actually READ that "ancillary media", because it also explains away the floaty movement feel and the first half of the book makes the whole "mum" thing completely false. Next time make use of all the facts there, just taking the ones that support your argument shows narrow-mindedness.
As for the article, I agree with you about Reach's campaign. However, the gameplay has evolved over the years, it's just that for Reach they went back to halo 1's formula with some refinements from the other games. And what is it with you and saying that every game needs a boss fight? And did you even look at Firefight? Or Forge?
Honestly though, you didn't need to write an article about this. Everyone knows how you feel about Halo (you made it abundantly clear in the Turok review) so we all know you're just trying to get traffic figures and to make us to act like little gibbering morons in the forums.

I hold the belief that professional critics should look at everything a game has to offer. That's why I don't consider Yahtzee a professional critic in the slightest. He's just an entertainer who drops constant amusing metaphors for laughs. You know the Angry Video Game Nerd? I love his videos because he never pretends to be professional by "making games better". He's there for cuss-ridden nostalgia.
Another thing is Painkiller. Yahtzee adored Painkiller because it was a simple shooter, story and characters didn't matter to him then. But now that he's reviewing Halo all of a sudden he despises simple shooters. I stopped taking hypocrites seriously a while ago.
As a side note, I tried Painkiller, and was bored out of my skull. Sure, I love mowing down enemies, but I also like to have an objective and some direction where to go. An occasional vehicle segment to add variety wouldn't hurt, either.

Hey! I don't look fat in this! My mommy said so!

The Master Chief can't be a closeted homosexual, part of the bioaugmentation process that turned him into the supersoldier he is had the side effect of suppressing his sex drive. Hah! Check and mate, sir!

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